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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 17 Recap

The good news came out. Ma Xiaoxiao passed the re-examination at Peking University. Yi Dongdong and others were happy for her, and Yi Dongdong continued to study hard. After all, he was far from Peking University’s goal. Ma Xiaoxiao approached Teacher Su and said that she did not want to go to Peking University because she did not want to study the designated professional Chinese department, so she decided to continue taking the college entrance examination.

Ma Xiaoxiao walked out of the office and met Yi Dongdong and was about to give her her notebook. When the two were chatting, a girl from Ma Xiaoxiao’s class threw an iron dustpan from upstairs and smashed it at Ma Xiaoxiao. Fortunately, Yi Dongdong was quick to stop him. Ma Xiaoxiao found the girl’s theory. The girl thought that Ma Xiaoxiao’s appearance had robbed her of Peking University’s offer place. She heard that Ma Xiaoxiao was admitted and gave up. Ma Xiaoxiao is righteous and confident. It is her own right to give up and choose based on her ability. She warns girls not to be clever and have time to prepare for the exam.

Yi Dongdong was particularly surprised when he learned that Ma Xiaoxiao was about to give up his qualifications to be sent to Peking University. Ma Xiaoxiao encouraged Yi Dongdong to persevere in his studies and find the right learning method. I believe he will be admitted to the ideal university. Zeng Xing is going to study abroad. Grandma Zeng wants to hold a farewell banquet for him, but Zeng Xing is not reluctant.

Ma Xiaoxiao went home for dinner and confessed to the family that he had given up his qualifications to be sent to Peking University. Aunt Niu and Ma Yingjun felt incredible and thought that Ma Xiaoxiao was advocating without authorization. Ma Xiaoxiao said that she can choose. Although she has not thought about her major now, she will be responsible for her choice.

Yi Dongdong decided to practice in retreat. With the support and expectation of his family, he should study more diligently. He would study late every day. Every time he was too tired to study, he would look at the notebook provided by Ma Xiaoxiao to encourage himself. Ou Xiaojian came to the dock late at night to find evidence of A Fei’s smuggling. He quietly followed behind, walked to the room where the smuggled goods were hidden, pulled out a watch from the box, and photographed the evidence. Unexpectedly, A Fei showed up with someone, Ou Xiaojian could only hide in the water, and finally got wet and fever.

Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao worked together to bring Ou Xiaojian home, and the two took turns taking care of them. Yi Dongdong was a little disappointed when he saw Ma Xiaoxiao taking care of him. Yi Dongdong didn’t know what happened to Ou Xiaojian, and the two talked about Ma Xiaoxiao again. Yi Dongdong said that he would support Ma Xiaoxiao’s decision no matter what. Ma Xiaoxiao felt very relaxed after chatting with Yi Dongdong.

Yi Dongdong fell asleep while taking care of Ou Xiaojian. Ma Xiaoxiao personally cooked the porridge and fed him when Ou Xiaojian woke up. Ou Xiaojian was very moved. Facing Ma Xiaoxiao’s question, Ou Xiaojian chose to avoid a positive answer, saying that the mixed society is to make life more meaningful. Ma Xiaoxiao told Ou Xiaojian that he had given up on the recommendation of Peking University’s Chinese Department. Ou Xiaojian was worried that Ma Xiaoxiao would not go to Beijing, and encouraged her that whatever choice she chooses, she likes it is the best. Ma Xiaoxiaohai didn’t think about the major to choose. Ou Xiaojian joked to let her get involved in society in advance.

The next day, Yi Dongdong slept in a daze and was awakened by Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian thanked Yi Dongdong again for helping him. Yi Dongdong quietly returned home, but fortunately he was clever, otherwise Hao Pushi found out that he would be miserable if he didn’t return all night. Sun Yan and Liang Xiaobao took Yi Dongdong to watch the movie again. Unexpectedly, the police suddenly arrested people. Yi Dongdong and others hurriedly fled. Sun Yan jumped directly downstairs, and the scene was in chaos.

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