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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 12 Recap

Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​entered the factory and found that the factory was empty. They split up, and soon found the magic wand of the fairy Xiaokou on the ground, which proved that Duo Duo had been imprisoned here. After relentless searching, they found a bag of instant noodle boxes that were moldy, and found a shopping receipt in that bag. The two were extremely excited. With this shopping receipt, they found the supermarket, and they could find out who the criminal suspect was through monitoring, and if they were lucky, they could still photograph the face of the criminal suspect.

The two were extremely excited and walked out with the evidence. Li Xuyao ​​found a row of footprints on the ground suddenly. He told Jono to leave first with evidence. Go after that person by yourself.

Qiao Nuo came to the small supermarket and asked to check the surveillance. The supermarket staff did not cooperate. At this time, Chen Jie appeared, revealed the identity of the police, and successfully retrieved the image of the suspect and locked the suspect’s vehicle.

Li Xuyao ​​was not so lucky. Not long after he chased the man, he met that man’s gang. Those people surrounded him in groups. They did not fear his identity as a prosecutor and stretched out the hand of a demon to him. , The final loss was seriously injured. Qiao Nuo and Chen Jie wanted to meet Li Xuyao ​​after checking. But Li Xuyao’s call was never answered. Jono felt bad.

Chen Jie located the suspect’s vehicle through his colleagues. When they rushed there, they found that Li Xuyao ​​had been beaten and seriously injured and unconscious. Qiao Nuo held Li Xuyao’s head and shed tears in distress. Li Xuyao ​​was sent to the hospital for treatment. Qiao Nuo was by his side to accompany him, Fan Jiayi rushed over when he got the news and watched Fan Jiayi caring for Li Xuyao. Jono was like an outsider, she felt a little uncomfortable, so she left first.

Chen Jie caught several young men who had beaten Li Xuyao. At first, the three of them didn’t confess. Under Chen Jie’s superb interrogation skills, the three of them finally confessed, and Duoduo was locked up in the quarry. Chen Jie immediately took the suspect and the police to the quarry to rescue Duoduo, but he was still a step too late and Duoduo was taken away.

Boss Xia knew that he was in a crisis and asked Cheng Zilin for help. Cheng Zilin’s boss was not Boss Xia at all. He didn’t care about Boss Xia’s life or death. He left Boss Xia with a kit and left.

Wei Yutai missed Fan Jiayi, but because of no chance, he was in a bad mood. He suddenly learned that Cheng Zilin, a well-known lawyer, didn’t say a word during the trial. He was surprised because Cheng Zilin has never failed in the legal profession. When he heard that it was Fan Jiayi’s gossip boyfriend Li Xuyao ​​who was playing against Cheng Zilin, Wei Yutai was immediately excited. He immediately went to Fang Jian, talked about it, and persuaded Fang Jian to let him be a defense lawyer.

The clever Wei Yutai guessed almost everything, so he asked Cheng Zilin to make a routine. Cheng Zilin was very vigilant, Wei Yutai didn’t ask anything, but from Cheng Zilin’s actions, Wei Yutai was able to confirm that Cheng Zilin must know the truth. Wei Yutai called Chen Jie and asked Chen Jie to bring someone to the Wyndham Hotel to control Cheng Zilin, but the old fox Cheng Zilin had already left. Chen Jie immediately went to the airport to intercept, but there was no record of Cheng Zilin’s situation. Wei Yutai guessed that he was probably in a situation with a fake passport.

Li Xuyao ​​woke up, saw Fan Jiayi taking care of him, and asked Qiao Nuo. Fan Jiayi replied that Qiao Nuo had left. Li Xuyao ​​thought that Qiao Nuo was going to work. In fact, he didn’t know that Yang Boqing was worried because Qiao Nuo hadn’t gone to work yet. Zhao Peng called Qiao Nuo and always shut down. At this time, Jono had been kidnapped and was in danger.

Li Xuyao ​​and Fan Jiayi analyzed the case and guessed that the boss Xia was probably Xia Mingqi, a pivotal figure in Jianan City, and Fan Jiayi decided to investigate in person. Fan Jiayi went home and told her parents that she was going to have a blind date.

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