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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 16 Recap

Qin Shen held onto Yuan Qian who wanted to run away and couldn’t help but kissed her, Yuan Qian fell into the flower bed in a panic. Song Siyi chased him up, Yuan Qian wanted to chat with him, but Qin Shen disagreed. Yuan Qian finally managed to hold the two people who wanted to fight, but in desperation, they had to send them back to the dormitory together. Song Siyi stimulated Qin Shen to say that Yuan Qian would be with him on her birthday, and Qin Shen turned away.

Yuan Qian, lying on the bed, kept reminiscing about Qin Shen kissing herself, tossing and turning. Qin Shen also recalled that Yuan Qian had just defended himself. He and Yi Ming came to the registration form and saw Yuan Qian’s birthday. Song Siyi asked Xue Congyang and Yuan Qian to watch their training together, but he didn’t expect Yuan Qian to tell Song Siyi to treat others casually and it would be easy to be misunderstood. Song Siyi understood and took the initiative to apologize to Xue Congyang, saying that he had been looking for Xue Congyang to inquire about Yuan Qian’s affairs. Xue Congyang left in tears, and Yuan Qian also chased after him, and Ling Wei saw everything.

Yuan Qian asked Ling Wei if he knew about Dai Yaqing’s post. Ling Wei said with embarrassment that they were all friends and she could only be silent. Ling Wei in the dormitory asked Dai Yaqing about posting. She didn’t know before. She decided to ask Yuan Qian for forgiveness with Dai Yaqing.

Qin Shen came to the door of the girls’ dormitory in the morning to wait for Yuan Qian to have breakfast together. Yuan Qian was evasive and uncomfortable, and Qin Shen walked the road openly. Qin Shen brought Yuan Qian her favorite beef noodles. Yuan Qian, who was planning to eat only corn, had to continue eating. Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian how to celebrate his birthday. Yuan Qian said he would spend it with his roommate. Qin Shen said that his birthday was the day Yuan Qian fell into the lake and knocked his sculpture off.

In the classroom, Qin Shen came to Luo Xinxin’s side. Luo Xinxin took the initiative to tell Qin Shen that Yuan Qian had eaten milk apples and beef noodles, and did not come to the classroom because of his stomach discomfort. Yuan Qian, who was holding his stomach, met Dai Yaqing and Ling Wei who had come to apologize as soon as they came downstairs. Yuan Qian, who was anxious to leave, did not listen to Dai Yaqing’s apology. Dai Yaqing wanted to stop Yuan Qian’s theory. Qin Shen showed up and took Yuan Qian to the school hospital. Yuan Qian, who had taken the medicine, told Qin Shen that she was afraid of letting go. Qin Shen only ate beef noodles in his heart.

Yuan Qian, who had already resigned, saw the part-time salary that Director Lin had paid more. After asking about it, he realized that Ling Wei had asked her father who was the principal for her part-time job. Yuan Qian went to the gift shop at the suggestion of his roommate and bought gifts to return to Ling Wei. At this time, Song Siyi appeared and wanted to buy Yuan Qian’s birthday present in advance. He was going to the game in a few days and had no time to accompany Yuan Qian on his birthday.

Yuan Qian looked at the expensive clothes and bags in the clothing store and took Song Siyi to buy her a simple issuing card. Song Siyi insisted that Yuan Qian wear a card as a souvenir and returned photos. At this time, Qin Shen took the apple cider vinegar that cures flatulence and gave Yuan Qian a handful. Yuan Qian still sent a message to Qin Shen to explain his affairs with Song Siyi.

Yuan Qian received the transfer exam notice, and was afraid that her classmates would see it rushed into the gift bag. She went to give Ling Wei a gift, and Ling Wei accepted it. Yuan Qian saw Ling Wei’s depression medicine, Ling Wei Let Yuan Qian not worry about herself. Yuan Qian in the library is still wondering how much Ling Wei likes Qin Shen to get depression. Luo Xinxin and the others were happily discussing where Yuan Qian was going to eat on his birthday. Ling Wei knocked on the door and sent back Yuan Qian’s transfer notice. The three people were very angry at Yuan Qian’s concealment, and they felt that Yuan Qian had betrayed their sisters.

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