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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 37 Recap

Through the meticulous arrangement and arrangement of the Hang Ruxue couple, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun finally got what they wanted. They can wear red wedding dresses like others and drink a cup of wine. However, the two of them had not made the third round of drinking, and suddenly felt weak. Immediately afterwards, they saw a mysterious man wearing a hat coming from the door, holding a suicide note prepared in advance for them in their hands. The guilt that she wrote admits that she and Luo Qiuchi joined forces to kill Yanqi, and that he had poisoned Wukui’s men and set off against Wenrenshu.

Luo Qiu was unwilling and asked the real murderer behind the scenes. The mysterious man saw that his deadline was approaching, so he revealed that the mastermind behind the scenes was Mrs. Wenrenfu. Just as the two were about to die by the sword, Lu Xingyun suddenly appeared, three punches and two kicks to subdue the mysterious man, and use the Baidu San brought by the Western Regions to detoxify Luo Qiuchi and the others.

At the same time, there was loud thunder outside the house, lightning and thunder, inside the house, the old lady tossed and turned, until the appointed time came, she hurriedly put on her coat and got up to the courtyard. Luo Qiuchi pretended to be a mysterious person to see the eldest lady, and handed a purse containing Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun with severed fingers, which proved that the two were dead.

The lady believed it was true, and the next day she packed her bags and prepared to go back to her family’s home. However, before she left the house, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun stopped her in the room. Then the killer was brought in and the lady was exposed in public for falsifying accounts for fifteen years. As a scapegoat, after the evil deeds were exposed, they sent people to rescue Yan Qi, killed him, disguised as committing suicide, and even left an account book on the scene, which recorded that the corrupt officials were all enemies of Wenren’s mansion and the madam’s family.

Facing the deduction of Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi, the eldest lady naturally refused to plead guilty. She insisted on letting her servants carry luggage. Unexpectedly, as soon as she stepped out of Wenren’s mansion gate, she saw Wen Renjing waiting outside with Dali Temple officials and prison vehicles . The factual evidence is solid, and even the prince Kang is to blame. Wen Renjing went to prison in person to visit, and at the same time was ashamed of the poor treatment these years, and the eldest lady also told her frankly that she took the initiative to ask Wen Renjing’s mother for the marriage of the two families back then. But in the end he still failed to fight Ruan Xiaomei.

Dr. Xuan questioned Fu Yuanzhi about the truth about poisoning. There were three points of doubt and seven points of regret in his words. In particular, he found that Fu Yuanzhiming did not repent of wrongdoing, and he was his most proud student. Subsequently, the poisoning incident spread to a lot of people, and Fu’s mother worried that it would affect the imperial examination results, and could not help reprimanding her son for being too reckless. Wen Renjun went to find Fu Yuanzhi, hoping that he could visit Wen Renshu, but Fu Yuanzhi’s refusal to miss her old feelings made her completely chill.

Now that all the dust has settled, there is only one month left before the imperial examination. Everyone is in a state of nervous review. The female students cannot take the exam, so they leave the academy first. Only Wen Jun stays behind to take care of Luo Qiuchi, and brings food and food daily. Daily life.

As the frontier anti-thief attacked the city, Hang Ruxue was about to set off. Before leaving, he reminded Luo Qiuchi to prepare for the exam, and told Wen Renjun to take more care of Zhao Qinghe. Parting again, Zhao Qinghe’s mood was no better than before. She began to pack up big bags and small rolls, and let her cook and family follow Hang Ruxue, wishing to move the family.

Wen Renjun heard that Wenxiang Temple prayed very well, so he lined up early and waited outside the door. After the door was opened, he was the first to rush in and grab all the kits and prepare to distribute them to the colleagues at Zhuxiu Academy, but he did not know that Fu Yuanzhi was already Poisoned in the magic talisman.

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