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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 1 Recap

At the wedding scene, the waiters speculated about today’s bride: Lu Fangning, as the general manager of Luming Group, Lu Jia’s daughter. His vigorous and resolute behavior has attracted people to speculate, who will embrace such an impossibly perfect bride? Walking through the white promenade, Lu Fangning wore a white wedding dress and dignifiedly walked towards the opposite figure. When Ling Rui and Lu Fangning stood side by side, Lu Fangning was really different from ordinary people and pulled Ling Rui into his arms to the guests. A loud declaration of sovereignty…

Two weeks ago, Lu Fangning came to the company for inspections, arranged work in an orderly manner, and strictly disciplined his brother Lu Fangyu’s misuse of money and borrowing money. But Mr. Lu still urged his daughter to go on a blind date. Regardless of his father’s suggestion, Lu Fangning came to the board of directors.

The directors were dissatisfied with the young Lu Fangning’s authority, but at the same time Lu Fangning could not understand the old stubborn gang, but the Infinite project he valued was stuck in In order to canvass votes, Lu Fangning brought an assistant to visit one of the directors who had just given birth to a child: Xiao Yingzhi, but before Xiao Yingzhi waited for Lu Fangning to start persuading, he said that he would not vote for it. ticket. Lu Fangning dismissed Xiao Yingzhi’s childbirth and a complete life, but Xiao Yingzhi smiled and let Lu Fangning try to live in the same room with his children.

Lu Fangning, who received a baby up close for the first time, was beaten by the child’s immature cry. Lu Fangning was so confused that Lu Fangning was at a loss, the doctor Ling Rui walked in and slowly picked up the baby, gently coaxing him, the baby had been crying and crying so that he smiled after seeing Ling Rui’s face. In order to coax the child, the two closely watched the child together, and this scene was filmed by Xiao Yingzhi. Seeing his mother came, Lu Fangning threw down a bank card and left, not giving Xiao Yingzhi a chance to speak.

While continuing the call, while walking in the hospital, Lu Fangning walked to Ling Rui’s office and saw Ling Rui’s dressing scene. Ling Rui felt very miraculous about the woman staring at him intently. Not only did Lu Fangning not avoid suspicion, he even reminded Ling Rui with interest to continue. He planned to question Lu Fangning, but who knew that at this time, a colleague came to Ling Rui’s office with documents. In a hurry, Ling Rui and Lu Fangning Hiding behind the dressing curtain, I wanted to make a joke with Ling Rui.

As soon as I opened the curtain, my colleagues saw the disheveled Ling Rui and the beautiful and beautiful Lu Fangning. Seeing his colleague running away hurriedly, Ling Rui was very shy, but Lu Fangning had been generous to express to Ling Rui that he wanted to get acquainted with him, and actively asked for contact information. The honest and serious Ling Rui just advised Lu Fangning to be careful next time in case he meets someone with a heart. He promised, but Lu Fangning had a thought in his mind after all.

After leaving the hospital, Lu Fangning went to see his father. The relationship with his father was at odds. Lu Fangning quarreled with his father about the marriage. His father ordered Lu Fangning to deny the Infinite plan within one year. Get married and have children. Contradiction with his father, strangeness with his stepmother, and his younger brother’s unwillingness, Lu Fangning, who went home alone, did not live in a perfect castle.

The dim light from the microwave showed Lu Fangning’s loneliness alone. Sitting slumped on the sofa gnawing potato chips. Thinking back to his father’s words, Lu Fangning was a little unhappy. At this time, the assistant Gao Erfan called and informed that his father had really suspended his efforts, and Lu Fangning completely collapsed on the sofa. The household brand he wanted to create couldn’t just fall down. Lu Fangning gritted his teeth and picked up the phone and angrily called his father. Although he accepted his father’s request, he still would not choose to bow to fate.

While fiercely exercising, while screening his blind date list, the perfectionist Lu Fangning blindly refused, and never decided on a candidate. The live broadcast “Xiao Pingping” came to the taekwondo practice field. In order to show the live broadcast fans his training results, but was helpless by the absence of the coach, “Xiao Pingping” was forced to train with Lu Fangning. Looking at the superwoman in front of her, Xiao Pingping was brought down in a second. Tang Pingping, who was thrown over her shoulder again, cried out in a second, begging Lu Fangning to send herself to the hospital. She was helpless because she was a director daughter. Lu Fangning was unwilling to think about it.

The director of the hospital, Ling Rui, was his ideal marriage partner. Lu Fangning drove Tang Pingping to the hospital. As soon as Tang Pingping arrived at the hospital, she started to make a big noise, which attracted Ling Rui’s attention. Ling Rui, who seriously stopped Tang Pingping’s unreasonable behavior, once again attracted Lu Fangning’s attention, but Ling Rui, who worked hard, did not notice Lu Fangning again. Fang Ning was originally the two who were about to stagger, but Ling Rui suddenly noticed the wound on Lu Fangning’s neck that was scratched by Tang Pingping. Lu Fang, who was selling bitter meat, would rather go back to Ling Rui’s office and apply medicine.

After that, Lu Fangning asked Ling Rui’s marital status as soon as he spoke. After another inexplicable conversation, Ling Rui felt that the woman in front of him was sudden, but the confident Lu Fangning ignored Ling Rui’s doubtful expression and mouthful of rejection, and said goodbye to Ling Rui with a smile on his face. After leaving the office, he turned his head and ordered his assistant, Gao Erfan, to find out Ling Rui’s family background. It seemed that no matter what, Ling Rui could not fly out of the net laid by Lu Fangning.

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