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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 8 Recap

Wang Ye investigates the black hand behind the scenes, Guoer keeps hiding.
After Guoer woke up, she wanted Tiantian to teach herself to fold paper cranes, and then every day remembered the scene of folding paper cranes with Mingyuan. At this time, Mingyuan called, but Shen Tiantian didn’t want to answer, but He Guoer asked her to answer it. Zhao Mingyuan pretended that he didn’t know the true and false Guoer, and then came to Li Manli to question the use of marrying his daughter for his own real money.

Zhao Mingyuan planned to ask for the 100 million. Li Manli also asked what tactics Mingyuan used, and then Mr. Zhao showed Mr. Li Guoer’s surveillance video. President Li also called Shen Tiantian to come over to clarify Guoer’s situation. He also mentioned that Shen Tiantian helped Guoer to test Zhao Mingyuan’s behavior, and Shen Tiantian could get the design department. After Shen Tiantian passed by and said this in embarrassment, Wang Ye came over and asked about Tiantian’s affairs, and then Tian Tian was very sad and listless.

After Wang Ye learned that Mr. Zhao was also here, he planned to go to Mr. Zhao, and then heard the conversation between Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li outside. After Wang Ye heard about this, he hurriedly went to the office and said that he couldn’t do it like this. Then Wang Ye said that you don’t want to study the black hand behind the scenes, but to study who likes whom. As a result, Zhao Lange took advantage of this incident to get Wang Ye to be fired by Li Manli, but when Wang Ye was pulled by the security guard, Mr. Zhao let the security go. Guoer looked at Tiantian and felt that several people were hiding something from him, and then Guoer planned to find his male god by himself.

After seeing Mingyuan, at this time Mingyuan was planning to go to the cafe to find Tiantian. Guo’er talked about that day, and then wanted Mingyuan to make up for the movie ticket that day, but Mingyuan couldn’t agree. At this time, after waiting in the coffee shop for a long time, Zhao Mingyuan did not come. Zhao Mingyuan checked the time and planned to get off the car to call Tian Tian first, but Tian Tian’s cell phone was damaged by someone and he did not receive a call from Ming Yuan.

Wang Ye went to the place where he reported, but security stopped him from entering. So Wang Ye smashed someone else’s car, the security guard caught him and took him in and locked it up. As a result, Wang Ye opened the door and ran to the data room to get Yanzhao and wanted to get the mailing address. Mingyu took Guoer to the movie and was recognized, and then Mingyu took Guoer to dinner again. At this time, I waited for a long time in the coffee shop every day, the coffee shop was about to close and then every day I planned to come back, but I met Mingyu who sent Guoer back.

Mingyu had something to talk to Tian Tian, but Tian Tian went back without wanting to listen. But Guoer wanted to send the umbrella, and then said every day that Guoer was ill and he went down to send the umbrella by himself. Mingyuan grabbed Tiantian’s hand, and Tiantian didn’t want Guoer to misunderstand Mingyuan and slap Mingyuan. After Guoer went down, Mingyuan told him not to meet again, and Guoer mistakenly thought that he had fanned Mingyuan after hearing it every day.

Tian Tian planned to repair her mobile phone, and then Guoer heard Sang Rong’s conversation with Tian Tian. Tian Tian felt that they had something to hide from her and were related to the male god, so she planned to ask Wang Ye. Guoer secretly wanted to go out, and then Aunt Sang pretended not to let Guoer go out. Wang Ye took out his mobile phone and continued to inquire about the Xuhui News Agency. At this time, Guoer came over to find Wang Ye, and said that Shen Tiantian informed him that he had already taught him a lesson.

After Wang Ye heard her attitude, she felt that she didn’t know much yet. Wang Ye was going to leave, but Guo’er had been dragging him all the time. As a result, the pornographic photos that fell out of the heirs were seen by Guo’er. Guo’er was still thinking about being misunderstood by the male god, and wanted to find Mingyuan to explain.

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