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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 6 Recap

Mingyuan came back, and the housekeeper told Mingyuan that Mr. Zhao’s situation is now the easiest to get angry. Mr. Zhao asked Mr. Mingyuan how he was thinking about it, and then Mr. Mingyuan told Mr. Zhao that he had brought a girlfriend. It was Mr. Zhao’s decision whether or not to meet him. Then Mr. Zhao planned to meet him. At this time Guoer was in the car thinking about how to impress Mr. Zhao and let Mingyuan stay with him. After Guoer came to see Mr. Zhao, Mr. Zhao refused.

Fortunately, Guoer insisted on staying with Mingyuan in front of Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao asked him to make a price, and then Guoer said that he didn’t need money, and he would only pester Mingyuan with him, and then Mingyuan let Guo. Go out first. Mr. Zhao said that this little girl was eating Ding Mingyuan, and Ming Yuan also told Mr. Zhao that she couldn’t shake it off.

Mingyuan planned to take Guo’er away, and then Mr. Zhao saw a lot through the camera. While in the car, Mingyuan thanked Guoer for working overtime with his girlfriend, and then told Guoer that he had a favorite person. They met during the blind date, and that person was actually pretending to be Guoer Shen Tiantian . Guoer and Mingyuan took a group photo and wanted to post to Moments, but Mingyuan refused, saying that they didn’t want a third person to know.

After returning, Guoer showed Tiantian’s mother the picture together, but Tiantian’s mother recognized the man and found Mingyuan. Tian Tian’s mother called Tian Tian to ask Tian Tian to come back for dinner, and asked Tian Tian Guoer’s male god if she had seen her. Tian Tian learned that Guo’er was at her home, and then told Li Manli.

Sang Rong talked to Guo’er about the male god of Guoer, and learned that Guoer didn’t know Zhao Mingyuan , and then planned to let Guoer hide the photo without letting him see it every day. Then Guoer agreed. It is to marry Tiantian to Zhao Mingyuan. Mr. Zhao learned about Shen Tiantian’s identity from Li Manli’s undercover status, and then planned to win over Wang Ye and went to Wang Ye’s home to thank him. He learned that he is his long-lost child, but the two have not yet recognized each other.

Li Manli lost her temper in the company. She wanted the design department and Tiantian to check and balance each other, and then she planned to stare at Shen Tiantian, feeling that Shen Tiantian still couldn’t forget Zhao Mingyuan.

That day, Mingyuan brought Guoer, who was pretending to be Tiantian, to his house and met Mr. Zhao. Then Mr. Zhao planned to cook and cook for himself. Mingyuan was worried that Mr. Zhao’s health would be bad, and Guoer planned to help. But Mr. Zhao simply refused. After Mr. Zhao made the meal, Guoer always praised Mr. Zhao for the delicious food, and also talked about the things he had known before Mingyuan. After leaving the house, Mingyuan changed people.

Then Mingyuan asked her what she wanted, and finally Mingyuan agreed to accompany Guoer to the movies. In fact, Mr. Zhao already knew Guoer’s true identity, and then planned to let Tang Guoer be with his fake prince, and also planned to quickly get Wang Ye back from Li Manli’s body.

Tian Tian and Sang Rong went to the grave to pay homage to their father, and then every day they confided their feelings for Zhao Mingyuan at the grave. She didn’t know what to do now. Zhao Mingyuan originally planned to go to the movie with Guoer, but Sang Rong used Tiantian’s cell phone to call Zhao Mingyuan, pretending to drove him into Tian Tian. Then Zhao Mingyuan anxiously went to find Tiantian, but Guoer never waited for Zhao Mingyuan in the cinema. After Sang Rong left, he drew off Xiao Qi with the help of still having something to say, and came back.

Calling Guoer every day, she learned that her male god had released her pigeons, and then told her where she was, and Guoer planned to go there together. After Zhao Mingyuan arrived, Sang Rong punctured Zhao Mingyuan’s tire. Mr. Zhao arranged for his subordinates to surprise the real Guoer and planned to let the two people cook mature rice, and successfully took Guoer away. Then Zhao Mingyuan saw Tiantian and learned that Tiantian was fine, that someone was playing a prank on Gao, and turned away. Guoer arrived at the agreed hotel location

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