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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 3 Recap

Ling Rui still couldn’t let go of Lu Fangning under various thoughts, and rushed to the door of the hotel room, anxiously urging Ling Rui to smash the door. At this time, Lu Fangning opened the door with a look of doubt, delusional. His wretched man has long been subdued by Lu Fangning, a martial artist. When the two left the hotel, Lu Fangning squatted on the ground with a stomachache, his expression in pain. Regardless of Ling Rui’s care, Lu Fangning insisted on rushing to the next meal. Running for his own music Infinite. When the final meal was over, it was already late at night, and Lu Fangning was helplessly at the door of the hotel. And Ling Rui was not so indifferent, but appeared in time with stomach medicine. In Lu Fangning’s eyes, Ling Rui can only be described as an “angel” at this time.

Ling Rui sent Lu Fangning home, suffering from stomachache, Lu Fangning rushed to the toilet and vomited in a mess. Seeing that he couldn’t bear it, Ling Rui had to cook, cook soup and porridge, and carried the unconscious Lu Fangning to the bedroom to rest. But at this time, Ling Rui saw the photos placed in Lu Fangning’s bedroom. Lu Fangning, who fell asleep in front of him, was his childhood close playmate. The fate between the two has already been more than a dozen. Ended years ago. Ling Rui looked at Lu Fangning’s face with surprise.

Put the dishes on the table, clean up the room, Ling Rui went to wake Lu Fangning again, the two came to the table, Lu Fangning praised Ling Rui’s virtue. At this time, Lu Fangning looked at him a lot. Lu Fangning turned on the phone, and the wretched man was bombarding himself with his voice. Ling Rui realized the things and determination Lu Fangning insisted on with all his best after Lu Fangning’s narration. The stubborn girl in front of her had not changed since she was a child.

Lu Fangning found a note left by Ling Rui on the kitchen table after getting up early. Although he understood that Ling Rui had literally agreed to his request, in order to provide a clean and concise personal reply, Lu Fangning came to Ling Rui’s residence to find Ling Rui, and Ling Rui, who was ashamed to speak, dragged Lu Fangning home. Witnessed by his mother, little aunt and others, Ling Rui just wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Lu Fangning’s violent style. Under Lu Fangning’s domineering speech and powerful self-introduction, everyone was moved. After rounds of discussions, the mother realized that the woman in front of her was Lu Fangning, and her son Ling Rui had dedicated his life for debt. But Ling Rui explained that he and Lu Fangning had met since childhood. Ling Rui wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about Lu Fangning and promised that he would marry Lu Fangning voluntarily. Under the tongue war, Ling Mu finally agreed.

Lu Fangning, who was finally settled, returned to the company and looked happy. But Yang Dong, the father of the wretched man, rushed to the office for his son Yang Ming. In order to cover up his son’s embarrassment, Yang Dong wanted to convince Lu Fangning with voting rights. Lu Fangning, who was helped by Ling Rui’s marriage, was no longer afraid of the threat of voting rights. A phone call called Father Lu, and afterwards he informed him of the upcoming marriage. Father Lu was afraid that his daughter would be no more than a plaything, and asked for a dinner with Ling Rui’s parents.

Ling Rui was patrolling the hospital. Under the inquiry of colleagues, Ling Rui lightly revealed that he was about to get married. Just to get married, Ling Rui had to obediently go to the pre-marital physical examination. Lu Fangning anxiously eavesdropped at the entrance of the male examination…

Ling Rui and Lu Fangning were in the car discussing tomorrow’s dinner, but even after knowing the main characters who will be playing tomorrow, Ling Rui still felt nervous.

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