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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 17 Recap

Yuan Qian was painting in the classroom sullenly, and Qin Shen came over and told Yuan Qian that he would listen to her explanation. It turned out that Qin Shen thought that Yuan Qian was unhappy because he didn’t return her information. Yuan Qian told Qin Shen that his roommates were very angry because of her transfer, and Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to fight again.

Xue Congyang forgot what happened between them and took the original shallow water cup back to the dormitory, while Luo Xinxin and Lu Jianing looked at Xue Congyang angrily. Yuan Qian still defended herself, saying that she didn’t dare to tell everyone because of the good relationship between everyone. She asked the administrator that she could not change the dormitory and asked everyone to forgive her. After listening to the roommates, their attitude slowly eased, watching Yuan Qian leaving. , Everyone feels bad.

Until the library closed, Yuan Qian reluctantly returned to the dormitory, she hesitated to open the dormitory door, watching the house is quiet, everyone rested early. Recalling the place where I was with my roommates bit by bit, I was also sad. On her birthday, Yuan Qian received the red envelope at home, but thought of the roommate he had planned, and began to feel sad. Qin Shen looked at the sad Yuan Qian and asked her if there were any arrangements for her birthday.

Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to go out together at 8pm. Yuan Qian returned to the dormitory to take a shower, but even the lights were broken and couldn’t be turned on. When she was about to leave, the roommates turned on the colorful lights all over the room. Everyone came out carrying the cake and singing birthday songs. Yuan Qian was moved and cried in surprise. Yuan Qian wished that his roommates would always be with him. Yuan Qian called Qin Shen and said that she might not be able to get out. She excitedly shared with Qin Shen about herself and her roommate. Qin Shen made an appointment for Yuan Qian to come out after 9 o’clock.

Qin Shen said that the appearance of his roommate had indeed broken his plan. At this time, Yuan Qian expected that Qin Shen might have a confession ceremony, but Qin Shen said there was no such thing. Qin Shen directly asked Yuan Qiantong whether he agreed to be his girlfriend, Yuan Qian complained that Qin Shen was a straight man, and refused with a smile. Qin Shen took out the bracelets he bought and helped Yuan Qian put them on. Yuan Qian expected that Qin Shen would give a gift before confessing, and he would agree. But Qin Shen said it didn’t matter that he would wait. Yuan Qian has been waiting for Qin Shen to speak to him. Qin Shen said happy birthday.

This was not what Yuan Qian wanted to hear. Yuan Qian was about to leave. Qin Shen picked a rose from the flowerbed and handed it to Yuan Qian, who turned around, and said that he could borrow it. Qin Shen held the rose and asked sincerely again if he could be his girlfriend. Yuan Qian said that he would check it out, and ran back to the dormitory with a smile. Qin Shen sent a text message and asked Yuan Qian if he wanted to have breakfast together. Yuan Qian, who wanted to promise, thought of Ling Wei who was taking medicine. She told Qin Shen that they were not going to be public, but Qin Shen thought Yuan Qian was For Song Siyi.

In the morning, Yuan Qian took over the breakfast that Qin Shen bought in the classroom, and was caught by Chen Qinan. Yuan Qian was looking for an excuse. Qin Shen said that because Yuan Qian was instructing herself, she invited her to breakfast. In the library, Yuan Qian and Qin Shen were studying together. Unexpectedly, Song Siyi would call and he was going out to play.

I hope Yuan Qian would cheer him up. Qin Shen, who grabbed a headset and listened to the phone together, was jealous. Looking at Yuan Qian, Yuan Qian hung up the phone in a hurry. Qin Shen pointed to his face, indicating that Yuan Qian needed to be comforted. Yuan Qian poked Qin Shen’s face with his hand. Qin Shen deliberately dropped Yuan Qian’s pen to the ground, dissatisfied, and the two went under the table together…

The canteen TV is broadcasting Song Siyi’s solo rowing game live. Yuan Qian also secretly watched Song Siyi’s race. Qin Shen refused to let her watch other people. Yuan Qian continued to watch while begging for mercy. Song Siyi won Won the game first. After the game, Song Siyi and Qin Shen played on the basketball court. The two played extremely fiercely.

Yi Ming said that this was a game about men’s dignity. The Xuanzhou University Basketball League needs a cheerleading team, and there is still one person missing. Yi Ming asked if anyone would recommend it. Song Siyi recommended Yuan Qian, and Qin Shen directly said Yuan Qian would not come. Song Siyi said that he was Yuan Qian’s childhood sweetheart, and asked Qin Shen who was Yuan Qian.

Yuan Qian discussed with Qin Shen whether or not to go to the cheerleading team. Qin Shen gave Yuan Qian a reason. Yuan Qian retorted. In the end, he could only ask Yuan Qian not to go. Yuan Qian refused Song Siyi. He didn’t expect Song Si. Yi ran directly in front of Yuan Qian, who was about to choke, Yuan Qian ran away first. At night, Yuan Qian surreptitiously dated Qin Shen, hoping to soften Qin Shen by acting like a baby, but when he heard someone coming over, he immediately frightened to leave.

The two of them left with a fuss, but did not expect Ling Wei who came to clean up to see them from behind. Ling Wei wanted to find Yuan Qian for painting and calligraphy illustrations for the children. Yuan Qian considered it and agreed. Dai Yaqing told Ling Wei that he often saw Yuan Qian and Qin Shen in the library. Ling Wei walked to the library and saw the two together.

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