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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 7 Recap

Ming Yuan learns the true and false Guoer, Wang Ye inquires about the company’s opponent
It rained, Mingyuan’s tire was punctured, and then Mr. Zhao called Mingyuan but failed to get through. Mingyuan went to the hotel to open a room, and then Mr. Zhao’s men found Mingyuan. Wang Ye came to the company to find Mr. Li, and then reported that Mr. Li’s customer canceled the order, and it was his own decision. Wang Ye did not intend to lose more market to the company because of this matter. The people in the marketing department told Li Manli about the possibility of marriage. Wang Ye called Tiantian to ask about Guoer, and then Wang Ye came to look for Guoer.

Every day I feel that since some people can’t get it, let go of things that should be let go. Mr. Zhao called Li Manli to talk about the marriage contract of the two families. The two had their own thoughts. Li Manli did not know what Zhao Lange was thinking. Mr. Zhao told Li Manli that Mingyuan and Guoer had a very good relationship. Mr. Zhao also told Li Manli that he had stomach cancer, and then he gave Li Manli a 100 million check.

Shen Tiantian came to find Tang Guoer , but saw Guoer lying on the bed. Mingyuan came over and saw Tang Guoer and Shen Tiantian, and then learned the identities of both parties. Every day I asked Mingyuan why he was here, and then Wang Ye also rushed here. Mingyuan was deceived to Tongli. Who can tell himself what this is. Wang Ye misunderstood Shen Tiantian, and Ming Yuan also misunderstood that this matter was arranged by Shen Tiantian.

Ming Yuan took the nailed nail and thought it was incredible. Wang Ye also misunderstood that Shen Tiantian helped Guoer arrange this thing. Tiantian tried his best to say that this thing was not done by himself, but he didn’t have this thing either. Way to explain. Wang Ye and Mingyuan were in the car, and then Wang Ye said that he liked Tang Guoer, so he forced Mingyuan to leave the Taekwondo Gym. Wang Ye told Mingyuan about the combination of the two companies, and then who did not want the two companies to be the most suspected.

Someone published Guoer and Mingyuan in the media, and then Wang Ye concluded that this matter was not done every day, and every day would not be so heartless, and then every day did not have such a large network of contacts. The reporters chased Li Manli for questions and answers, and now there is no way to seal Guo’er’s identity on social media. Li Manli is not worried about this now, but is afraid that Zhao Lange will find a shadow designer, so Guoer will have no way to gain a foothold in the future.

After Guoer found, Li Manli hurriedly called her to see herself, but Guoer was not here but at Shen Tiantian’s house. Secretary Wu called Shen Tiantian to find out. So Li Manli and Secretary Wu planned to go to Sang Rong’s house. Sang Rong revealed this incident and asked him to lead Ming Yuan over. At this time, Li Manli came over and heard the conversation between the two and learned the development of the matter, but Sang Rong was not responsible for the clown and flowers. Tian Tian infers that this person must know the identity of Tian Tian and Guo’er.

After listening to the dialogue, Li Manli came out, and then called Secretary Wu to call the doctor. Li Manli called out Shen Tiantian and planned to take care of Guo’er by herself. Wang Ye came to ask the company if he had a rival, and then the company employees thought he was about to quit, and informed Wang Ye that the company’s rival was Zhao Lange, and the company’s employees said so, but Wang Ye didn’t think it should. Zhao Mingyuan was his son.

Zhao Lange talked to Zhao Mingyuan about Mingyuan and Tang Guoer, but Mingyuan felt that Zhao Lange had done a little too much in this matter, and Zhao Mingyuan was not Zhao Lange’s biological son. Mingyuan knew that he was not qualified to negotiate terms with Zhao Lange, and then he told Zhao Lange that he planned to go out and live for a while. Tiantian also talked about this with Li Manli. Li Manli threatened Shen Tiantian and Zhao Mingyuan to sever the relationship and not reveal their identity as a shadow designer.

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