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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 27 Recap

Zhou Dingbei heard his son Zhou Weidong talk about the financial crisis that may affect the entire Asia. He discussed with Wang Yong to take precautionary measures, but Wang Yong considered whether Jingqi now has the strength to expand the market and production capacity. Yao Kun proposed on the board of directors that it is related to the future operation direction of Chaoxin under the development of the Internet. She meant to spend a huge sum of money from Chaoxin to cooperate with Gaoke Technology to develop servers, but this required one billion funds, which shocked the board of directors. .

Yao Kun privately discussed with Kwong Mingchou and repeatedly determined the future direction of Chaoxin to invest in the server. It may be that Hi-Tech Technology is not worth the huge sum of money now, but the future market will definitely need a server. There has been a big divergence between Jiangcheng and Yao Kun’s business philosophy recently. Jiangcheng personally did not act very happy to be seen by his subordinates, who thought that Jiangcheng would leave Chaoxin.

Yu Wenjing reported that the heat pipe supplier of the Shanghai branch had closed down, and the deposit and goods could not be recovered. Other manufacturers that could replace them also closed down or were on the verge of bankruptcy. Yao Kun held Yu Wenjing and told her to stabilize production regardless of price. Hong Kong stocks fell across the board, and the financial crisis spread to China. Mingkuang Kwong and Kun Yao agreed that this was the best time to acquire Hi-Tech. However, the advent of the financial crisis also caused panic among companies. Wang Yong decided to recover Mintong’s previous accounts first, and then flag to minimize major moves.

Yao Kun held a meeting. In addition to reducing financial expenditure, the sales department needed to work hard to increase revenue. The sales department staff did not make a statement. Only Jiang Cheng responded to Yao Kun’s instructions. Su Yan eagerly went to Hong Yuqiao’s house to find Hong Yuqiao and said that she continued to study the follow-up of James’ game. It happened that Hong Yuqiao was not at home. Guan Tao did not hold out much hope when she heard Su Yan’s words. Su Yan found Hong Yuqiao. , He just ignored Su Yan while playing chess.

Su Yan’s blood was poured cold water and turned and left. Wang Yong failed to recover the payment for the goods from Mintong, and if the flag funds can no longer return, they will face a major crisis. As for Chaoxin’s sales also gradually declined, the task completion rate can only reach the low part of the standard. The sales department’s problem is no longer not working hard but lacking staff. Yao Kun has transferred a lot of staff to carry out the high-end customer strategic transfer plan. The backbone of the sales department complained to Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng could not complain about Yao Kun in front of his subordinates, so he had to dismiss his subordinates.

Jingqi’s financial crisis is approaching, and even if it receives orders, it is unable to ship goods, and a heavier blow will follow. ATG Computers does not see the future in Asia and decides to withdraw. It sends people to notify Jingqi, and ATG’s withdrawal It was a big blow to the banner. The banner has always focused on the computer and hardware acting as the agent of ATG. The sudden news made Wang Yong anxious, but Zhou Dingbei calmly suggested that the banner shift its focus.

Because of the decline in sales performance, Jiangcheng directly opposed the high-end customer upgrade project at the meeting. In this way, he was tit-for-tat against Yao Kun. Yao Kun did not dispute with Jiangcheng, but only said that he believed in Jiangcheng’s sales ability and made it matter to the sales department. Take full control. Yu Wenjing has found a new heat pipe supplier, but the supplier requires a deposit of 50% to be able to supply it. This will increase the risk, but in order to ensure the shipment, Yu Wenjing still agrees. Yao Kun also agrees with Yuwenjing.

However, it made it slow down the pace of production, because there was a problem in the sales department, even if the goods were guaranteed but could not be shipped, the accumulation of goods was a problem. Hong Yuqiao reads the newspaper, his former subordinates have become game masters, and believe that games are a safe haven under the financial crisis, because people are willing to play games in order to escape reality. Although Hong Yuqiao agrees, he is still obsessed with playing chess. There are plans.

Yu Wenjing’s newly found supplier ran away with cash. Chaoxin could no longer guarantee the production of the laptop. Kuang Mingchou and Yao Kun decided to stop production, and Yao Kun flew to Shanghai to solve the problem. Yu Wenjing explained to the Shanghai factory the reason for the suspension of production, even if she complained more, she had no choice but to accept. The crisis of the banner is getting bigger and bigger. Wang Yong admitted his mistake on the board of directors, but the transformation of the banner is imminent. Yao Kun personally came to the Shanghai branch to stabilize the military and gave everyone a guarantee.

Zhou Dingbei and Wang Yong discussed the specific development plan of Jingqi in the future. In addition to increasing the income, it also needs layoffs and reduced bonuses to reduce expenditure. Jing Qi was panicked by the news of the layoffs, and the old employees took the initiative to pack up their belongings, which made Zhou Dingbei deeply touched. Zhou Dingbei happened to meet Ren Jie, who also did not agree with the decision to lay off employees. Crisis and opportunities coexist, and he cannot protect himself through layoffs. Ren Jie decided to persuade Wang Yong.

Zhou Dingbei personally found the Mintong boss to ask for payment, but there was no result. Yu Wenjing and Yao Kun discussed and decided to find Hongtu Technology to produce heat pipes and other raw materials, and President Lin was still very confident in Hongtu Technology’s technology. Zhou Dingbei consulted the former Director of the Trade Bureau Li on the issue of layoffs and the future development of the banner. However, Director Li suggested that Zhou Dingbei should not make a hasty decision on this important matter. Chaoxin has also had other methods after so many years of ups and downs.

President Lin did not agree to help Chaoxin’s request because of his meager profit. Inspired by chess friends, Hong Yuqiao thought that he could study a chess game in the air and develop a series of chess and card games. Hong Yuqiao told Guan Tao the good news, and Guan Tao supported him very much. At the beginning of the layoffs of Jingqi, many old employees clamored for the company to give an explanation. Zhou Dingbei stepped forward to encourage everyone to tide over the difficulties with them.

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