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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 13 Recap

Fan Jiayi went home and told her parents that he was going to have a blind date, and he must be the leader of Tianyun Haitong Group. Father Fan felt that his daughter finally got the hang of it, and after using all the connections, he finally found an excellent talent with a suitable age in Tianyun Haitong Group—Boss Xia’s secretary Chang Tiangui. But the blind date did not go smoothly.

Fan’s father was very dissatisfied with the blind date, but Fan Jiayi seemed to see Chang Tiangui right and had to go on a second date alone. Papa Fan heard this, but he didn’t get angry. He would never allow his daughter to associate with such a person. However, Fan Jiayi couldn’t listen to Papa Fan’s advice. Papa Fan was so angry that he pulled him halfway home. Mother Fan got out of the car together.

Wei Yutai met with Fang Jian. Fang Jian was very excited when he heard that Duo was still in danger. He begged Wei Yutai to save himself. But for now, his stay in the detention center is the safest place, but Fang Jian can no longer take care of that much. Wei Yutai couldn’t resist Fang Jian’s request and decided to help him. He went to the Public Security Bureau to find Chen Jie, but Chen Jie told him that the case had been transferred to Li Xuyao. If Li Xuyao ​​disagrees, Fang Jian cannot be released on bail pending trial.

Wei Yutai went to the procuratorate to talk to Li Xuyao ​​about Fang Jian. He knocked on the door, but no one answered, Wei Yutai snorted coldly, scolding Li Xuyao ​​for doing nothing. At this time, Fan Jiayi opened the door from the next door and explained that Li Xuyang was hospitalized, but looked up and saw Wei Yutai. Fan Jiayi immediately showed disgust. Wei Yutai saw Fan Jiayi’s heart blooming with joy, and his mouth reached the root of his ears. Fan Jiayi conditioned reflexively thought that Wei Yutai would not have any kindness in coming here, and there must be some conspiracy. Wei Yutai explained that he was Fang Jian’s defense lawyer and came to ask Li Xuyao ​​about Fang Jian.

Seeing Fan Jiayi favor Li Xuyao, Wei Yutai was a little unconvinced. He told Fan Jiayi that he had only one purpose, which was to sue Li Xuyao ​​for serious negligence. Hearing this, Fan Jiayi’s fire came up again and quarreled with Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai wanted to know where Li Xuyao ​​was in the hospital now. Fan Jiayi ignored him at all. Wei Yutai had to stand at the gate of the procuratorate and waited for Fan Jiayi. He felt that Fan Jiayi would definitely visit Li Xuyao ​​and wait for Fan Jiayi to get off work and drive. Wei Yutai followed.

In fact, Fan Jiayi received an invitation from Chang Tiangui, and Chang Tiangui insisted on picking up Fan Jiayi. Because Fan Jiayi once told her father not to tell her blind date about her identity, Chang Tiangui did not know that Fan Jiayi was a prosecutor. Fan Jiayi hated Chang Tiangui’s hatred to death, and she didn’t even think that someone was even more annoying than Wei Yutai. But in order to investigate the case, she resisted the urge to interrupt Chang Tiangui’s arm and asked Chang Tiangui to pick her up at her parents’ house. Father Fan was having a dinner with his friends. Hearing the news, he drove back hurriedly.

When Wei Yutai saw the well-dressed Fan Jiayi holding a strange man. In Wei Yutai’s heart there were 10,000 grass-and-mud horses galloping past. He didn’t understand when another man would appear? Just as he was about to drive to catch up to see the situation, another car was suddenly inserted in the middle.

It turned out that Fan’s father was not worried about Fan Jiayi, and also secretly followed behind. Because Fan’s father was fully armed, wearing a mask and a hat, he was stopped by the service staff of the restaurant. Fortunately, Wei Yutai suddenly appeared witty and cleared the siege. Fan’s father heard how Wei Yutai helped him, and was very pleased and admired him. After learning that the old man opposite was Fan Jiayi’s father, Wei Yutai’s attitude immediately turned 180 degrees, behaving very respectfully.

In order to be able to find out more about Boss Xia, Fan Jiayi proposed to follow Chang Tiangui to go home. Chang Tiangui thought that Fan Jiayi was enamored of her, and felt a little proud. Fan Jiayi found a novel by the deceased Shen Yuna in Chang Tiangui’s house. She deliberately picked up the novel, Chang Tiangui grabbed it very nervously and threw it into the trash can.

Chang Tiangui wanted to have a further relationship with Fan Jiayi, and Fan Jiayi was stunned. After Fan Jiayi left, Chang Tiangui chased him out and was beaten by Wei Yutai and Papa Fan. Wei Yutai speculated from Fan’s father’s words and Fan Jiayi’s performance that Fan Jiayi was investigating Chang Tiangui, so he snatched Chang Tiangui’s mobile phone to see if there was any useful information to help Fan Jiayi.

As a result, he saw Shen Yuna’s name in the address book. After this, Fan’s father was very satisfied with Wei Yutai. He saw that Wei Yutai liked his daughter, so he patted his chest and told Wei Yutai that the two of them were on his body, and Wei Yutai was so excited that he almost jumped up. Cheered.

Fan Jiayi went back to the office to check the information. Li Xuyao ​​secretly ran out of the hospital because he couldn’t get through Jonuo’s phone.

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