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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 26 Recap

Jingqi held a public apology meeting to restore goodwill, and thanked Chuangkai Company at the apology meeting. It was the first lawsuit initiated by Chuangkai to protect intellectual property rights that aroused the attention of all sectors of society to the protection of intellectual property rights. It is a public statement that Chuangkai will stand up and apologize for distributing infringing software, otherwise it will bring a lawsuit against Chuangkai. Hong Yuqiao was in distress because of the company’s affairs. Guan Tao knew about Hong Yuqiao’s difficulties.

After talking with Wang Yong, Jingqi’s board wanted to sue Chuangkai, but Wang Yong hoped that Guan Tao could go back to persuade Hong Yuqiao and Zhou Ding. North reconciliation, that way can save Chuangkai. Guan Tao went home and tried to persuade Hong Yuqiao to reconcile with Zhou Dingbei, and not to let Chuangkai’s efforts over the years be wasted. Hong Yuqiao heard Guan Tao’s words and found Zhou Dingbei, but he did not ask him not to sue Chuangkai.

Zhou Dingbei was a little proud to see Hong Yuqiao. While saying that he did not want to sue Chuangkai, he suppressed Hong Yuqiao with his veteran qualifications. Hong Yuqiao didn’t care if he raised his flag and did not sue himself because Chuangkai was in a downturn. At that time, the lawsuit that accepted the banner was nothing more than two results. One was the complete collapse of the innovation, and the other was the death of the banner. The banner was not good at all.

As a large state-owned enterprise restructuring, it was fighting against a private enterprise. It did not help to restore the goodwill of the banner. Zhou Dingbei heard Hong Yuqiao’s words and felt that Hong Yuqiao had matured a lot, and he avoided making a big mistake. Zhou Dingbei genuinely reconciled with Hong Yuqiao. The two put down their previous grievances and shook hands. Zhou Dingbei promised that he was once a good leader of Hong Yuqiao and will become good friends of Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao.

When Wang Yong went to Ren Ju’s house for dinner, the relationship between the two became closer, and Wang Yong invited Ren Ju as Banner’s legal counsel. Chaoxin personal notebook computers and playback software came out, and Kwong Mingchou placed the company’s next big order on Mintong’s tender. Mintong Company has carried out informatization transformation and upgrade of the company’s office equipment. Jingqi believes that this is a big business, but Chaoxin is also striving for this project. Mintong has always demanded high configuration and low prices.

Although its order quantity is very large, Jingqi has to do its best to obtain orders with its current strength. Jiangcheng also did not approve of Chaoxin’s development in this direction. With Chaoxin’s current stable sales source, it is not necessary to fight for the Mintong project, but Yao Kun insisted that they had to report these to the board of directors, but this project was unanimously approved by the board. Jiangcheng could only follow the decision of the board of directors, and could not transfer a large number of sales staff during the peak sales season. He could only transfer other staff to stare at Mintong, and the sales department’s performance had to double.

Chuangkai’s loan was overdue and there was great pressure to return funds. Hong Yuqiao insisted on using illegal methods. Jiangcheng’s sales department has over-fulfilled its performance, but started to work on Mintong’s bidding, which made Yao Kun a little unhappy.

Although Mintong’s current profits are not enough, but looking at the future, Chaoxin needs a big one like Mintong. Communication companies further expanded the market. After hearing Yao Kun’s words, Jiang Cheng had to temporarily support, and the two participated in the bidding meeting. Mintong informed Mintong’s requirements at the bidding meeting. Mingtong was just “taking advantage of the fire”.

With high configuration equipment and low prices, many bidding companies withdrew from the bidding site early, and Yao Kun insisted on participating. Jiang Cheng inquired about the low price of the banner, and Wang Yong and Zhou Dingbei were confident in winning Mintong. In response to Mintong’s requirements and calculation costs, Jiang Cheng did not approve of continuing to follow up, using the best elites in the sales department to do loss-making transactions. As the founder, he was angry at Yao Kun and warned Yao Kun to consider the tide future development.

There is no more funds on Chuangkai’s account, the bank loan is overdue, and the company will go bankrupt if it is not repaid. Guan Tao offered to sell the house to repay the debt, but Hong Yuqiao promised to give Guan Tao a home when he was young. Can’t sell a house. Wang Yong thinks over his thoughts and tells Zhou Dingbei that he intends to empty the company’s inventory and keep the price to a minimum. Such a price is risky for Jingqi, but opportunities and risks coexist.

Zhou Dingbei supports Wang Yong’s decision. . Jiangcheng’s offer to collect banners told Yao Kun that Yao Kun hoped to win the battle and demanded that the price be lowered, but the “war” surrounding Mintong ended in banner victory. As for Chuangkai, it has reached the final moment of bankruptcy.

Mr. Lin sent Yu Wenjing a computer to make Mei Zhaohe jealous, but Yu Wenjing kept Mr. Lin away. Wang Yong is anxious to summon Ren Jie to hand over the company’s letter of appointment to Ren Jie, and Ren Jie is happy on the surface and somewhat reserved. Yu Wenjing used the money to buy the computer given by President Lin. The next day the computer was transferred to work by Mei Zhaohe. Mei Zhaohe bought another one for Yu Wenjing.

Yu Wenjing did not have Mei Zhaohe this time. Accepted happily and helplessly. Pingdu IT Forum was held. Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun participated and met Mr. Li of Hi-Tech. He was the one who got the key to the Internet. Yao Kun proposed to visit Hi-Tech, which is rare in the world. The server company is the leader in China, and Yao Kun wants to cooperate with Hi-Tech. It was the year that Chaoxin sought to develop, and the Asian financial crisis that began in Thailand is quietly approaching.

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