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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 25 Recap

Chi Tiecheng didn’t expect that the eldest lady Qin Zishu, who was well-dressed, would live in such a simple place. Xiaoxue was still her daughter, but there was no trace of a man’s life in her residence, and Xiaoxue followed her surname Qin. Chi Tiecheng was frightened by the sound of the alarm and knocked over the water. Xiaoxue happened to come back. Chi Tiecheng had to hide. Hearing Xiaoxue calling Su Wenqian to call his father, the three got along very harmoniously.

When Su Wenqian was mopping the floor, he found the footprints left by Chi Tiecheng and suddenly became suspicious. Mayor Wen told Yin Qiansu that the Central Military Commission had decided to agree to all the conditions of Tang Siyuan and would write a personal letter, but asked them to find ways to prevent the worst from happening. Ouyang Xiangling called Qin Henian and said that Yin Qiansu had a major event to tell him.

Su Wenqian made a large table of dishes and explained to Qin Zishu why Xiaoxue called his father. Yin Qiansu told Qin Henian about the causes and consequences. As long as Qin Henian advised Liao Jie to listen, Yin Qiansu would leave for the airport at 3pm. , Qin Henian said he would think about it. Su Wenqian told Xiaoxue that the work of the Public Security Bureau would be over today, and Xiaoxue was very happy. Chi Tiecheng called Shan Leng and asked her to find Principal Fang to find out one thing.

Su Wenqian said he was going to call the Public Security Bureau to ask about the gathering time in the afternoon. He wanted to end this lie, but he didn’t know how to end the lie without hurting Xiaoxue, so he procrastinated again and again until the suspiciousness just made him understand. Living for too long under his own lies, as Yin Qiansu said, he is no longer a killer in the dark, and light and happiness should belong to him. Yin Qiansu will leave soon, and Chi Tiecheng will also leave Songjiang and never come back. Su Wenqian decided to face Xiaoxue’s heart.

Shan Leng approached President Fang and asked about the afternoon art performance, and asked for some documents. When President Fang entered the secret room to look for something, Shan Leng found Xiaoxue’s student status form outside. Of course, President Fang noticed something was wrong. Xiaoxue had to go to the cake shop to find Chi Tiecheng early. Qin Zishu thought about it and agreed. In fact, she also noticed the weirdness today and decided to get up and follow. The Tenth Corps was on the way to Hengzhou, and the march in the rain increased a lot of difficulty. Tang Siyuan learned that the Communist Party had agreed to his terms and decided to wait for Yin Qiansu to get on the plane before giving orders.

Su Wenqian returned home and wrote a letter. Qin Zishu changed his clothes and rushed to Kai Lexi’s room in a hurry. Xiaoxue went to Chi Tiecheng to behave like a baby and beg him to teach herself again. Chi Tiecheng didn’t intend to leave her, but he went after thinking about it. Chi Tiecheng told Xiaoxue that she was very talented, and that this was a talent inherited from her previous generation.

Qin Zishu arrived at the Kaile West Point Room, and heard the voices of Xiaoxue and Chi Tiecheng moving forward. She couldn’t be more familiar with this voice! But before Qin Zishu could step forward, he heard a single-sided voice, and Xiaoxue called her auntie cake. Qin Zishu suddenly turned around and left like thunder. Chi Tiecheng got Xiaoxue’s student status form, and his father’s column clearly read Su Wenqian.

Chi Tiecheng asked Xiaoxue to choose a piece of cake to reward her, and asked her if she wanted to show her the slingshot every day. Xiaoxue said she wanted to surprise her father. Chi Tiecheng suddenly became distracted. Xiaoxue greeted Chi Tiecheng and Shanleng and left. Shanleng asked him if the child was Su Wenqian’s daughter. Chi Tiecheng angrily put a knife on her neck and warned him not to Mess with things. Chi Tiecheng decided to revise his plan for the afternoon, but he was surprised. Qin Zishu returned home as if she had lost her soul. Su Wenqian was waiting for her at home and was surprised to see her suddenly changing into this dress.

The old man changed Chi Tiecheng’s gun. Su Wenqian poured a glass of water and told Qin Zishu that he had just received a letter from Chi Tiecheng, which was a blow to both Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu. Qin Zishu asked him where the letter came from. Su Wenqian replied in Guangzhou, but Qin Zishu didn’t ask him to read it, so he asked him to talk about the content. Su Wenqian said that the Bureau of Secrets is going to Taiwan, and Chi Tiecheng may not have the opportunity to return to Songjiang. I hope Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue can forgive him, forget the past and start a new life.

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