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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 36 Recap

Chen Wa’er and Wu Xikai broke their mouths over the restaurant’s rent. The two said that the renter gave Chen Wa’er a price of nearly four thousand. Rent is a large amount of expenses, and opening a restaurant also costs money. Chen Wal and Li Qiang are worried about money. Uncle Jin took out their own collection of books and asked them to sell the book for emergency. Chen Wal resolutely refused to use Uncle Jin’s treasures, so she decided to find other ways to raise money.

Wu Xiyue worked in a bank, and he was transferred back to the head office of Beijing Financial Street. Knowing the good things between Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua, he specially asked the two to come to the bank and gave the wedding gift he prepared. After that, Chen Wa’er came to the bank to apply for a loan. Wu Xiyue recognized Chen Wa’er at a glance. He helped Chen Wal with the loan procedures and invited Chen Wa’er to eat. The contract was completed, and Chen Wa’er thanked Wu Xiyue, and wanted Wu Xiyue to come home to have a meal, so she would cook it herself. Wu Xiyue wanted to give Chen Wa’er a gift, but Wu Xikai came over at this moment, and Wu Xiyue had to hide the gift in a hurry.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er didn’t borrow money from the people around them when they opened a restaurant, but Biao San and Aunt Zhou had been trying to find a way for the two of them and wanted to raise money for them. In order to reduce the rent, Li Qiang came to play chess with Uncle Zhao. He originally talked about the rent for two thousand a month, but when Chen Wal got the loan, she rushed in and happily signed Uncle Zhao for three thousand. One month contract. Li Qiang said a few words about Chen Wa’er at home. Chen Wa’er remembered in his heart that at this moment Wu Xiyue came to the house for dinner, and she warmly welcomed Wu Xiyue and left Li Qiang aside.

For the newly opened Happiness Hall, Chen Wail had no intention of inviting Li Qiang at all. She did not regard Li Qiang as her family, and kept clearing up the divorce between her and Li Qiang. Li Qiang wandered around in the kitchen, Li Dasheng drove Li Qiang out. Li Qiang wanted to sit at the main table for dinner, but Chen Wa’er thought that Li Qiang was superfluous, so she let Li Qiang sit at the table with Rat Biaozi. Instead, he left the position of the main table to Wu Xiyue, and gave a speech on the spot to thank Wu Xiyue, and asked Wu Xiyue to hold Xia Xia and cut the opening cake with her.

The scene of the three and He Meimei fell into Li Qiang’s eyes. Li Qiang took Xia uncomfortably in his heart, and Chen Wa’er hurriedly chased it out, wondering what Li Qiang was going to do. Li Qiang was jealous but didn’t say it. He had a little quarrel with Chen Wa’er, and forced Xiaxia home. In the summer, he cried at home.

Uncle Zhou hurried over to coax the summer. He also missed Li Qiang. Since the opening of Chen Wa’er, Li Qiang has been arguing with Chen Wa’er every three days. Children’s fate will be noisy. Li Qiang squatted at the entrance of the courtyard upset. When Li Dasheng came back, he ran into Li Qiang. Li Qiang asked about the chats between Wu Xiyue and Chen Wail. ​​Li Dasheng only asked Li Qiang not to stick to the little things like feelings.

At night, Li Qiang sharpened his knife at the gate of the courtyard and waited for Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er was sent back by Wu Xiyue, and the two had a fight at the gate of the courtyard. After returning to the room, the two did not stop, and they quarreled across a wall, and the entire yard couldn’t help them. The next day, Li Qiang came to Wu Xikai to inquire about Wu Xiyue. Wu Xikai fought his own brother. He believed that Wu Xiyue could never be Li Qiang’s love rival. Even if Wu Xiyue really became Li Qiang’s love rival, Li Qiang would have no chance of winning at all.

Wu Xiyue paid a month’s meal in Chen Wa’er’s restaurant and planned to go to Chen Wa’er’s restaurant frequently. Li Qiang, along with Ratatou and Biaozi, kept monitoring Wu Xiyue and inquired about Wu Xiyue’s every move. Wu Xiyue likes Chen Wa’er. The scarf that Chen Wa’er wore when she opened the business was given by Wu Xiyue. It was very difficult for Wu Xikai to be caught in the middle.

Hu Meihua believed that Chen Wa’er was the most difficult one, one that was difficult to give up and the other was difficult to refuse. Not long after, Ratat and Biaozi also approached Wu Xikai to settle their accounts. They never expected that Wu Xiyue would come and get a foot in the middle. Wu Xikai had a headache for this matter, and he could not solve it.

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