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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 27 Recap

In the car, Su Wenqian kept silent. Section Chief Cao said that there was a power outage in the cinema yesterday afternoon, and it was impossible for him and Chi Tiecheng to meet in the cinema. After thinking about it, Qin Henian decided to go to the dock and arrived before four o’clock. On the school bus, Li Beicao suddenly took out a beautiful Snow White dress and gave it to Xiaoxue, who happily accepted it. Su Wenqian admitted that he had lied. The place where he and Chi Tiecheng met was not a movie theater, but it didn’t matter where he was.

There was no concealment of matters related to the case, but Section Chief Cao refused to listen. On the other side, Chi Tiecheng entered the sewer. Section Chief Cao didn’t understand what to conceal at the meeting place, and asked Su Wenqian why he was in a bad mood, and whether the concealed matter would involve Yin Qiansu’s security work. Su Wenqian was a little angry, but said that he did not hide anything related to the case.

The dock was under martial law, and the director and others safely escorted Yin Qiansu out of the car. Xiaoxue put her skirt on the outside, but felt that the clothes were a little heavy. Li Beifa said that there were gifts specially prepared for her inside. Li Beidi continued to drive. This time the car drove like crazy and completely ignored the pedestrians and entered the pier with mental disabilities.

Li Beidi jumped and escaped before the car hit the pier. The children were all crying. Qin Zishu patted the car door helplessly for help. Chi Tiecheng changed into a diving suit and swam into the dock. The waterfront within three kilometers of the pier was under martial law, and the guns of Chitiecheng surfaced on the water.

When Su Wenqian learned that Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu were in the car, he ran over and Qin Zishu also went. The director asked Section Chief Cao to save the child, and the rest would protect Yin Qiansu. When Qin Henian rushed to the dock, he saw a mess, and asked the adjutant to go down and take a look. As soon as Qin Zishu was about to open the door, he was stopped by Section Chief Cao. There was a bomb in the car, and Xiao Xue was even strapped to him. Only six minutes after the bomb exploded, Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling sent the other children up from the roof of the car.

Su Wenqian carefully dismantled the bomb, but finally succeeded. Qin Henian was anxious to find that Xiaoxue’s school bus had a problem, and was stopped by the police outside. Qin Zishu quickly responded when he heard Qin Henian’s cry, and asked Xiaoxue to call her grandfather, but Qin Henian refused to leave. The children were all rescued, and Xiaoxue was the first to pounce on Qin Henian. Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling were still studying the bomb in the car. The time of the explosion was getting closer and sweaty on their foreheads. Ouyang Xiangling took Su Wenqian’s hand, and the two closed their eyes. At this moment, they had decided to die generously.

However, when the time was up, the explosion did not happen, and a pocket watch popped up on the car with a note saying the cooperation was successful. Su Wenqian realized that Chi Tiecheng was likely to assassinate Yin Qiansu from the water and ran to the shore, but it was too late. Chi Tiecheng quietly poked his head out of the water and accurately aimed at Yin Qiansu, Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling ran over and only saw his body. Su Wenqian reacted and hurried into the sewer, and Ouyang Xiangling also followed.

In the dark sewer, Su Wenqian and others took their guns forward. Su Wenqian found the things left by Chi Tiecheng and left Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao outside, leaving only a sorry sentence. When Qin Henian saw Yin Qiansu’s corpse, he couldn’t help crying, and regretted that he put the autograph letter beside him. Upon hearing the news of Yin Qiansu’s death, Mayor Wen sobbed. Tang Siyuan couldn’t help but cursed secretly without waiting for Yin Qiansu’s contact. The director called for an hour and Tang Siyuan did not receive any news. They could not tell him the news of Yin Qiansu’s death, nor could they explain.

Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao returned to the bureau. They did not find the murderer. They searched the entire sewer and only found the gun left by Su Wenqian. The note left by Chi Tiecheng made them naturally feel that today’s bureau was made by Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian together. The director wanted to issue a wanted order for Su Wenqian.

Ouyang Xiangling quickly retorted. Chi Tiecheng left this in full view. Zhang’s note is obviously suspicious. She believes that Su Wenqian did not tell lies, and that what he said before Yang Zhiliang’s grave is absolutely impossible to be fake. These days Su Wenqian is also helping them sincerely. But the director felt that everything must pay attention to evidence. Ouyang Xiangling argued for reasons.

Now all the evidence points to Su Wenqian, but only she and Su Wenqian were in the car at the time of the case. He looked at death when the fake bomb counted down to the last second. Can’t pretend! Section Chief Cao also thought that Su Wenqian might really have some difficulties, and he did not agree to issue a wanted order. The director still compromised and asked Ouyang Xiangling to find Su Wenqian within twelve hours, otherwise he would issue a wanted order.

Su Wenqian climbed up from the river, with the photo of the cicada still on him. Thinking of Yin Qiansu’s death, Su Wenqian was very sad. The staff of the Food Rescue Agency found the old man and said that in order to solve the food shortage, they had found a batch of grain from outside, and they had come to send relief grain.

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