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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 18 Recap

Ling Wei looked at the two people fighting in the library and couldn’t help walking up to them. Yuan Qian was shocked when he saw Ling Wei, and asked Ling Wei if they were together, Yuan Qian hurriedly denied. Qin Shen could only say that it was paid to help. Now he knew that Yuan Qian asked for the underground romance for Ling Wei’s body, not Song Siyi. Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to quickly give him the status he deserved.

Yuan Qian deliberately provoke Qin Shen in the classroom, Qin Shen turned around to look at the troublemaker Yuan Qian, still angry about the underground romance, and didn’t take reason. In the cafeteria, Yuan Qian saw her classmate Zhang Mengjie sitting opposite Qin Shen, swiped his card three times angrily, and hurried to eat next to them. Every time Zhang Mengjie talked to Qin Shen, Yuan Qian would reply back. Qin Shen asked if he wanted to make it public. , Yuan Qian scared away.

Luo Xinxin is very curious about how Yuan Qian sees Qin Shen now, Yuan Qian still denies that Qin Shen happened to call, Yuan Qian picked up the phone and hurriedly called Mom, Qin Shen on the other end of the phone knew that there was someone next to Yuan Qian, he He asked Yuan Qian to quickly give him his name, and asked Yuan Qian to come out to watch the movie on the weekend.

The two were sitting together holding hands. Yuan Qian saw someone next to him and immediately threw Qin Shen’s hand away. Qin Shen was unhappy and ignored Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian had no choice but to watch a movie later. At that time, Qin Shen could do nothing. After entering the movie hall, Yuan Qian found out that Qin Shen had bought a whole row of seats.

Whether Yuan Qian texted or called Qin Shen, Qin Shen ignored Yuan Qian. On the way back, Yuan Qian took the initiative to hold Qin Shen’s hand, and Qin Shen quickly released Yuan Qian’s hand as he watched someone passing by the road. Yuan Qian told Qin Shen that she would gradually get used to holding hands and stay together when watching movies.

At the end of the transfer exam, the roommates accompanied Yuan Qian to check the results. Yuan Qian was lucky enough to get the first place. As everyone was about to celebrate, the counselor called Yuan Qian. It turned out that Professor Jin recommended Yuan Qian to the dean of the oil painting department. Yuan Qian was very grateful to Professor Jin for his appreciation. Yuan Qian was not happy when he successfully received the transfer notice. Qin Shen sent Yuan Qian a paintbrush. He hoped Yuan Qian would stick to his dream and he would always support Yuan Qian.

During the three-day long holiday, Qin Shen wanted to ask Yuan Qian to go out and relax. Yuan Qian was worried that there were too many people, and the two of them had not finished talking. Chen Qinan went back to the dormitory to tell Qin Shen that there was a lantern festival in the ancient town of Xuanzhou, and wanted to invite Luo Xinxin and the others to work together. Qin Shen, who wanted to reject the event, was relieved when he heard about it. Qin Shen solicited Yuan Qian’s ideas, and Yuan Qian wanted to go with everyone.

Everyone set off by bus. Yuan Qian and Qin Shen both sat in the first row. Yuan Qian, who was dozing off on Qin Shen’s shoulder, heard everyone talk about Qin Shen and sat up in silence. When they came to the ancient town, they went to a Hanfu shop together to rent a Hanfu. As soon as Yuan Qian, who was dressed, came out, she saw Qin Shen wearing a Hanfu with a fan.

She couldn’t move her eyes away when she looked at the handsome Qin Shen. Qin Shen pulled Yuan Qian’s hand under the cover of his large sleeves. While his roommates were watching the show, Qin Shen took Yuan Qian’s hand and ran to another street. Unexpectedly, I was meeting the oncoming roommates. Thanks to Qin Shen’s cleverness, they could barely deal with everyone’s questions.

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