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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 37 Recap

Li Qiang kept holding back his heart. Not only did he keep knocking on Chen Wa’er’s wall in the middle of the night to keep her from sleeping, he also brought Xia Xia back to Chen Wa’er and brushed his presence in front of Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er was busy in the restaurant. Wu Xi jumped over to eat in the restaurant. He gave Chen Wa’er two tickets and asked Chen Wa’er to take summer to watch the opera. When next time he bought three tickets, he would take summer with Chen. Wal went to see it together.

Chen Wa’er took the ticket home. Aunt Zhou heard that Wu Xiyue had sent the ticket. She had to help Chen Wa’er bring the summer without saying anything. Let Chen Wa’er and Wu Xiyue go to the opera. Don’t miss such a good time. Chen Wa’er didn’t want to go there, but she couldn’t be stubborn with Aunt Zhou. In addition, she liked to watch opera herself, so she went to the appointment. Li Qiang knocked on the wall in the room to find Chen Wa’er. He came to this house in summer and told Li Qiang that Chen Wa’er and Wu Xi had leaped to watch the opera.

Li Qiang also saw the two of them sitting in the theater on the live broadcast. The figure, his heart is complicated, only let Xia Xia stay with him for a while. At this moment, Aunt Zhou came and took Summer away. She asked people to come to this house less after Summer. People go to higher places and the water flows to lower places. Chen Wa’er was about to leave, and Li Qiang couldn’t stop it.

Wu Xikai sent Chen Wa’er home. The two of them came back side by side while talking and laughing. Li Qiang was wearing a quilt and looked at them outside. He had a sour tone, but Chen Wa’er didn’t give Li Qiang a good expression. Back in the room, the two still quarreled across a wall. Uncle Zhou was so impatient with the quarrel that the two sang allegro. Chen Wa’er sang an opera with Xia Xia in the room, Li Qiang sang not to be outdone, and there was a tumultuous noise in the yard.

Li Qiang came to the kindergarten to pick up Xia, but learned that Xia had been picked up by Chen Wa’er. Chen Waer and Wu Xiyue took summer to watch a musical and also took summer to dinner. Chen Waer couldn’t get through on the phone, Li Qiang called Shu Sanbiaozi, and the two of them avoided Li Qiang and refused to answer the phone. Sitting at home, Li Qiang looked annoyed. Uncle Jin came over to persuade Li Qiang to stop making his temper and just look at him. Li Qiang couldn’t listen to Uncle Jin’s words at all, so he kept calling Chen Wail.

Xia Xia’s stomach is uncomfortable, and Chen Wal and Wu Xiyue hurriedly take Xia Xia to the hospital. The two were busy in the hospital until midnight, when Wu Xiyue returned with summer. The two opened the door and saw Li Qiang. Li Qiang carried him back to Xiaqiang. Chen Wa’er also clamored to bring Xia back. She lost her temper with Li Qiang and thought that Li Qiang should be in charge of it, and that he should not control it. . Li Qiang was angry.

He punched Wu Xiyue. Chen Wa’er asked Li Qiang to apologize to Wu Xiyue. Li Qiang was reluctant to lower his head. Chen Wa’er even knocked Li Qiang up in the room in the middle of the night, and he was angry about it. Chong Chong said, originally she and Wu Xiyue had nothing, but if Li Qiang did this, she will go to Wu Xiyue to get the certificate tomorrow.

The next day, Li Qiang learned that Chen Wa’er had taken Xia Xia to the hospital. He also hurried to the hospital, but found that Wu Xiyue was also in the ward. Li Qiang asked angrily what Chen Wa’er gave to summer and got a fever. Wu Xiyue asked Chen Wa’er to talk with Li Qiang. Chen Wa’er took the initiative to send Wu Xiyue away. She thanked Wu Xiyue for her help, but when she saw Li Qiang standing behind her, Chen Wa’er and Wu Xiyue opened up to chat and expressed their thoughts in their hearts. Hearing that Chen Wal was willing to try Wu Xiyue, Li Qiang only had red eyes and said nothing.

Wu Xiyue went home with the summer in her arms. Chen Wail took Wu Xiyue to see her home. If Wu Xiyue was unwilling to accept her, she would have nothing to say. After Wu Xiyue watched everything, he did not dislike Chen Wa’er, only assured Aunt Chen that he would take good care of Chen Wa’er. The arrival of Wu Xiyue made Li Qiang very upset, but Li Qiang was unwilling to leave Chen Wa’er.

He told Chen Wa’er that he would go wherever Chen Wa’er went from now on. Chen Wa’er was extremely tired. She told Li Qiang to stop making trouble. The loan interest was not low, and Wu Xiyue helped to make it up. She didn’t want to listen to Li Qiang anymore.

Li Qiang knew that he was now penniless, and he wanted to sell the lonely copy of Nalan that Uncle Jin left behind. Originally, Li Qiang wanted to ask Rat Sanbiaozi, but the two of them looked down on Li Qiang’s ridiculous energy, and they were reluctant to ignore Li Qiang.

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