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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 5 Recap

Lu Fangning watched Ling Rui intimately rubbing his ankle, and couldn’t help thinking about it. When I recovered, I started to implement the recommendations of the “Newlyweds Guide” sent by my sister-in-law, and decided to start with alcohol. When he took out the wine glass, Ling Rui didn’t catch Lu Fangning’s trap.

Using himself as a bait, Ling Rui couldn’t bear Lu Fangning’s stomach problem but still drinking violently, so Ling Rui grabbed Lu Fangning’s wine glass. After three rounds of drinking, Ling Rui was drunk and unconscious, muttering the medical terms. Struggling with the most basic ethics, Lu Fangning finally let go of Ling Rui’s clothes buttons…

Wake up early in the morning, Ling Rui lay on the bed in plain clothes, and their newly married life officially began. As soon as they left the house, the two interlocked their fingers. Before Lu Fangning’s smile lasted long, he saw his uncle Lu Yiyao, and Ling Rui watched his wife run into the arms of a handsome young man. Seeing Lu Yiyao and Lu Fangning’s kind actions, Ling Rui’s heart was full of doubts and dissatisfaction.

Listening to Lu Fangning’s introduction of Lu Yiyao’s life experience, Lu Yiyao was adopted, and he was a childhood sweetheart with Lu Fangning. Listening to Lu Fangning’s joyful tone, Ling Rui couldn’t help being jealous. He insisted on proposing to Lu Fangning his personal design for the illusion of their newly-married couple: loving couple.

Lu Fangning’s stepmother and Lu Fangyu’s birth mother, Yang Yi, walked into Lu Fangyu’s room. Even though Lu Fangyu focused on ballet, Yang Yi still imagined that his son Lu Fangyu would take over from Lu Fangning’s hands. The company is thinking about everything.

The family came to the dinner table. Lu Yiyao and Ling Rui were sitting beside Lu Fangning, but at this time Lu Fangning was just chatting with Lu Yiyao who had just returned. At this time, Yang Yi encouraged Ling Rui and Lu Fangning to prepare for the baby. Seeing the trick, Lu Fangning took the conversation. Lu Yiyao looked at the close interaction between Ling Rui and Lu Fangning, and couldn’t help feeling frustrated. Two men who had only met for a few hours were secretly competing.

When they came to the beach, Lu Fangning and Ling Rui talked about their plans. Lu Yiyao proposed to retell the past and inserted into Lu Fangning’s side. Ling Rui said that he gave the opportunity to retell the past for the two, but watched the two approaching. In the figure, Ling Rui transformed into a huge vinegar altar, and quickly turned on the water spray device, causing the two to encounter a torrential rain. Ling Rui also took the opportunity to appear and took Lu Fangning into his arms. Lu Yiyao saw Ling Rui secretly serious He was not ready to entangle again, and bowed his head and left after a simple goodbye.

When the night came, Lu Fangning lit up the aromatherapy and sprayed perfume. In order to seduce Ling Rui to the bed, Lu Fangning could say that he had tried his best. But Ling Rui insisted on not entering the oil and salt, holding the pillow and bedding on the floor, no matter how Lu Fangning messed around, Ling Rui remained unmoved. Thinking of the precious guide to happiness after marriage, Lu Fangning was ready to take the initiative, and rolled onto the floor when he turned over, but who knows how to play high, Ling Rui quickly tied Lu Fangning to “five flowers” and made her use hard moves. calm.

Walking out of the room, Ling Rui met Lu Yiyao, and the two men ignited a dark fight. Lu Yiyao talked about his impression of Lu Fangning since childhood. Lu Fangning, who seems self-improving but actually fragile, is Lu Yi Yao’s character couldn’t be more clear, although he didn’t know exactly what kind of hidden relationship existed between Ling Rui and Lu Fangning. Lu Yiyao insisted on warning Ling Rui not to hurt Lu Fangning. Listening to Lu Yiyao’s hostile speech, Ling Rui was not outdone at the same time, and his tone was very firm, saying that he would never be the one to hurt Lu Fangning…

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