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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 26 Recap

Su Wenqian continued to fabricate lies, saying that Chi Tiecheng was also unable to change everything, and asked Qin Zishu to treat it rationally. Qin Zishu tears his eyes, Su Wenqian said in the letter that he hoped that he would take care of Xiaoxue, and that he had already regarded Xiaoxue as his own daughter, and that he would take good care of her and accompany her in the future, and make every effort to do what his father should do. Qin Zishu brought the letter and asked Su Wenqian if it was true.

Su Wenqian’s answer was of course true. Qin Zishu suddenly broke out and tore up the letter. She knew better than anyone that all of this was fake. She thought that Chi Tiecheng had a new family, and drove Su Wenqian out in a fit of anger. Su Wenqian didn’t understand what happened to Qin Zishu, and what was going on with her reaction.

Chi Tiecheng said he wanted to help his father give Qin Zishu the watch. The old man knew that he had hooked up with Qin Zishu in order to assassinate Mu Teng. Chi Tiecheng was irritated by these words, saying that Su Wenqian was unwilling to let Chi Tiecheng approach Qin Zishu because he was afraid of harming others, and later he went around asking about Qin Zishu’s whereabouts.

The old man was anxious and called Chi Tiecheng a scumbag, but Chi Tiecheng had fallen into paranoia. He felt that Su Wenqian broke off with him not only because of Yang Zhiliang, but also because of Qin Zishu! Because Qin Henian was Qin Zishu’s father, and his goal at the time was Qin Henian.

The old man became even more angry. It was obviously Chi Tiecheng who hooked up with Qin Zishu. After the assassination of Mu Teng, he ran for seven years and never came back. How did Su Wenqian hook up with Qin Zishu. Chi Tiecheng insisted that Su Wenqian and Qin Zishu kept Chen Cang in a coma during the month when his father was so angry that he asked him to return his pocket watch. A few good words made them reconcile.

Chi Tiecheng asked President Fang to ensure that Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue got on the car in the afternoon and would not harm them. Surprisingly, Chi Tiecheng did not let Li Beicai and others prepare for the evacuation. There is still no news from Qin Henian.

The director, Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling are going to a meeting to discuss Yin Qiansu’s security work. Qin Henian thought for a long time, and finally decided to write a letter. The special plane of the Central Military Commission has departed. The task of the task force is to escort Yin Qiansu to the airport and board the plane safely at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

During the meeting, Su Wenqian was a little distracted by Qin Zishu’s affairs, and did not hear any more from Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling. After setting up the task, does everyone feel it is a pity that the jellyfish group will leave after their task is completed, and the little mirror’s hatred has not yet been reported. Ouyang Xiangling asked Su Wenqian what he wanted to say about the security measures just arranged, and Su Wenqian casually said that there were no more. Yin Qiansu left a letter, please send it to Qin Henian after he leaves. This is what he said as a student and husband.

Qin Henian wrote in a letter to Liao Jie that he was born from the same root, so why is it too anxious. Principal Fang approached Qin Zishu and said that another teacher had suddenly eaten his stomach. He had to work hard to take the children. Qin Zishu agreed. Ouyang Xiangling felt that there was something wrong with Su Wenqian today, and Section Chief Cao also noticed that he was in a trance. Yesterday afternoon, Su Wenqian said that he and Chi Tiecheng met at the cinema, and Ouyang Xiangling took out the newspaper about the cinema.

Qin Henian started from home but did not go to Yin Qiansu’s house, but went to Songjiang Primary School instead. Yin Qiansu was already ready to set off. Before leaving, he saved the photos taken in the morning for everyone. He regretted that he did not take a separate photo for Su Wenqian, but he added a photo of a cicada and named it under the sun.

Section Chief Cao specially called Su Wenqian to join him in a car, and said there was something to say on the road. When Qin Henian came to Songjiang Primary School, the food stall owner said that they had a performance in the afternoon, so they left school early. When Xiaoxue saw Qin Henian at the food stall opposite, she told Qin Zishu that Qin Zishu took her to the school bus without changing her face, and the one who drove was Li Beira.

The owner of the food stall said he was going back to his hometown. He said that the Kuomintang had never let go of his son, who was under 18 years old, before the Kuomintang had even escaped to Songjiang. But now the Communist Party has returned and said that he would allocate fields for them. Moreover, his son was captured by the People’s Liberation Army, and when she learned that she wanted to go home, he sent him travel expenses and returned safely. After Qin Henian heard this, his heart was moved.

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