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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 18 Recap

On the day of the establishment of the Qinglong, the Dragon Bamboo Gang gathered, Li Qingliu and his family brought materials and took the initiative to toast. Unexpectedly, Du Xiaoxian came uninvited and accused Li Qingliu of being “ungrateful” in front of everyone. At the beginning, she suffered so much and accompany Li Qingliu to start from scratch, but in the end she was kept in the dark. Seeing Li Qingliu privately founded the Qinglong with other women.

Although Du Xiaoxian did not stay too much and left as soon as possible, everyone was in no mood. Li Qingliu didn’t want to chase Du Xiaoxian, but was annoyed by Long Ao. He simply talked to Du Xiaoxian and said that he always regarded her as his sister from beginning to end. There was no love between men and women at all. As for the cooperation with Qinglong, it was also an emergency move. Hearing this, Du Xiaoxian was immediately frustrated and immediately threw away the meaningful gardenia sachet.

The ghost hand Xu has selected several pictures of a fine daughter in a row. However, the supervising master has a critical eye, and he has not been able to select a satisfactory work. Instead, he believes that this work corrupts the national style and completely does not meet the requirements of the national ceremony. The ghost hand Xu is uncertain about the supervisor, and intends to win by surprise, starting from the drawing details. Yan Bin believes that movie theaters may have the same advantages, so he needs the help of Wuyun Pavilion to restore the scene of love between men and women. The ghost hand Xu saw that Li Qingliu looked good, physically and mentally, and asked him to do a male demonstration. However, the posture of Li Qingliu and the dancing girl was too blunt, making him unable to find inspiration.

Long Ao felt that Li Qingliu was like wood and too rigid. He was picky at the scene. Various requests eventually aroused Li Qingliu’s displeasure. Especially when she heard that she had misunderstood the relationship between her and Du Xiaoxian, the two quarreled again. Unexpectedly, Long Aoyi didn’t pay attention to her feet and almost stumbled. Fortunately, Li Qingliu hugged her in time. As a result, this posture was praised by the ghost hand. Li Zhao came to Wuyun Pavilion and saw the scene before him. His face changed, and he turned and left on the spot.

Du Xiaoxian was in a frustrated mood, and refused to go home, so she let Yue’er walk around with her. It happened that Li Zhao was dining in a restaurant. When Wulin bought him elbows, he saw the servants of Du Xiaoxian and simply informed Li Zhao of the matter. Originally, Li Zhao had learned that Wu Lin liked Yue’er, and Du Xiaoxian was also interested in Li Qingliu, thinking that she should be hurt by love, and ordered Wu Lin to invite Du Xiaoxian.

Li Zhao and Du Xiaoxian talked about the wine, and Yue’er and Wulin sat at the door to chat. Du Xiaoxian talked about the old things, mentioning that Li Qingliu grew up next to his nurse and came to Yincheng. Later, Li Qingliu was adopted by a young couple in the silk and satin shop. Until the death of his adoptive parents, the nanny adopted Yanbin elsewhere and took care of them to grow up. Du Xiaoxian went to the silk and satin shop to buy clothes when he first met Li Qingliu. He was in love.

For the relationship between Du Xiaoxian and Li Qingliu’s childhood sweetheart, Li Zhao was very envious, and he also felt that if he could meet Long Aoyi early, it might be able to change the current situation. Du Xiaoxian found that Li Zhao was very concerned about Long Aoyi, so the two decided to help each other as their lovers.

Li Qingliu learned from Yanbin that Du Xiaoxian was drunk last night, thinking about Li Zhao’s repeated harassment of Long Aoyi before, lest he have evil thoughts again, and then personally warned him to stay away from Du Xiaoxian and not to fight Long Aoyi again. Li Zhao fights the injustice for Du Xiaoxian, thinking that she Xu Jinfanghua is always by her side, but Li Qingliu does not know how to pity and cherish jade, and she hurts her heart.

Faced with Li Zhao’s complaint, Li Qingliu didn’t feel that he owed Du Xiaoxian. Yu Gong was a business partner and Yu Shi was a righteous brother and sister. He had no other ideas. Li Zhao said that since Li Qingliu doesn’t like Du Xiaoxian, it is best to make it clear so as not to delay the other party. Afterwards, Li Qingliu played chess with Yan Bin. Because he was in a bad mood, he was depressed throughout the whole process, especially when he heard that Long Aoyi and Li Zhao went out for dinner.

Du Changfeng hosted a banquet and invited many officials to take the opportunity to inquire about the progress of his daughter’s map. He saw that the new Silk Road had completed his daughter’s map, and immediately ordered Li Qingliu to produce a batch of finished products. Because there was not much raw silk in the silk and satin village, other raw silk was forcibly taken away by the government at a low price, and it was in trouble for a while.

Li Zhao was willing to help think of a way and went to the government to find raw silk. The warehouse was empty, and the officials did not report it. Li Zhao guessed that raw silk was deposited in a black bank. Sure enough, a lot of good raw silk was found in the black bank. Unfortunately, the account book did not indicate the depositor, so only Du Changfeng could manage the raw silk and pepper in Yincheng. The black bank was equivalent to his small vault. .

After the raw silk arrived, Li Zhao gave Long Ao one or two hundred dans on credit. Long Ao was pleasantly surprised and praised Li Zhao’s loyalty, and promised to take him to Wuyun Pavilion for fun. At the same time, Du Changfeng told Du Xiaoxian to wait until Chang’an to prepare a gift first, because he had to enter the palace to see the concubine and concubine. The plot of Jiuliu Overlord is an original TV, please do not reprint without permission!

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