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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 17 Recap

The first class of semester ushered in group homework. The homework was done together in the dormitory. Gao Ting, who should have been in the same dormitory with Nan Xi, seemed to want to take advantage of this opportunity to win him. Yixue used to be Binhai. Autonomous enrollment ranks second in the “disgrace”.

The two “paparazzi” who were in the same dormitory with Nan Xi and Gao Ting were the two “paparazzi” who were as thin as a bamboo pole, and the chubby one was Hao Tian. Two people with familiar personalities wanted to invite Nan Xi to discuss how to complete the group homework as soon as class was over. Because of Xia Rui’s arrival, this matter was temporarily gone.

Just after moving into a new home, Xia Rui was busy helping Nan Xi with his own hands-on decoration. From painting the walls to decorating details, Cheng Erluo and Zhao Yishu would often come to help, finally decorating this new home with a warm and energetic atmosphere. In order to make the house more homey, Xia Rui secretly asked Nan Xi’s mother to send Nan Xi’s previous works and put them on the display cabinet.

Xia Rui wanted to surprise Nan Xi, but the other party didn’t like these things, because these beautiful and exquisite wooden ornaments were in his eyes, but they were just semi-finished products and experimental products, and they were not qualified to be displayed on the bright surface. .

In Nan Xi’s eyes, these things were not even as good as the celery Xia Rui put in the vase, which made Xia Rui feel angry and sad because Nan Xi didn’t like the surprise she arranged, and the sun instantly became sunny. As long as Xia Rui made something, Nan Xi would like it and treat it as a treasure no matter what it is.

The layout of the new home is complete, and all four people are left to have dinner together. Cheng Erluo was cheeky and insisted on staying at Nanxi’s house for dinner, after all, the opportunity for the male god to cook himself is rare. It’s a pity that Cheng Erluo couldn’t even buy a dish, so in the end he had to order takeaway together. Although he could not eat Nan Xi’s own cooking this time, Cheng Erluo has made up his mind and vowed not to give up unless he achieves his goal.

One afternoon, Cheng Erluo stood in Nanxi’s bedroom and helped nail something on the wall. He was careless for a while, and his feet fell unsteadily. For an instant, Cheng Erluo subconsciously protected Zhao Yishu and used his body as a mat. Protect her. The atmosphere between the two was ambiguous again, but because of this, they happened to see “Rui” carved by Nan Xi on the bedside.

Cheng Erluo is always keen and sharp about other people’s emotional problems, fully understanding what Nan Xi is thinking, and also volunteering to help his male god and best friend Xia Rui live together. Unfortunately, Cheng Erluo is always so slow when it comes to his relationship issues.

At the same time, Xia Rui received the courier that Nan Xi had bought, and she opened it without much thought before discovering that it turned out to be a camera. Xia Rui instantly understood that Nan Xi wanted to install a camera outside her bedroom door just like at home, shut herself in a small space, and beware of everything outside.

Xia Rui was a little unhappy because of this, and couldn’t wait to leave as soon as Nanxi came back from school. She somewhat doubted whether she was self-defeating, knowing that Nan Xi had gradually begun to adapt to the collective life, but she once again gave Nan Xi the opportunity to close herself. It is Zhao Yishu that is more delicate and relieved, so that Nan Xi is now living in school, which is indeed encouraging.

After school this day, Xia Rui heard that Nan Xi had prepared the drawings and wanted to take the initiative to complete the group work with the students in the dormitory, but it was still difficult for him to really take this step. Nan Xi’s progress made Xia Rui happy, and quickly encouraged and accompany him to take this step.

When they came to the school’s public production room, Hu Jing and Hao Tian saw that Nan Xi was willing to complete the group work with them. They were as happy as if they had won the lottery. They just didn’t want to say anything good about Gao Ting’s absence. At the door, Gao Ting chose to leave this group.

Gao Ting seems to have some experience similar to that of Nan Xi. When he heard that he was not needed at all, and the people inside didn’t care about his departure, and still laughed and talked about trouble, his heart was both sad and inferior, perhaps even with A little bit unhappy.

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