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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 17 Recap

Hu Lao San was taught a lesson and no longer dared to speak foul language. He accepted Li Zhao’s wine money, so he preached that the dragon gang master was wise and martial. Xiaoqin and Yanbin met and talked about her master’s learning about culture, so she talked about the Xiuluo field on the night of Qixi Festival, and even thought that Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi liked each other, but she didn’t dare to admit it.

Since the Qixi Festival, a couple of men and women have their own thoughts, a pair of joy and sorrow, and a pair of drunk drunk. Xiaoqin was holding the shortbread and returned to Wuyun Pavilion in a daze. Yan Bin hurried back to the silk and satin shop with joy and shame. Li Qingliu and Long Ao also saw each other’s concubine, so they said They both probed each other’s master.

The so-called rasping and playing rabbits means that while Yan Bin and Xiao Qin are in love, they have to take care of their master’s thoughts. Long Ao was uncharacteristically. He clearly wanted Xiaoqin to help pay attention to Li Qingliu, but he had to be reserved for a long time. Xiaoqin stabbed the window paper to show his heart. But compared to Long Aoyi, Li Qingliu looked generous and generous. He asked Yan Bin to choose a few pieces of good agarwood to give to Xiaoqin, and by the way observe Long Ao’s recent situation.

Jiedu brought Du Changfeng back to Yincheng, and the county magistrate ordered his subordinates to clean the streets and greet each other grandly, just like the local emperor visits the local temple to recreate the holy grace. Erye Lu seemed to be concealing important things, so he secretly met with people on the grounds of checking the scabbard. The other party informed the boss of his original intention and asked Erye Lu to get his birthmark for verification as soon as possible.

Due to Du Changfeng’s reinstatement in Beijing, he was promoted to one of the six officials, and Chang’an was about to be appointed soon, so he decided to abandon Li Qingliu and ask his daughter Du Xiaoxian to withdraw shares from the new Silk Road. Du Xiaoxian suspected that there was a change in the trip to Chang’an, and couldn’t help asking, but Du Changfeng had already prepared his excuses, but it made people unable to spot the mistakes.

The chambers of commerce held a banquet to receive the wind, and the bosses of the various industries celebrated Du Changfeng’s rise. Du Changfeng brings good news to everyone, saying that Datang will give various states a gift for national export every year. However, the host of the East Women’s Kingdom outside the southwest has chosen to make a picture of his daughter and intends to be a princess dowry, so such important events are also convenient. Falling on the head of Jiannan Road.

Because the daughter’s picture belongs to Chu Meng’s cloud and rain, it is dedicated to show the fun of husband and wife’s bed, and it is not tabletop at all, and it is difficult to grasp the heat between vulgarity and elegance. Other bosses shunned, Li Qingliu also declined in every possible way. Unexpectedly, Du Changfeng came up with an imperial order to force Li Qingliu to take this difficult order.

Du Xiaoxian heard that Silk Satin Village was about to make a national gift for Jiaermu, the eastern daughter country, so she guessed that her father did it deliberately, but she didn’t say it clearly. She was only worried about the impact on the New Silk Road, and even more afraid that Li Qingliu would go to Longao. Help. Later, Xiao Wu and Yan Bin found various pictures of their daughters, but none of them satisfied Li Qingliu. Xiao Wu suggested to go to Xia Jiuliu in Nancheng to find a painter who specializes in pictures of daughters.

Li Qingliu wanted to find Long Aoyi, but he knew that Long Aoyi was still in anger. Moreover, there were rumors about the romance in the water room recently, so he decided to pay a lot of money to hire a nine-tier painter. Unexpectedly, the lower nine-liu painters only listened to the orders of the dragon gang master, and would not enter the village no matter the amount of real money. Even if Li Qingliu went personally, he was driven out of the house.

Li Zhao bought a parrot from a foreign land and wanted to please Long Ao. It happened that Li Qingliu was walking downstairs with Yan Bin and saw the two people teasing the parrot. Without a word, Long Aoyi was no longer interested and exasperated Go back to the room. So far, there is only one person in the entire Nancheng who has not visited, and that is the first painter of Yincheng’s daughter painting, known as Guishou Xu. As a result, Guishou Xu did not drive away the master and servant, but asked them to accompany him to a meal. Seeing a plate of fried insects on the table, Li Qingliu and Yan Bin felt their stomachs turned upside down, and they almost vomited out in fright. They immediately ran away holding their stomachs.

Due to the delay in hiring a satisfactory painter in recent days, Li Qingliu made up his mind to ask Long Ao for help, and asked her to meet in Wanhua Building. After Long Ao received the greeting message, he couldn’t hide his joy. After being dressed up by Xiaoqin and Sister Feng, his whole body was completely renewed, and he was praised by the people on the street.

Long Ao went to the Wanhua Building for an appointment, deliberately pretending to be a lady in front of Li Qingliu, and even almost misunderstood that he wanted to confess to himself, until Li Qingliu explained his intentions, both frightened and annoyed, and somewhat disappointed. Long Aoyi agreed to help make his daughter’s picture, but he had to score four or six points with him and start a Qinglong business in partnership. The two were named after each other.

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