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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 14 Recap

Qiao Nuo woke up from the darkness, and in the dimness, she saw a group of sturdy men around her, all the cells of her body were clamoring for danger, she pretended to be calm and dealt with the bad guys.

Those people couldn’t listen to her words. They took a bucket and put it next to Jonuo. Jonuo felt a tingling. A needle stuck into her arm. The blood donation passed through the transparent tube, dripping into the bucket. in. It only takes three hours for the bucket to drip up, and that’s when Jono died.

Li Xuyao ​​couldn’t contact Qiao Nuo, so he couldn’t rest assured, and ran out of the hospital secretly. He called Yang Boqing and learned that Jonuo hadn’t been to work for two days, and he was even more worried. Yang Boqing always thought that Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​were investigating the case together. Seeing that Li Xuyao ​​called Qiao Nuo, he was also a little worried, so Li Xuyao ​​must find Qiao Nuo to bring them back.

Li Xuyao ​​contacted Chen Jie. Chen Jie just received a call from the hospital and was looking for Li Xuyao. At this time, Qiao Nuo had to call, and Qiao Nuo’s weak voice came from inside, and he wanted to send a video to Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​was a little confused. When he opened the video, he was terrified. It was the video of Qiao Nuo being tied and bleeding. Jono is in danger, but he can do nothing!

The criminals called again, and they asked Li Xuyao ​​to choose between Qiao Nuo and Duo Duo for only one minute. Li Xuyao ​​was a little flustered. Chen Jie advised him to calm down and not fall into the trap of the gangster. No matter which life it was, he would be saved. Chen Jie wanted to report to his superiors. But Li Xuyao ​​was already messed up. He only had one minute. He was afraid that if Chen Jie could not succeed, he could not imagine the consequences… At this moment, Li Xuyao ​​was like a crossroad now, without knowing the direction.

One minute soon arrived, the gangster called, Qiao Nuo asked Li Xuyao’s choice in a faint voice, Li Xuyao ​​said with difficulty: “You”. Qiao Nuo tried his best to call Li Xuyao ​​to save Duo Duo! The phone was snatched by the gangster, and Li Xuyao ​​and Qiao Nuo disconnected again.

The gangster left a clue to Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​and Chen Jie solved numerous puzzles and finally came to a tunnel. As time passed, Jonuo’s blood flowed out of her body little by little… She seemed to be back when she was a child, running through the flowers looking for her sister, but she couldn’t find it. When she turned around, she saw Qiaoya in the mirror. Qiaoya said that Jonuo was dead and only Qiaoya was dead. Jono woke up suddenly.

Fan Jiayi, who noticed the abnormality, went to Shen Yuna’s house to ask Shen Yuna’s mother about the situation. From Shen Yuna’s mother, she learned that Shen Yuna and Chang Tiangui were boy and girl friends, and they broke up when they were about to discuss marriage. Shen Yuna said that she had met more wealthy and powerful people, so she dumped Chang Tiangui. Fan Jiayi felt that there was a problem. If she really said to Shen Yuna, Chang Tiangui would not be so long and still keep Shen Yuna’s book.

Downstairs at Shen Yuna’s house, Fan Jiayi met Wei Yutai again. Wei Yutai claimed to have found doubts and came to Shen Yuna’s mother to inquire about the situation. Fan Jiayi had no doubts and exchanged information with him. The two came to Chang Tiangui’s home together. Chang Tiangui reported to the police after being beaten.

When Chang Tiangui saw Wei Yutai and Fan Jiayi appear in front of him together, Chang Tiangui recognized at a glance that the person who beat him was Wei Yutai. Upon hearing this, Fan Jiayi stared at Wei Yutai with wide-eyed eyes, with an unbelievable expression on her face. She wondered why Wei Yutai did this. Wei Yutai didn’t want to explain, but just started asking Chang Tiangui…

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