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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 4 Recap

Yazhi and Lu Fangyu are partners in learning ballet together. Although they have different backgrounds and other conditions, they do not prevent them from becoming good friends. After discussing the dinner that the two families would meet the next day, the two could not help discussing.

The next day, the two families met at the dinner table. Mr. Lu took the lead to speak, and the two family members were polite. Mr. Lu proposed to have a deeper understanding of Ling Rui. Ling Rui remained calm and responsive. But Lu Fangyu’s stepmother raised Ling Rui’s salary ignorantly and even mocked it. Lu Fangning, who was a bully, immediately rebutted, making the others speechless.

Tang Pingping rushed to the Lu’s house in despair and accused Lu Fangning of stealing his goal. In order to declare sovereignty, Lu Fangning hugged Ling Rui in public, and showed a passionate kiss in front of the parents, breaking all speculations at once.

Ling Rui and Lu Fangning came to the company to sign a marriage contract exclusively for the two. Although Lu Fangning’s tone and momentum were aggressive, Ling Rui did not fall behind and crossed out Lu Fangning’s rather ambiguous regulations and officially signed Give your name.

Mr. Lu came to the hospital where Ling Rui worked, and wanted to have a deeper contact with Ling Rui. From Ling Rui’s side, he understood the couple who seemed to have formed in a hurry, but Ling Rui moved with affection to understand and reason. He changed the stubborn opinion of the old president, and finally nodded in agreement.

Everything is ready, Lu Fangning’s Infinite plan has officially started voting on the board of directors. The old Lu Wenbin pushed the door in and started to listen in a sitting posture, but who knows, even so, there are not too many votes. At this time, Xiao Yingzhi stepped into the conference room and took the lead to vote for it. Seeing the situation change, the directors turned to the helm. The project was unanimously adopted. When asked about Xiao Yingzhi, Lu Fangning realized that it was in the conversation between Ling Rui and Xiao Yingzhi that she changed her mind and prepared to give the yes vote as a wedding gift.

Everything seemed to be going well, but Lu Wenbin took the opportunity to send a wedding invitation to all the directors present, preparing to hold the wedding this weekend. Frustrated with his father’s wishes, Lu Fangning was still ready to use his wedding to promote the project.

At the wedding scene, Lu Fangning dressed up in bridal attire while listening to his assistant Gao Erfan reporting the project publicity plan for the wedding. The future mother-in-law and a group of people came to present their wedding gifts. But at this time, Tang Pingping, who wanted to hit the scene, was wearing a pink gauze skirt, delusional to rush. But at this time, the reporter Cai Siyu, who saw the uneven road, grabbed Tang Pingping and prevented all accidents from happening. Waiting for Tang Dong to hurried away Tang Pingping. In the face of Cai Siyu, who shot in time, Lu Fangning opened the net and allowed the only reporter to enter.

At the beginning of the wedding, Lu Wenbin took Lu Fangning to Ling Rui’s face. The three people with mixed feelings faced each other, and Lu Wenbin passed his daughter’s hand over. Looking at Lu Fangning, who was beautiful and beautiful in front of him, Ling Rui couldn’t help feeling nervous, and finally, under the witness of everyone, the two made a lifelong promise.

At night, Lu Fangning was still dealing with the phone in the constant promotion of the project. He accidentally licked his ankle, Ling Rui looked at Lu Fangning worriedly and picked him up. Thinking of the “cheat book” sent by Ling Rui’s little aunt Aunt Yazhi, Lu Fangning quickly took advantage of the trend to show weakness and drew Ling Rui’s pity with bitterness. Watching Ling Rui take the ice pack and take care of herself gently. Lu Fangning smiled satisfied. The night is long, everything is possible…

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