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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 15 Recap

In the deep tunnel, Li Xuyao ​​and Chen Jie slowly fumbled, and they came to the door respectively. The big red letters on the door said you are going to be late. Li Xuyao ​​opened the door and entered the room, with white walls and white tables. There was a white box on it. Li Xuyao ​​cautiously opened the box. Inside was a white mask and a piece of white paper. The white environment made Li Xuyao ​​feel very strange. A few inexplicable words were written on the white paper. After Li Xuyao ​​put on the mask, many figures and figures appeared on the original white wall.

Just as Li Xuyao ​​was puzzled, Chen Jie called. The room that Chen Jie entered was almost exactly the same as Li Xuyao, but the box was a little different. Chen Jie took a picture and sent it to Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​quickly guessed that the information in the two rooms was connected. He guessed the box code of the room where Chen Jie was based based on the number of the room he was in. Chen Jie opened it.

It was a magnet. He turned the magnet according to Li Xuyao’s instructions. The house Chen Jie was in suddenly collapsed. There was a door in front of Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​kicked the door open. It was not Jonuo but Duo. Li Xuyao ​​stepped forward to save Duo Duo, where is Qiao Nuo? He looked at his watch, the specified time had passed, and Joe Nuo’s life or death was unknown…

Boss Xia’s men rushed to the house of Deputy Mayor Han at night, trying to bring all the crimes to Deputy Mayor Han, creating the illusion that Deputy Mayor Han committed suicide in fear of crime. Jono appeared suddenly and stopped in time. The gangster did not listen to Jono’s advice at all, and intended to attack Jono. At the very moment, Li Xuyao ​​rescued Qiao Nuo.

It turned out that Qiao Nuo broke Duo Duo’s magic wand, cut the rope with glass, and ran out by himself, because he saw a photo of Vice Mayor Han and Yuna Shen at the scene, and thought that the gangster might have gone to Vice City Han. Long family. Hurried over. Li Xuyao ​​also saw the photo in the white room, and felt strange, so he came here too, and only then saved Qiao Nuo.

Fan Jiayi and Wei Yutai approached Chang Tiangui to ask the truth. Fan Jiayi speculated that the reason why Shen Yuna and Chang Tiangui broke up was not that she found a better man, but that she was given to boss Xia by her boyfriend Chang Tiangui. Chang Tiangui kept keeping Shen Yuna’s book because Chang Tiangui was ashamed of Shen Yuna. Fan Jiayi was right. Chang Tiangui’s psychological defense was broken, and he shed tears, saying that he did not expect Boss Xia to kill Shen Yuna. Fan Jiayi asked Chang Tiangui to seize the opportunity to take revenge and tell everything he knew, and Chang Tiangui agreed.

Qiao Nuo went to work and confessed his mistake to Yang Boqing. Yang Boqing blamed Qiao Nuo for resigning without authorization, but worried about Qiao Nuo, watching her weak face, and forced her to take a holiday.

Li Xuyao ​​brought Duo Duo to see Fang Jian. Fang Jian was very happy to see Duo Duo okay and expressed his gratitude to Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​went to the hospital to visit Vice Mayor Han. Deputy Mayor Han said that they had no interaction with Shen Yuna. The two had only met once, and Fan Jiayi did not find out anything. Why Xia Mingqi framed Deputy Mayor Han, both of them were a little puzzled. Li Xuyao ​​and Qiao Nuo went to the hospital to see Chen Jie, who was wounded and wrapped in a mummy.

Boss Xia was arrested and sentenced to death. Chang Tiangui was also sentenced as an accessory. Lawyer Cheng Zilin was sent back to the country for investigation. When the case was over, Wei Yutai was very boring, because Fan Jiayi did not take the case recently. He was complaining very much about Grace, Grace winked at him, and Fan Jiayi was behind Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai was very surprised and hurriedly led her into the office.

It turned out that Fan Jiayi arraigned Chang Tiangui again, and Chang Tiangui claimed that the person who beat him was Wei Yutai, and Wei Yutai had an accomplice. Fan Jiayi asked her accomplices, but Wei Yutai was silent. Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​were at the beach, and this case left them with a lot of emotion.

Qiao Nuo’s mother couldn’t contact Qiao Ya, and she was very worried, so she brought Qiao Nuo to ask. Qiao Nuo used a computer to synthesize Qiaoya’s voice in advance, and called his mother regularly. Mom believed it to be true and relaxed.

Li Xuyao ​​invited Qiaoya to dinner, and asked each other about the situation at home. For them, both of them had something they didn’t want to face. Qiao Nuo asked Li Xuyao ​​why he saved her first, and Li Xuyao ​​said he was subconscious. Qiao Nuo asked Li Xuyao ​​to meet the same situation again next time, and finally save her. She will wait for Li Xuyao ​​to rescue her.

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