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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 18 Recap

Sun Yan injured his ankle after jumping downstairs and was unable to walk. Yi Dongdong hurriedly sent him to the hospital for rescue. As a result, Sun Yan was unable to participate in sports school because of torn ligaments in his ankle after jumping from a two-meter-high building. The qualification to be sent also completely lost the dream of an athlete.

Whenever Sun Yan passed the gymnasium on crutches, there was an inexplicable sadness in his heart. Madada wanted to make Sun Xuan happy, but Sun Xuan became angry with Madada, thinking that people all over the world thought he was a waste.

However, Yi Dongdong was so angry that he found the video room alone. If it weren’t for the chaotic “Sister-in-law” film at the entrance of the video room, it would not attract the police to arrest him, and Sun Xun would not be injured or not. Lose the eligibility for recommendation. The more Yi Dongdong wanted to get angry, he quarreled with the people in the video room. He turned off the sign at the door of the video room and ran away. Fortunately, I met Ou Xiaojian, otherwise the villain in the video hall would definitely beat Yi Dongdong into meatloaf.

Yi Dongdong has always blamed himself very much. If he was determined not to watch the video at the beginning, if he was caught in the moment Sun Xun jumped off the building, maybe Sun Xun would not be injured. Yi Dongdong felt that he had harmed Sun Xun. Ou Xiaojian enlightened him that there are too many uncertainties and accidents in life. What we can do is to believe in ourselves and not to regret things. I hope Yi Dongdong can go forward bravely and take the future in our own hands.

Madada was very boring, and asked Ma Xiaoxiao to complain. Sun Fal was too fragile in his heart. He felt that the whole world owed him and his kindness was disappointed. Madada worries that Sun Xun has been so unbearable. After all, everyone is a neighbor and partner. She doesn’t want Sun Xun to give up on herself. Ma Xiaoxiao thinks that Sun Xun should be given some time to think.

Chen Lili has been comforting herself. Although Sun Yan is no longer eligible for sports, the most important thing is that she is fine. Sun Xun asked Chen Lili for money. Regardless of the rain, Sun Xun ran out with the money. Chen Lili was very sad. Hao Pushi sent Chen Lili an umbrella, hoping she could give Sun Xun some space for peace.

Sun Yan sat alone in the street. He regretted passing by the video hall. He walked to the billiard room to play and met a group of punks insulting him with words. Fortunately, Ou Xiaojian appeared and helped Sun Xun teach the gangsters. Ou Xiaojian didn’t get used to Sun Yan’s self-defeating appearance. He enlightened Sun Yan and asked him to go to his repair yard. Sun Yan seemed to feel the feeling of being reused again.

Sun Yan was leaning on crutches, and Ou Xiaojian looked at him fiercely, and asked him if he was sure he wanted to be in society. The society is either the best or be beaten. Sun Yan said that he has strength and his feet will be good. He is not afraid of anything. It happened that someone went to the repair shop to find Ou Xiaojian in trouble, and the two sides singled out if they disagree, and the fat was injured. Sun Yan was stunned when he saw this scene and ran away. It turned out to be a scene designed by Ou Xiaojian.

Ou Xiaojian found Sun Yan who was scared away, talked to him, and encouraged him to persevere, no matter what he did. After Sun Yan heard this, he suddenly understood. He always remembered Ou Xiaojian’s words, and he should do his best. The next day, Sun Xun’s overall popularity became better, and he began to study hard to prepare for the final sprint for the college entrance examination.

Chen Lili originally planned to send Sun Xuan to a secondary school, but was stopped by Grandma Zeng. Some things had to be seen in the end. She also believed that Sun Xun could be admitted to college. Ou Xiaojian brought the shipment money to A Fei again, but he did not expect to be controlled by A Fei this time, and A Fei had long suspected that Ou Xiaojian would betray him.

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