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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 5 Recap

Wang Ye followed Lisa to eat Mala Tang. Lisa ate very happily and then chatted with Wang Ye about his family. He talked about the taekwondo coach Mingyuan, and then he showed Wang Ye a few people. Pictured. After Wang Ye learned of the situation, he felt that Guoer had played a big game, but Wang Ye didn’t plan to tell Guoer about this. Wang Ye went to the Taekwondo Gym and found Mingyu pretending that Tiantian played by Guoer was his goddess, indicating that Yu was a liar, and then threatened Mingyu to leave Taoist Temple.

Wang Ye knew the identity of Zhao Mingyu and threatened Zhao Mingyu to kick him, but he still agreed to Wang Ye. Guoer couldn’t find Zhao Mingyu and then came to Wang Ye for help. Then Wang Ye didn’t seem to help Guoer find someone, but he persuaded Guoer not to look for it. But Guoer was very determined, so Wang Ye planned to find a way to stop Guoer.

Wang Ye sent the courier to the company, and then came to get the courier every day, mocking every day. Henry came to the Li Group today. Wang Ye knew the news of Henry’s bankruptcy and felt that Henry was here to cheat money and intend to expose Henry. He deliberately made trouble, betting that Henry would sign the contract decisively, but Henry really signed the contract.

Li Manli found something strange and found Wang Ye. Wang Ye bet her that she would dare to let herself go and then she would come to see herself again later. Tian Tian was sorting out the messed up clothes, but Jessica came to ask for trouble and threatened to apologize to Jessica Tian Tian. In the end, Jessica asked to restore these clothes for five minutes every day, and he hesitated every day, then Wang Yexin remembered to restore all the models to their original state.

Wang Ye was carrying the courier, and then he was scolded by the team leader and said that he would let Wang Ye go. As a result, Wang Ye received a call from Secretary Wu, so Wang Ye quit and went to President Li’s office. President Li found out about Henry’s bankruptcy, and then Wang Ye also told President Li about Henry, and also said that he liked Tang Guoer and no one was allowed to hurt her. President Li came to Vivian and asked if she was instructed by Zhao Lange .

Then Wang Ye stopped Vivian and learned that Zhao gave him money, then took the money Zhao gave him and recorded it. Sound and video. Manager Li was very happy and let Wang Ye be the head of the public relations department. Wang Ye remembered the information very well.

Zhao decided to release his core technology, and then announced that his material is not reflective fabric. Mr. Zhao talked with Mr. Li and learned that Vivian had handed the money to Mr. Li. He fainted angrily. Wang Ye sent Mr. Zhao to the hospital and lost his own blood. What’s more, Mr. Zhao’s blood was lost. Anastomosis of blood type.

After learning that Wang Ye had saved him and became Li Manli’s supervisor, he planned to send Wang Ye money to thank him and investigate Wang Ye’s identity. The doctor informed Mr. Zhao that he was suffering from advanced gastric cancer, which may be caused by fatigue. Li’s capital flow has problems, one is Henry’s matter, and the other is the accumulation of reflective fabrics. After Wang Ye rescued Zhao Lange and came back, he reported the news. As a result, President Li was very angry and let him go, which made Wang Ye very angry.

Wang Ye came over to find Tiantian, and then wanted to tell Tiantian one thing, which was about Zhao Lange. Tian Tian said that Mr. Li would not let Guo’er be with him, and then Wang Ye just hoped that Tian Tian and Mingyuan were entangled together, and he needed time to get Tang Guo’er’s heart. Guoer came to the boxing gym again. Although Mingyu was no longer a coach, he still came to Daquan, and he happened to be seen by Guoer.

Guo’er went up to say hello, but was accidentally injured while standing behind Mingyuan. After Guo’er got up, he apologized to Mingyuan for the previous incident and cried. Guoer cried and told him that he hadn’t eaten for a day in order to find him, and then he wanted to eat the taste of home. Mingyuan drove the car home and told Guoer.

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