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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 29 Recap

The Qin family. Qin Henian suddenly received something. There was news of Yin Qiansu’s death in the newspaper, and a note reminding Qin Henian to be like an ancient woman, or she would end up like Yin Qiansu. Late at night, Su Wenqian saw that there was someone from the Public Security Bureau outside Qin Zishu’s home, so he didn’t go in. Tang Siyuan did everything right, and Staff Qian didn’t change anything, it seemed he didn’t notice it.

Tang Siyuan asked the adjutant to drive his own car to the ferry to meet Yin Qiansu. He could only come and trust him, and he wanted him to guarantee his safety. The 10th Corps hasn’t moved up until now. The commander of our army received news of the peak flood within 48 hours and immediately ordered the first column to launch the Hengzhou siege.

Chi Tiecheng went to his father’s place, and first went to grab some wine and said he wanted to drink. Su Wenqian came, and he was very angry and took out what he left in the sewer, which looked like his father’s craft. Su Wenqian asked his father why he wanted to help Chi Tiecheng kill people. Chi Tiecheng came out slowly. One took out a gun and the other took out a knife to point at each other.

The old man grabbed the knife from Su Wenqian’s hand and slammed it hard. Took his left hand. Su Wenqian helped the old man to dress up, and he didn’t expect that the person Chi Tiecheng was going to kill was the one who let the people of Songjiang eat, and it was his hands that did the evil.

Su Wenqian was very angry. Chi Tiecheng tricked his father into changing the gun and sold him in turn. This kind of thing was done. Chi Tiecheng said that he had put so much effort into keeping Su Wenqian from retreating, and he planned to let his father follow him in the future. Chi Tiecheng asked Su Wenqian to take the family with him.

He thought Xiaoxue was his child and said that she was talented as a sniper. Su Wenqian suddenly became nervous and asked who Chi Tiecheng would kill. It was his ironclad rule to evacuate immediately after completing the task. He had to wait until tomorrow afternoon to leave, who would he kill! Su Wenqian accused Chi Tiecheng of playing with emotions and accidentally wounded Qin Zishu’s eyes, causing him to kill Yang Zhiliang, and let his father go into the water regardless of family affection. There was no humanity to leave a car of children at risk this afternoon. Is he still a human?

Chi Tiecheng disagrees, it was Su Wenqian who first abandoned his partner and ignored the sniper’s honor. In order to increase the numbers in the murder manual, he could abandon everything. The old man stopped the quarrel between the two and must distinguish between high and low according to the rules of snipers. At two tomorrow afternoon, Dad will call them on time to announce the title and location. Su Wenqian’s condition is that Chi Tiecheng is not allowed to secretly design an assassination before the outcome is determined.

The war in Hengzhou was raging, and our party launched an siege. Tang Siyuan heard the voice and did not wait for Yin Qiansu to come, and felt a little desperate. Master Deng and Master Li suddenly ran and said they were going to have a meeting. Tang Siyuan looked puzzled. It turned out that this was an order from Staff Qian. He also took out Tang Siyuan’s secret order and arrested the two teachers. The scene was out of control for a while, and Tang Siyuan had to admit that he signed the name, but the content of the telegram was forged.

Staff Qian turned on the radio, which broadcasted the news that Yin Qiansu was killed. Tang Siyuan was taken aback. Staff Qiang pressed on, claiming that Yin Qiansu was the person Tang Siyuan had sent to contact the Communist Party, and even produced all the drafts of the secret calls between the two. Tang Siyuan claimed that these were forgeries, and then Staff Qian called Tang Siyuan’s adjutant in, saying that what Staff Chief Qian said was the truth. Tang Siyuan realized that he was betrayed and had to admit it, but this was their only way to survive.

Staff Qian and Tang Siyuan quarreled. Tang Siyuan quickly told Liao Jie that he didn’t want to destroy Chu Jun, but just wanted his two divisions to vote for the Communist Party and didn’t let his people beat him. However, Liao Jie found out that his two divisions had indeed formed an encirclement two hours ago and aimed their guns at them. Liao Jie was very angry.

Tang Siyuan wanted to kill the adjutant in a rage, but was the first to be killed by the military law department. Staff Qian then pointed his gun at Zhuang Gaoshen and asked if he had known about Tang Siyuan’s participation in the Communist Party. Staff Officer Qian said that Tang Siyuan was the first to vote for the Communist Party, so he approached Zhuang Gaocan and provided evidence. The Military Law Department wanted to execute the military order and Liao Jie quickly got up.

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