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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 28 Recap

Qin Henian took Xiaoxue to the hospital for a physical examination. After the examination, Qin Zishu was about to take her home, and Ouyang Xiangling brought someone there and said that he wanted to have a chat with her. Section Chief Cao went to Principal Fang to investigate. Principal Fang pretended to be frightened and scolded the secret agents for being so conscience.

Ouyang Xiangling told Qin Zishu that Su Wenqian had snatched the evidence, and took out her watch and asked if it was hers, why this watch appeared in the school bus, and why there was a note like happy cooperation. Ouyang Xiangling spoke sharply about Su Wenqian’s identity as herding fish. What happened to Su Wenqian’s leave in the morning and why he became emotional after returning to the team.

Qin Zishu said that she didn’t know. Ouyang Xiangling’s aura opened up and questioned the relationship between Qin Zishu and Chi Tiecheng. Qin Zishu was emotionally broken, she didn’t know anything! Qin Henian hoped that Ouyang Xiangling would talk again tomorrow. After all, Qin Zishu had been greatly stimulated today, and Ouyang Xiangling had to agree.

Section Chief Cao got the case of Teacher Qiao, who was supposed to lead the team, and asked Principal Fang why he had to send Qin Zishu. Principal Fang said that she was the only music teacher besides Teacher Qiao. Ouyang Xiangling makes people stare at Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue, Su Wenqian will definitely not give up on them, and Qin Zishu is probably the person who knows the relationship between Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng best. Section Chief Cao felt that President Fang was weird. President Fang began to telegraph after sending Section Chief Cao away.

In the car, when Xiaoxue saw Qin Zishu not saying a word, she started to ease the relationship. Xiaoxue wanted to go to the Great World Amusement Park. Qin Henian said that she would take her there tomorrow. Xiaoxue was very happy. Qin Zishu suddenly asked Adjutant Zhou to stop and got out of the car with Xiaoxue with a tough attitude.

Xiaoxue reluctantly said goodbye to Qin Henian. Qin Zishu knows better than anyone how difficult it is for Qin Henian, who has been stubborn, to pull her face down and ask her to go home, but she understands that Su Wenqian will definitely come back to find them, so she must wait at home. He came back.

Principal Fang was commended, and Operation Gardener entered the second phase of the mission. Chi Tiecheng had something to do and didn’t evacuate. Li Beifa worried that he would not be able to go if he was towed. Shan Leng told him that there was a second phase of the task.

Hengzhou, knowing that Tang Siyuan might not know the news of Yin Qiansu’s murder, he even misunderstood that they were acting in contradiction, and the situation seemed very passive. Staff Qian broke into Tang Siyuan’s headquarters. Tang Siyuan was very angry. Staff Qian told him that the Communist Party had tens of thousands of horses rushed to Hengzhou to attack the city.

He asked him to deploy combat deployment. Tang Siyuan said he had his own plans. Staff Chief Qian refused, he could help determine the battle deployment. Tang Siyuan had to take out the combat deployment to him, and was surprised to see that Tang Siyuan had arranged all his direct descendants in the front line. This order had not been signed yet.

Tang Siyuan said that the Communists hadn’t attacked the city and there was no need to be anxious. Staff Qian had to wait outside for him to sign the order. Tang Siyuan cursed a few words. It is said that Yin Qiansu’s plane landed two hours ago, but now it seems that it is the Communist Party. Turns back, but now that the arrow is on the line, Tang Siyuan refuses to go to war with the Communists.

It would be bad if he really formed Liangzi. Tang Siyuan still signed the order and prepared to vote for the Communist Party. In order to prevent Staff Qian from discovering it, Tang Siyuan signed a blank order, and when he got the combat content adjutant, he went to the two division commanders, and they would execute it after seeing their signatures.

Yin Qiansu is scheduled to go to the funeral tomorrow morning, and the secretary will send Qin Henian the funeral stickers and a letter left by Yin Qiansu. In the letter, Yin Qiansu still called Qin Henian his mentor, asking himself that he had not betrayed his beliefs, and that the Three People’s Principles they believed in had not been realized, and advised him not to stand still.

After reading this letter from Yin Qiansu, Qin Henian was deeply moved. Mayor Wen found Yin Qiansu’s favorite song during his lifetime, and the three Xiucai also absent-mindedly, looking at the photos Yin Qiansu had taken of them, they wanted to avenge him. Until now, it was impossible to send a message to Tang Siyuan, and the news of the jellyfish group was also broken. Will Su Wenqian appear at the funeral tomorrow?

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