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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 29 Recap

Xu Tiantian was promoted by Wei Zuorong to the security intelligence agency, and he still had some certainty about Xu Tiantian’s character. If Xu Tiantang killed Miaomiao, he would not believe it. Reminiscent of Su Zian’s eagerness to bury his daughter after her death, it was completely unlike what a grieving and loving father should do. Wei Zuorong felt that there must be something strange.

In the material evidence prosecuting Xu Tiantang, there was a surveillance video in front of Su Zian’s gate, showing that Su Miaomiao ran away from home two days before his death. But the position of light and shadow in some places is inconsistent, and there are editing marks. If the video is fake, then Miaomiao was killed at home. Of course, the person most suspected is Su Zian.

The monitoring team did nothing to monitor Su Zian around the clock. Zhuo Kai felt that Su Zian was already alert and there was no point in continuing to monitor. At this time, Zhang Jizi came to the task force and proposed to cooperate with Wei Zuorong. After all, Wei Zuorong is easier to get close to Su Zian and to obtain evidence. Regardless of Zhuo Kai, Xue Jiaqiang, or Tan Huanxi, the impression of Wei Zuorong is scheming. He is willing to cooperate, there must be conspiracy. When Zhang Jizi acted as Wei Zuorong’s girlfriend, everyone was shocked. When the matter was over, Zhuo Kai had to persuade everyone and agreed to Wei Zuorong to join.

In 2009, police officer Huang Biao reported on Su Zian, who committed suicide afterwards. Zhang Jizi called the death report from the archives and found that the second record was missing. According to regulations, the second record is the report of the patrol officer who arrived at the scene first, which is very important. The retrieval records of the archives office show that Wang Yongxiang had lent the death report, indicating that he had also investigated the matter.

Looking through the original investigation report left by Wang Yongxiang, it clearly listed Huang Biao’s death as a suspected murder. The two reports were separated by only a week, and it was unreasonable to change from murder to suicide in such a short time.

Just as Zhang Jizi and Zhuo Kai were reading Wang Yongxiang’s report together, Wei Zuorong called. He was outside Su Zian’s home and found that Su Zian had moved to the hotel temporarily, all the furniture had to be discarded, and he was preparing for a major renovation, probably because he wanted to destroy all traces. Furniture and sundries are handled by the moving company.

Zhuo Kai will arrange for someone to follow up and send everything back to the police station for inspection. It just so happened that Zhang Jizi had a Wang Yongxiang laptop in his hand, which could not be opened because he did not know the password. Out of trust, she gave the computer to Wei Zuorong to crack it.

Wang Yongxiang’s report records that after Huang Biao’s death, his girlfriend who worked in the gun room of the police station received a courier from Huang Biao. At that time, Xu Zhisheng intended to steal the documents in the courier. Wang Yongxiang tried every means to remove the most important memory card from the documents, and Xu Zhisheng allowed Xu Zhisheng to steal the others. As long as the black police who killed Huang Biao thinks the file is nothing special, Huang Biao’s girlfriend is safe.

In Wang Yongxiang’s report, there has always been a policewoman’s number, which seems to be very important to him. Zhuo Kai asked Zhang Jizi to enter the number and successfully opened Wang Yongxiang’s laptop. There are hundreds of folders in it, all dated before he went to Thailand for an undercover mission.

Zhang Jizi opened the last folder, which was the file that Wang Yongxiang extracted from Huang Biao’s memory card, which contained many deceased children’s identity information. These are evidence of Su Zian selling fake identities. As soon as Zhang Jizi was about to send it to Zhuo Kai, a black screen appeared on the computer.

Wei Zuorong on the side checked it and found that the power transformer was damaged. Because the model of the computer was too old, Wei Zuorong proposed to repair it at a friend’s computer shop. In fact, this is Wei Zuorong’s tricks. Before Zhang Jizi investigates the list of false identities, he must first delete the information on “Wei Zuorong”. After completing the delete operation, he becomes the real Wei Zuorong.

Fake identity information covers a wide range, and many of them have big names. Prosecution of those who misappropriated identities requires a lot of proof and extreme caution. The investigation of them will be arranged by the police department, and the main focus of the task force is on Su Zian. Cross-compared with the records of the Exit-Entry Administration Department, in addition to the identity of Yu Guangjin used by Xu Zhisheng, the names of two deceased children, namely Tang Weilong and Ou Jiahe, appeared. They were probably the ones who attacked Zheng Shumei.

The Exit-Entry Administration Office sent a reminder that Tang Weilong and Ou Jiahe had just purchased air tickets and were preparing to leave the country. Superintendent Chen Liqun immediately ordered the arrest. During the operation, Ou Jiahe fled and Tang Weilong was arrested. After investigation, Tang Weilong’s real name was Wu Youguo, a former police officer, and Guo Xuehua committed suicide after jumping into the sea. Wu Youguo knew that Su Zi’an would take care of him and would never give an explanation, so Zhang Jizi would deliberately let Ou Jiahe go.

Tan Huanxi picked up Ou Jiahe, who was like a mourning dog, into the car. Seeing that he knew his false identity, he believed that he was sent by Su Zian. Then, Tan Huanxi and A Ding played the scene of Su Zian’s attempted murder, deceiving Ou Jiahe into thinking that Su Zi’an wanted to put himself to death. Su Zian’s hands and eyes were open to the sky, and it was not safe to escape anywhere. Ou Jiahe was heartbroken, and even if he died, he would drag Su Zian to the funeral.

After receiving Ou Jiahe’s confession, Chen Liqun led a person into the security intelligence agency and publicly arrested Su Zi’an, deputy director of the Security Bureau. The technicians also analyzed that the surveillance system in front of Su Zian’s house had indeed been tampered with, and Su Miaomiao did not leave home that night. Coupled with the discovery of Su Miaomiao’s blood on Su Zian’s furniture, Su Zian has almost no chance of escaping legal sanctions.

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