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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 28 Recap

The police monitoring team launched a 24-hour continuous surveillance of Xu Zhisheng, and Adou, who had just finished his undercover work, also participated. The goal is not to go out all day, three meals a day are called takeaway. Adou was responsible for the surveillance of the court, but did not find that the deliveryman was called into the house during the third takeout. When the takeaway came out again, his body was obviously different. Zhang Jizi found an anomaly in the video and immediately sent someone into the house to find the deliveryman who was tied up.

Adou’s negligence made Zhang Jizi furious and ordered him to take a vacation. Xu Zhisheng has nowhere to go. Zheng Shumei wants to check the nearby surveillance to find traces. Zhang Jizi also ordered strict surveillance of all exit airport ports. After leaving Zheng Zhi, Xue Jiaqiang resumed his undercover status and joined the task force. He found from Lan Nan’s video that Xu Zhisheng had called. According to Lan Nan’s memory, Xu Zhisheng was going out on Saturday, so he called someone to ask for directions.

Xu Zhisheng was going to the Huangtu Hotel, where his daughter Xu An’an held a wedding banquet. Although he suspended all contact by suspended animation five years ago, he still cares about his daughter, which also gave Zhang Jizi a chance to arrest him. Unexpectedly, Xu Zhisheng was accidentally hit and killed while fleeing. Others were busy with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When calling an ambulance, Zheng Shumei secretly hid Xu Zhisheng’s cell phone in her pocket.

Su Zian mourned his daughter in the cemetery at this time, when he killed Miaomiao by wrong hand during the dispute. Afterwards, he did not reflect on his fault, but instead shifted all the responsibility to Xu Tiantang and designed the frame. He hoped to be forgiven by his daughter. When he was about to leave, he received a message from Xu Zhisheng on his cell phone, claiming that he was hunted by the police and wanted to meet in the park.

The news was sent by Zheng Shumei. As long as Su Zian came by, it would prove that Xu Zhisheng was related to Su Zian. But the appointed time passed for a long time, and Su Zian did not appear. Just as disappointed Zheng Shumei was about to leave, she was attacked by two big men. Zheng Shumei fell to the ground with two shots and Xu Zhisheng’s mobile phone was snatched.

After being rescued by the hospital, Zheng Shumei was out of danger, but she still needed to be observed in the intensive care unit. This was a blow to the task force and Xu Tiantang. But it was not without gain, at least it was certain that Su Zian was behind the scenes. Maybe the two who attacked Zheng Shumei were the ones who put the body in the trunk and blamed Xu Tiantian.

In order to see Zheng Shumei, Xu Tiantian stabbed his thigh with a sharpened toothbrush and injured a large artery, and was taken to the hospital. It is not difficult for him to dislocate his thumb and free himself from the handcuffs. Zheng Shumei, who also missed Xu Tiantian, struggled to get out of the ward. The two met outside the inpatient building, as if they were separated. After meeting, my wish was over. Under Zhang Jizi’s mediation, the prison guard did not pursue it.

Zhang Jizi tried to understand the weird behavior of Xu Tiantian and Zheng Shumei. In her previous thinking, risking her life just to meet each other was totally unreasonable. Since having a love life, she seems to understand the care and affection. Zhuo Kai was happy with her progress, but after learning that Zhang Jizi’s so-called boyfriend was Wei Zuorong, he couldn’t help sighing.

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