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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 33 Recap

Zhan Qinghong and Jian Ling agreed to compete, but blindly and confidently used the cloud attacking sword technique. As a result, Jian Ling fell over as soon as he made a move and fell into a shit. Zhan Qinghong couldn’t beat Jian Ling, but he was worried about the situation in Junan. At present, Wen You’s forces are gradually growing, and I am afraid that the entire Jiangdong Wulin is not his opponent.

The imperial court is bound to win, and occasionally some sects are still rebelling. Wen You wants to speed up the progress, so he persuades Xia Houying to send troops to quell the chaos, but Xia Houying categorically refuses to take refuge in Wang Dun, and will not go into trouble with them. The two people talked to no avail, and finally broke up unhappy. The eunuch was watching the whole process.

Xia Houying brought Qiu An to find Xiaolan and Huo Yang. Several people had misunderstood because of the martial arts convention. Now they can speak frankly. Not only Huo Yang pretended to break, but even Qiu An was arranged by Lin Fang in advance. Important participants. Xia Houying knew that Wen You had acted and fell out with Wen You, so she was worried that she would encounter an accident, and she simply gathered a few other people together and told Qiu An to mobilize the people to the vicinity of Jun’an to protect the emperor at any time. Yang went to Mianyang to contact the defenders.

At the same time, Lin Fang explained all the plans to Zhan Qinghong, only concealing the part about Wen You. Xiahou Yingte went to see Gentle when she was leaving, took her birthday horoscope with her and gave it to her, and then expressed her intention to not marry. Gentleness finally kept the clouds open to see Yueming, and embraced him tightly.

Wang Dun learned that Princess Huayao was pregnant, which meant that the Wang family could have blood inheritance, and at the same time made him firm in his determination to seize the throne and become king. Conspiracy is a serious crime against the nine tribes. At first, Wen You was frightened. It can be seen that Wang Dun secretly made arrangements and strategized, so he promised to assist him, and then waited for the emperor to go to the palace to worship the sky and pass through the palace.

Zhan Qinghong still didn’t forget to leave the valley, so she asked Lin Fang to cook the porridge. She used the same two medicines in the porridge, namely Losing Soul San and Huajin Ointment, the amount of which was large enough to pour a cow. As a result, Jian Ling had already noticed the abnormality. Instead of being fooled, Lin Fang was urged to drink a lot, causing him to become weak and weak.

He failed to injure the enemy but lost his own eight thousand dollars. The stupid behavior of Zhan Qinghong is really dumbfounding. Jian Ling leisurely went to listen to the wind in the martial arts. Unexpectedly, Feng Bufei staggered from a distance and plunged into the wine bowl. I found out that I was injured by the Seven Star Sword Technique.

It turned out that the Three Nether Demons had a dispute in the secret room, mainly because Wang Dun saw that the Great Xiao’s vitality was exhausted, so he planned to cross the river to demolish the bridge and kill the two. Feng Bufei blocked a palm for Zhong Buming, and was seriously injured. Even though Zhong Buming did a lot of evil things, he values ​​brotherhood, so he gave up his life to protect Feng Bufei and make him escape. How could Feng Bufei escape? Jian Ling picked up the bazaar and then brought it back to Tianxin Valley.

Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong were still as sweet as usual. They went back to the cabin with them, and unexpectedly found Feng Bufei lying on the bed, so they immediately tied him to the yard. Zhan Qing Hongsi and the Zhanjia were killed and wanted to rush to take revenge, but Feng Bufei said that he had never killed anyone from beginning to end, and there was no saying that murder pays his life, even Jian Ling agreed with this.

However, as soon as Zhan Qinghong calmed down his anger, Lin Fang actually asked for a statement that he wanted to avenge his original fire, and planned to imprint a whole book of thanks to Feng Bufei, which contained more than two hundred words. Jian Ling felt that he would not be indecent, so he agreed with Lin Fang’s behavior, and Feng Bufei was miserable after hearing this.

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