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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 35 Recap

The opinions of Shusan and his party have always been inconsistent. Finally, they thought of a way to slow down. First, use the wedding to keep Li Qiang and drag him. Hu Meihua was about to prepare for the wedding. She brought Chen Wal and asked Chen Wal to help her refer to the wedding dress. She persuaded Chen Wal to let Wal come to her wedding, and Li Qiang would also attend.

The station master came to Chen Wa’er’s home. He asked Chen Wa’er to go back to work, but Chen Wa’er refused the station master. She was divorced and had no intention of working. The stationmaster tried to persuade Chen Wa’er to no avail. He left with the fruit basket, but met Li Qiang at the door. He asked Li Qiang to persuade Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er always drink like this is not the way, he is afraid that Chen Wa’er will experience it. Drinking, Li Qiang knows that none of these problems can trouble Chen Wal, and he also knows that Chen Wal’s heart is bitter. Although he and Wal are divorced, he has a job and income, and can afford the children to go to school and support. I got Chen Wal and her mother.

Shusan and his party kept persuading Li Qiang to know how long it would take Li Qiang to let go of Aunt Jin’s death. This matter was a barrier between the two. Li Qiang only asked them not to intervene in this matter. , Both he and Chen Wal need enough time. Hearing Li Qiang’s words, Shu Sanbiaozi decided to postpone the marriage date. Chen Wa’er on the other side didn’t get well either. She had been using wine to dissipate her sorrows. Hu Meihua felt sorry for Chen Wa’er. Without Li Qiang’s company, Chen Wa’er only thought that she could not survive this level.

Li Qiang decided to go to work in Shenzhen. Hu Meihua came to retain Li Qiang. Li Qiang had decided to leave. Hu Meihua couldn’t stop Li Qiang, so he had to hand over the photos of Wu Xikai’s washing to Li Qiang. These pictures witnessed Li Qiang and Chen Wail. Bit by bit along the way. If Li Qiang wants to go to Shenzhen, it means that he and Wa’er are completely separated. Wu Xikai, Shusan and Biaozi come to the company to find Yang Feiyan, and let Yang Feiyan let Li Qiang go. Li Qiang is not suitable for going to Shenzhen at all. Li Qiang himself asked to go to Shenzhen. Secondly, Chen Wal also supported Li Qiang to go to Shenzhen. The three of them had no position to stop him.

Chen Wa’er invited Yang Feiyan to dinner. She drank too much and urged Yang Feiyan to treat Li Qiang well. Seeing Chen Wal’s appearance, Yang Feiyan asked Chen Wal to leave Li Qiang. Even if Li Qiang went to Shenzhen now, he would not be assured that Chen Wal could not work well. In order to let Li Qiang go to Shenzhen, Chen Wail promised that she would never drink again from tomorrow. Only when Li Qiang went to Shenzhen could he be happy.

The next day, Chen Wa’er woke up and found out that there was money hidden in the little bear toy that Yang Feiyan gave yesterday. She accepted the little bear, but she couldn’t collect the money. She only brought the summer to pay it back and thanked Yang Feiyan. Before she and Xia came, Li Qiang had already refused to go to Shenzhen. He couldn’t do without this yard and this family. The two said goodbye to Yang Feiyan, and the family of three went home together holding hands.

Chen Wa’er quit her job at the station. She wanted to open a restaurant. Li Qiang worked hard at home to practice cooking. Wu Xikai took Chen Wa’er over to see the store.

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