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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 14 Recap

When Long Aoyi woke up, it had been nearly two days, and she asked a little boy named Shunzi to hold the glass beads and go to the archway next to the Grand Bazaar to find Xiaoqin. However, Shunzi was waiting near the archway, but Xiao Qin was never seen, but several foreigners with white hair were looking around Long Aoyi.

Du Xiaoxian saw that Li Qingliu liked Long Aoyi, but she had also admired Li Qingliu for many years, and could not accept this fact. In particular, she found that Li Qingliu was gradually alienating her, both sad and angry. Du Xiaoxian accidentally discovered that his father Du Changfeng was secretly interacting with Qiyan, so he accused him, but was bound by Du Changfeng’s palm. The father and daughter broke up unhappy, and Qiyan also returned to the gang eager to get rid of the silkworms, thinking that it is better to rely on people Yourself.

Yan Bin remembered that Zhou Wulang had been to the Silk House on the day he was walking, and some people had witnessed him having been to the smokehouse. Now all the smoking halls in Yincheng are under the jurisdiction of Seven Eyes, so the matter was too sudden and it was strange, especially every time it got a little clue, it would interfere with the patrol.

Since the argument, Du Xiaoxian wanted to run away from home, Du Changfeng heard that he rushed over, or even moved out of his late wife, finally calmed down Du Xiaoxian. Du Changfeng said that many things were black and white during his trip. I hope that Du Xiaoxian will stop intervening. After all, everything he does is for this family.

The next day, Li Qingliu took Yan Bin to Xia Jiuliu on an unannounced visit. He learned about Long Aoyi from each population, and combined all the information to infer how Long Ao could kill a man two feet taller than her with a knife. Li Qingliu, at any cost, ordered Yan Bin to find Long Aoyi, and then told him not to report to an official, so as not to startle the snake.

Through the careful care of the little beggars, Long Aoyi’s injury gradually healed, but Qiyan had asked his third brother to track down his whereabouts, and it happened that Long Aoyi’s close-fitting glass beads were found in Xiaoshun’s hands. As soon as Long Ao noticed that Xiaoshun was being followed, he told him to hide in the ruined temple with his younger brothers and sisters, and immediately faced the group of northern Sichuan white hairs alone.

Long Aoyi tried to escape without fruit, but was still caught. The third brother sent a letter to Li’s mansion, informing Li Qingliu that he alone brought the new Silk Road customs clearance items amnested by the government, and rushed to the suburban burning kiln according to the address, otherwise it would be outdated and Long Ao would die without a place to be buried. Seven eyes was convinced that Li Qingliu would visit as scheduled, but Long Aoyi believed that Li Qingliu would not lose weight because of smallness, and he also believed that he had no place in his heart. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Li Qingliu pushed in.

Seeing that Li Qingliu had brought the customs clearance materials, Qiyan still refused to let them go, and even planned to kill them. In desperation, Li Qingliu knew that Seven Eyes was addicted to gambling, so he simply set a life and death bet with him. If Seven Eyes chooses a paper ball with the word “death”, they must keep their promise and let them go.

Long Aoyi knew that Li Qingliu would not act recklessly, and must have already distinguished which paper ball was the new character, so he deliberately made trouble and made Qiyan refuse to choose first, and instead gave the decision to Li Qingliu. In the end, Li Qingliu succeeded in selecting a new word based on the nuances between Sheng Xuan and Shu Xuan. He never thought that he would turn back and forth with seven eyes. He actually ordered his subordinates to teach Li Qingliu and he could not even resist, otherwise he would throw Long Ao into the well.

After Li Qingliu had a few heavy blows, Long Ao broke free from the shackles of the Snake Gang and hurriedly ran over to help Li Qingliu, angrily accused Seven Eyes of stealing the gold thread for planting the Dragon Bamboo Gang, including instructing Zhou Shanglang to set fire. Qiyan admitted frankly, but became angry because of Long Aoyi’s sarcasm, and shut them into the kiln saliva room.

At the same time, Yan Bin wanted to find Li Qingliu’s traces through the Cold Silkworm Quartet, but he found Li Qingliu’s personal cold silkworm kits in the hands of the little girl, and this thing was located in the old city northwest of Yincheng. Du Xiaoxian went to ask Du Changfeng to help find Li Qingliu, Du Changfeng agreed on the surface, and in private let Jia Ding look at Du Xiaoxian, not to go out at will.

Master Zhu was dissatisfied with Qiyan’s adeptness, so he planned to abandon his chess piece. Qiyan was so angry that he could only suffer a dumb loss. It happened that the informant replied that someone wanted to buy silkworm eggs, but they had to reduce the price by one hundred wen each. Seven eyes considered repeatedly and decided to notify the third brother to immediately ship the goods. Before leaving, he tied Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu and sealed the dead water. Room opening.

After Seven Eyes left, Li Qingliu easily untied the rope. He and Long Ao explored the surrounding area and found that there were tombstones buried in the bottom of the water chamber, indicating that the mouth of the kiln was a group of ancient tombs. The soil here is dense, and it is almost impossible to go out.

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