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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 30 Recap

Xu Tiantian was acquitted and the first thing he did after he was released was to visit Zheng Shumei in the hospital. Ashamed of Pang Haoyang, Adou gradually indulged in online gambling and escaped reality. It is also for this reason that she missed the judgment of Xu Zhisheng and the delivery staff. In order to cheer Adou up, Xue Jiaqiang must fight poison with poison and quit gambling with gambling. But Adou is very talented in gambling. After several mahjong games, Xue Jiaqiang lost especially.

After a long time, Adou won millions just by gambling. Xue Jiaqiang really didn’t know whether to persuade her to quit gambling or to become a gambling god. However, Adou also wakes up. This is not a solution. With the help of Xue Jiaqiang, she got rid of her previous psychological shadow and restored her self-confidence.

The trial of Su Zian’s case is about to begin. Wei Zuorong took the opportunity of visiting prisons to get instructions from Su Zian to delete the list of false identities sold in the computer seized by the police. Wei Zuorong was taken aback, and he didn’t expect that there would still be a “Wei Zuorong” status.

In the evening, Wei Zuorong was invited to have dinner with Zhang Jizi and her sister Zhang Jihong. Zhang Jihong did not expect that the police officer who killed his father would come with his sister. And she did not expect that in her big data business, Wei Zuorong would replace Wei Jinfeng and take over the cooperation with Infinite Gang in core data. Wei Zuorong still contacted Zhang Jihong by telephone under Klein’s name. In this way, Wei Zuorong can not only obtain the content of the police’s big data application, but also hide his identity to avoid being seen by Zhang Jihong.

But Zhang Jihong doesn’t like doing business with mysterious people. Even if the other party uses a voice changer, she still has a way to find someone to restore the original voice, and then compare and analyze with the voiceprint data that she has mastered, trying to find out the identity of the trading partner. It didn’t take long before Zhang Jihong found Wei Zuorong.

Zhang Jihong saw through his identity, and Wei Zuorong’s usual practice shouldn’t have been left alive. But Zhang Jizi has been attached to his sister since he was a child, and Wei Zuorong does not want to see his girlfriend sad. The two reached an agreement that Zhang Jihong kept Wei Zuorong a secret, and Unlimited Gang continued to invest in Zhang Jihong’s core data. All of this is for Zhang Jizi to be happy.

In the subsequent investigation of Su Zi’an, Wei Zuorong skillfully used the big data service provided by Zhang Jihong for the police to tamper with the recipient of Su Zi’an’s email, leaving Chen Liqun in an embarrassing situation of being investigated by the Internal Investigation Division. Two high-level officials from the two major departments were investigated at the same time, and Wei Zuorong could be said to have made the limelight. Xue Jiaqiang faintly noticed something wrong, but couldn’t figure out where there was a problem.

Due to an accident with Chen Liqun, the security intelligence agency temporarily in charge of Wei Zuorong took over the Criminal Intelligence Section and began to reorganize it. In this way, all the undercover files will be reviewed by the security intelligence agency and then decided to stay. Superintendent Liang, who has served in the Criminal Intelligence Section for many years, firmly opposes this kind of information leakage. Zhang Jizi also supported Superintendent Liang’s views, but Wei Zuorong gave a death order as the superior, and Superintendent Liang resigned on the spot. Zhang Jizi also wanted to leave with the master, but when the master left, she needed to stay to protect the safety of colleagues.

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