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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 16 Recap

After the Qimen Temple blessing was over, Li Zhao hurried back to the city. However, Long Aoyi was not in Wuyun Pavilion recently, and he always let him go out of his favor every time. He finally waited until Long Aoyi came back one day, so he hurried forward Be courteous and prepare rare fruits.

Long Aoyi learned that Li Zhao had already booked Wuyun Pavilion, and couldn’t help but complain that he spent money without knowing how to measure it, and almost wasted a year’s worth of rations. Hearing this, Li Zhao suddenly felt that the cherries were not sweet and tasteless in his mouth. He was dipped in juicy honey, only to find that the juicy honey turned into chili water, giving him a spicy tear.

Due to the heavy workload of the Silk House, Du Xiaoxian saw that Li Qingliu often went to Wuyun Pavilion, and he was jealous. How could he continue to feel calm. The handmaid offered advice and suggested that Du Xiaoxian could try to imitate Long Aoyi and refrain from conflicts. Du Xiaoxian changed his normal behavior and was no longer as lofty as he used to be, but caring for the workers, and often taught women workers beauty techniques and allowed them to apply powder and daikon to work.

Just as Yan Bin explained the matter to Li Qingliu, Du Xiaoxian suddenly came with a fine wine, ready to drink a few glasses on the occasion of the Qixi Festival. Li Qingliu knew that Du Xiaoxian never drank, and now there is a reason for his temperament change. Unexpectedly, Du Xiaoxian was not only considerate, but even deliberately attracted Yan Bin to give him a bunch of out-of-print scripts.

Seeing the Qixi Festival approaching, Li Zhao took the initiative to find Long Aoyi, planning to invite her to drink and chat. Originally Long Aoyi had other plans, but she couldn’t shirk Li Zhao and simply agreed to meet in Wuyun Pavilion. In order to beg the dragon proud, Li Zhao deliberately gave away money to the lower ranks. The people around him were full of praise and called him a great benefactor.

On the day of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Li Qingliu led the crowd to hold a sacrifice ceremony. After the ceremony, Du Xiaoxian settled on the boathouse and invited a cook from Changan Zuixingfang to visit Jinjiang at night with Li Qingliu. However, Li Qingliu wanted to find Long Aoyi tonight, and even carefully prepared a Korean brocade dress for her, so Du Xiaoxian’s plan fell through and could only follow Li Qingliu to the Wuyun Pavilion.

The Wuyun Pavilion was very lively, and the atmosphere was extremely anxious due to the company of Du Xiaoxian and Li Zhao. Li Zhao was jealous and expressed dissatisfaction with Li Qingliu. Sister Feng wanted to open a table for these four people, but Du Xiaoxian did not expect to stay here, and said that she wanted to watch the stars with Li Qingliu on Jinjiang. Long Ao insisted to follow, no matter whether she had reserved a place, Li Qingliu suddenly felt brightened up and laughed secretly when she saw her.

In the end, the wine was not drunk, and the boat did not arrive. Instead, the four went to the night market together. Long Ao patronized playing with the seven-color silk thread, but did not notice that Li Qingliu was behind him. As a result, the two accidentally collided. Fortunately, Li Zhao hugged her in time. Seeing this situation, Li Qingliu felt uncomfortable. Du Xiaoxian watched the whole process, even more sad.

Du Xiaoxian was born and knowledgeable. She deliberately made things difficult for Long Aoyi based on the Qixi Festival. Li Zhao participated in the discussion, but Li Qingliu noticed that Long Aoyi had nothing to say, so she quickly interrupted the topic. It just so happens that the Thousand Lanterns will hold a poetry contest, and the winner will get the green lotus lantern written by Li Hanlin.

Li Qingliu wanted to seize this lamp as a gift to Jintanhao’s boss Wan. Unexpectedly, Du Xiaoxian lied in front of Long Aoyi that Li Qingliu had taken the lamp for her, causing Long Ao to become jealous and decided to take the stage to compete. However, Long Aoyi was not good at reciting poems, and a few lewd words made the people onlookers laugh generously. Li Qingliu didn’t want her to be ugly in public, and deliberately lost the game. As a result, Long Aoyi didn’t appreciate it and turned away with anger.

On the way back to the mansion, Du Xiaoxian recalled all the past and couldn’t help showing love to Li Qingliu, but Li Qingliu had no affection for her, so he bluntly refused.

In the next few days, Long Ao didn’t go out of the door and didn’t move forward. He was locked in the room to learn poetry and songs, and let Long Zhu help the people come to the door to tell stories with scripts. Li Zhao got a pistachio from the Western Regions and brought it to Long Aoyi, just in time to hear the rumors that his helper and Li Qingliu were in the water room.

Li Zhao scolded, Long Aoyi didn’t care about it, but rushed to the market with a few people, and he saw Hu Lao San set up a street side to talk, the content was changed by him to be absurd. When Hu Laosan found Long Aoyi, his expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly described that Long Ao was a woman of no shame, and the audience at the scene refused to buy it.

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