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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 38 Recap

Wen Renjun went to deliver food to Luo Qiuchi as usual, but found that he had lost his waistband on the way, so he put down the food box and looked around. Unexpectedly, when he looked back, he saw Fu Yuanzhi standing next to the food box. He suddenly became vigilant and thought he was poisoning. Unexpectedly, Fu Yuan had a clear conscience and even took up a spoon to drink soup to prove his innocence.

Seeing that Fu Yuanzhi showed no signs of poisoning, he felt a little ashamed, but remembering that he had done many bad things before, he decided not to apologize for the time being. Luo Qiuchi tasted the chicken soup that Wen Renjun had sent, and his appetite was widened. He hadn’t noticed Wen Renjun’s strangeness.

The bad news came from the border. Hang Ruxue’s army encountered an ambush and fought for the whole night. When the reinforcements arrived, they disappeared. There were only dozens of corpses and scattered weapons. Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. Luo Qiuchi was also extremely worried. Unexpectedly, Zhao Qinghe brought a group of guards to the battlefield to find Hang Ruxue. No one could stop him, and could only witness her leave.

In the days that followed, Wen Renjun gradually became unwell until he fainted. Although the doctor only expressed fatigue after examination, Luo Qiuchi coughed up bleeding when Luo Qiuchi sent the doctor away. He concealed it because he did not dare to worry about Luo Qiuchi. As a result, the college colleagues also fell ill one after another, with the same symptoms as those who heard it, even Fu Yuanzhi and Si Cheng could not escape the disaster.

The matter was of great importance and attracted the attention of the court. Through the diagnosis and treatment of the imperial doctors, it was discovered that everyone had been inscribed with a strange poison called “Elixir of Transformation.” There was not much record of this poison in medical skills, so the antidote formula was long gone. The female students took the initiative to return to the college to take care of the male students, but at the moment they can only delay the illness, and there is no cure at all.

Wen Renjing ordered people to post the list to look for Lu Xingyun, and wanted him to come forward to help. In addition to taking care of Wen Renjing every day, Luo Qiuchi spent the rest of the time searching for information in the library, hoping to find a breakthrough from the existing clues. Fu Yuanzhi is very satisfied with the current results and is also waiting for the time to come.

The tiger and the mouse rushed to Zhuxiu Academy with Luo Qiuchi’s whip. Luo Qiuchi was surprised when he saw the two of them suddenly visiting. Unexpectedly, Si Cheng brought all the doctors and students from the opposite side. Everyone heard the two bandits. Guan Luo Qiuchi was called Shanjun, surprised and puzzled.

Fu Yuanzhi publicly revealed that Luo Qiuchi was Dongyi Shanjun’s identity, and at the same time framed him for using the elixir to harm everyone, and Wen Renjun came into contact with the poison without knowing it, so he believed that Wen Renjun would heal in no time. Luo Qiuchi simply admitted his identity under the strong questioning of everyone, but he denied the poisoning and happened to come to the door without knowing it.

Seeing that Ren Jun’s body returned to normal, all the students listened to Fu Yuanzhi’s lie, and then became furious, besieged Luo Qiuchi, and then locked him and the two bandits in the wood house.

Dr. Xuan knew that Fu Yuanzhi was the instigator, and even blamed him. Unexpectedly, Fu Yuanzhi was frantic and took out a dagger to assassinate Dr. Xuan. At this time, Si Cheng and others walked in from the door. Fu Yuanzhi reacted to the situation and framed Dr. Xuan to defend Luo Qiuchi, so he incited the students to put Si Cheng and the other doctors who helped Luo Qiuchi intercede in the firewood room.

After a short period of thought, Luo Qiuchi finally determined that Fu Yuanzhi’s true intentions, and his antidote in Wenrenjuan’s chicken soup, was nothing but to make Luo Qiuchi the only person who was not poisoned, so he could fall into the tongue. However, the academy students talked a lot about the poisoning. Some people thought that Luo Qiuchi was innocent. Fu Yuanzhi suddenly informed that he had found an antidote, but everyone had to make it himself.

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