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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 34 Recap

Everyone at the class reunion brought together Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er, taking them as the role models for the immortal couple, and wanted them to be witnesses for this collective wedding. Amidst the roar of the crowd, the two of them laughed and took a photo together. Just as the crowd forced them to drink and kiss each other, the two overturned the table. The immortal couple and a pair of biren were divorced.

Li Qiang has always lived in Biaosan’s house, and Biaosan still has a girlfriend. He is so miserable that Li Qiang will remarry with Wal. Li Qiang is determined not to remarry. Biaosan had to persuade Li Qiang to live with other people’s homes. When the rat heard that Li Qiang was coming to live in his own home, he firmly opposed it. Wu Xikai also avoided Li Qiang and let Li Qiang go home.

Chen Wa’er prepared breakfast for Uncle Jin. Uncle Jin was a bit lonely and authentic, and it has been a long time since Walter called his dad. Chen Wa’er kept calling Uncle Jin. She promised Uncle Jin that even if she was separated from Li Qiang, Jin The uncle is still her father. On the other hand, I fed Aunt Chen to dinner in the summer, and Aunt Chen overturned her rice bowl. Chen Wa’er mistakenly thought it was overturned by the summer. Xia Xia uttered an explanation.

Uncle Zhou heard the voice coming. He looked at Chen W’er’s battle and mistakenly thought that Chen W’er was beating the child. He mentioned Li Qiang, and Chen W’er was not angry and let him Several people don’t mention Li Qiang anymore. If they think Aunt Chen is bothersome, just tie her to a chair with a rope. Li Qiang can take care of it, and she can take care of it.

Mouse three, Biaozi and Wu Xikai have been discussing where Li Qiang lives. The three of them now have girlfriends. They don’t want to stay with Li Qiang. Li Qiang also knows what the three of them mean. Seeing Li Qiang like this, Biaozi decided to pay and let Mouse San rent a house for Li Qiang. At this moment, Yang Feiyan called Li Qiang. She thought that Li Qiang now needs a new exit and a new direction. He must go out and cannot continue to be so decadent. Li Qiang understands all the truths, but he has been unable to overcome this obstacle. Yang Feiyan mentioned the critical stage of the company and wanted Li Qiang to go to Shenzhen with her. Although Li Qiang divorced Wa’er, he still had no way to go with Yang Feiyan, even if he needed a job now.

Uncle Jin and the Zhou family have been thinking about Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er. The three of them are not willing to divorce the young couple. Uncle Jin knows that Li Qiang has been spoiled since childhood, and the writing is not good. They can only come to martial arts. Although the two were divorced, the life of the two of them was not easy. Li Qiang knew that he had no home, and he also believed that he had made all of this now. The promise he made to Wal was not fulfilled, and he was not worthy of having a home. Only worthy of wandering on this street, and Val was empty in his heart, always using wine to dissipate his sorrows.

The three old people in the yard called Biaozi, and wanted Biaozi to frighten Li Qiang, so that Li Qiang could remarry. After Biaozi responded, Uncle Zhou planned to take out the good wines he had collected for many years to hold a group wedding for them, but discovered that these wines had been stolen by Wal. Ward used alcohol to dissipate her sorrows, and told everyone about her sufferings through drunkenness. She lived a bitter life. She was surrounded by men who loved her. She treated her like her own daughter’s parents-in-law and helped her uncle and mother everywhere, but she But he killed his mother-in-law. It was Li Qiang’s mother, and her granddaughter’s grandmother. She didn’t deserve everyone’s love.

Yang Feiyan found Chen Wal, she wanted Chen Wal to promise Li Qiang to go to work in her company, Chen Wal only said that she had nothing to do with Li Qiang, but she knew that Li Qiang was fragile, so she asked Yang Feiyan to help Li Qiang, Yang Feiyan is the only one who can help Li Qiang at the moment. In order to get Li Qiang to go to work with Yang Feiyan, Chen Wal also took out the can ring that Li Qiang gave her and gave the ring to Yang Feiyan.

Li Qiang was tied up by Biaozi and his group and threw it to the gate of the courtyard. As soon as Li Qiang entered the door, he saw Yang Feiyan. Yang Feiyan said that she had just returned the drunk Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er told her a lot and also supported Li Qiang. Go to her to work. Taking out the can ring given by Chen Wa’er, Yang Feiyan asked Li Qiang to cherish it, so that he could fight for a lifetime. Li Qiang was like Chen Wa’er’s tone. After Yang Feiyan left, Li Qiang went home to cook a meal for the drunk Chen Wa’er, and also made breakfast for her and Xia Xia.

Mouse San and Biaozi and the others learned that Yang Feiyan had given Li Qiangyi a job again. The men of them all agreed with Li Qiang to go out and wander around, but Hu Meihua firmly disagreed. Without Yang Feiyan, there would be no things that happened between the two of them.

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