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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 6 Recap

Ling Rui’s loud and loud words made Lu Yiyao clenched his fists and walked into the room with the hot milk. Recalling Lu Yiyao mentioned the unknown story in Lu Fangning’s heart, Ling Rui stared at Lu Fangning’s sleep Yan, silent for a long time.

Cai Siyu was distressed in front of the computer. It turned out that Cai Siyu, who was granted exclusive permission by Lu Fangning to enter the wedding scene to report, accidentally recorded Lu Fangning and Ling Rui’s mention of their contract marriage. I can’t believe the reality and write down the facts, but on the other side, he has to face pressure from the boss. Cai Siyu wants to break his head.

The next day, Lu Fangning, who was awake, was entangled with the failure of his plan again and again, and was about to use the attack again every minute, every second, Lu Fangning unlocked his zipper and asked Ling Rui for help. But who knows that Ling Rui ran into the busiest time of the hospital, saying that he had to work overtime a week and would not be able to come back to sleep at night. The bad news hit, Lu Fangning’s plan to have a child encountered unprecedented obstacles.

When he came to the company for inspection, Cai Siyu caught up with Lu Fangning’s back, and was about to take advantage of the crowd to get through. Cai Siyu accidentally grabbed Lu Yiyao by the collar, the two fell to the ground, Cai Siyu even accidentally kissed On Lu Yiyao’s earlobe. Cai Siyu, who hurried away, accidentally dropped her recorder. When thinking about it, Cai Siyu seemed to find it difficult to enter this big company again…

Lu Yiyao and Lu Fangning stood in the elevator. Lu Yiyao picked up the recorder in his hand and clicked on the play button. Hearing his own voice, Lu Fangning avoided the recorder vigilantly. Yiyao explained that he met Cai Siyu and planned to return the object. In fact, Lu Fangning quickly called Cai Siyu. The two sat in the coffee shop, and the momentum of negotiation reappeared.

Lu Fangning said that he had destroyed all the recording files, but Cai Siyu in front of him was still a trouble. I wanted to blackmail Lu Fangning, but he was moved by Lu Fangning’s work plan. Seeing Lu Fangning’s domineering president and uncompromising momentum, Cai Siyu quickly abandoned the secret and chose to join the Luming Group.

The colleague watched Ling Rui take off the wedding ring and asked about the identity of the mysterious wife, but Ling Rui was silent, saying that the situation of her partner was special, so she concealed everything.

Tang Pingping was very restless at home. Tang Dong watched that his daughter was about to have another attack. Tang Dong said that there was a problem with the results of his hospital examination. At this time, the wayward Tang Pingping settled down and ran to the hospital to find Ling Rui, begging Ling Rui to perform surgery on her father as soon as possible. With Ling Rui’s verbal assurance, Tang Pingping left with confidence, full of worship.

At the dining table of the Lu family, Lu Wenbin asked Ling Rui’s orientation. Lu Fangning could only explain that Ling Rui was busy with work, but it happened that Ling Rui arrived at the scene again.

The persona that was supposed to be a sweet couple was broken by the fact that the confessions of the two people were inconsistent. Lu Wenbin, who had planned to say a few more words, also fell silent for a moment. Lu Fangning was also secretly angry and watched Ling Rui leave.

Tang Pingping bought a bunch of gifts, saying that she wanted to treat the hospital staff, but she still missed the one in her heart. The colleagues on the side had already known Tang Pingping’s appearance several times, and she also specially helped Ling Rui to stay The heart-shaped bread prepared by Tang Pingping…

Lu Fangning struggled with Ling Rui’s delay in returning home. Lu Fangyu blew the wind on the side and proposed a way for Lu Fangning to take the initiative to grab Ling Rui back. Although he refused, Lu Fangning still dressed up and prepared to take Ling Rui home. But when he arrived at the hospital, Lu Fangning saw Tang Pingping.

Under the quarrel between the two, Tang Pingping deliberately irritated Lu Fangning, saying that Ling Rui’s hiding the wedding ring was just for a better separation in the future. Lu Fangning, who should have been calm, was still stimulated by these few words. He came to the office and saw the new cake on the table.

He turned to see Ling Rui coming, and his fingers were empty. Lu Fang, who had been treated indifferently for several days Ning broke out at once, righteously accused Ling Rui, and then walked away. Ling Rui couldn’t help wondering whether his “haven” plan was too rigid under Lu Fangning’s aggressive words.

Cai Siyu, who worked on the first day, kicked the iron plate again. A cup of coffee poured Lu Yiyao from head to toe. Lu Yiyao was speechless. Thanks to Lu Fangning passing by, he lost another one. Monthly bonus. Cai Siyu from Xinrencun came to the planning department.

As the team leader, Lin Qi couldn’t help but start ideological education for Cai Siyu. By the way, let Cai Siyu popularize Lu Yiyao’s life experience, including Lu Yiyao’s life experience and the fiancee who broke up suddenly.

Who knows that at this time, Lu Yiyao quietly came to Cai Siyu’s back and stared at Lynch who was endless. Lin Qi knew that he was wrong, and quickly closed his mouth, but Cai Siyu heard Xing’s head and couldn’t help asking, but when he heard Lu Yiyao’s voice, he remembered from behind. She was in a hurry. When Cai Siyu turned around, he gave Lu Yiyao again Splashed all over…

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