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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 27 Recap

Zhang Jizi is a person who relies on purely rational thinking to make judgments. This way of thinking has great advantages in work, but it will appear unnatural in interpersonal relationships. It is difficult for her to understand why Xu Tiantang blames herself for Su Miaomiao’s death, nor does she understand why Zheng Shumei checks the road monitoring day and night for Xu Tiantang. After Zhuo Kai pointed out her interpersonal shortcomings, she wanted to try to enter the love life, and the first choice was Wei Zuorong. Flowers, set meals for couples, sweet talk, life that has never been experienced before gives Zhang Jizi a different feeling.

The next day, Wei Zuorong led Zhang Jizi to the previous university. Zhang Jizi still remembers setting up a stall on campus, selling cryptex he made by himself. It’s just a price of two thousand, no one cares. In the short time Zhang Jizi went out to buy takeaway, the cryptex was bought. Now, the box is in Wei Zuorong’s hands.

Since he wanted to talk about feelings, Wei Zuorong simply explained what he had done for Zhang Jizi in the past. For example, buying back the G-shaped button from the elevator maintenance company at a high price, breaking Zhang Jizi’s Huarong Road record, etc., if he wants to enter Zhang Jizi’s life, he must cultivate the same hobbies as Zhang Jizi. After learning about Wei Zuorong’s painstaking efforts, Zhang Jizi gradually understood the wonder of feelings, which can bring joy and pain.

Zheng Shumei watched road surveillance video for a few days, except for the video from the checkpoint, no other driving video of the suspicious black car was found. With confusion, she and Tan Huanxi came to the junkyard again to see if they could find some clues. It coincided with a shower, and the black bumper that was removed revealed a white primer under the rain. Zheng Shumei suddenly realized that the car was originally white, and it was sprayed with black quick-drying paint after driving into the blind spot of the monitoring system, and the license plate was replaced. It’s no wonder that we only see it out, but not in it.

With this clue, Zheng Shumei followed the road to monitor and investigate. At this time, Xue Jiaqiang took the initiative to find it. After this period of deliberation, coupled with Lu Hexing’s suggestion, he plans to give up undercover work and officially return to the status of a police officer. In other words, he will no longer participate in similar actions in the future.

It happened that Zheng Shumei found out the source of the suspicious vehicle, and it turned out to be Xue Jiaqiang’s site. Xue Jiaqiang thought for a while, but decided to take action and help the task force again as an undercover agent. It was no coincidence that a book was not made. After many inquiries, Xue Jiaqiang discovered that this car had come to receive a coupon for a foot bath shop. I wanted to wait until someone came to use the coupon, but when he went to school to help Zhengzhi get the workbook, the phone in the store rang, and the other party reported the coupon code and requested on-site service. Lan Nan couldn’t contact Xue Jiaqiang for a while, so he could only leave his voice mailbox, and went to the door first.

After Xue Jiaqiang heard the address in the voice mail box, he immediately sent the address to the expert group to request support. He entered the office lightly, for fear of waking Zhengzhi who was sleeping. There was a pistol in the safe box in the drawer. Xue Jiaqiang took it out and stuck it around his waist, but didn’t notice that Zheng Zhi had squinted and saw everything.

As a result, Xue Jiaqiang was stopped by the police halfway. Seeing Jeong-sik who probed his brain not far away, he understood what was going on. Without time to explain, he ran away and finally got rid of the investigation. Lan Nan was in danger when he arrived at the place. Lan Nan’s mobile phone has the camera on, which of course will cause the other party to be alert. Xue Jiaqiang reacted accordingly, claiming that this is the company’s regulations to protect young female employees and prevent accidents in on-site service.

Some rhetoric, finally dispelled the other’s doubts. Lan Nan and Xue Jiaqiang returned to the foot bath shop together, and replaced the pistol with a simulated one, making Zheng Zhi believe that the gun was only used to scare bad people. Maybe Zhengzhi inherited Xue Jiaqiang’s characteristics, and it was easy to distinguish that the gun taken from the fuse box was completely different from the toy gun in his hand. If this continues, Zheng Zhi will be in unforeseen danger because of this undercover game. The Xue family hardened his heart, exposed Zhengzhi’s intentional approach, and drove him out. Sometimes in order to love, we must know how to give up.

At this time, the task force conducted face recognition based on the video provided by Lan Nan to see if the white car driver had any intersection with Su Zian. It was found from the police database that this person was the Wan Chai Criminal Detective Xu Zhisheng and one of the black police officers under the former Chief Superintendent of the Criminal Intelligence Division Guo Xuehua. But records show that Xu Zhisheng committed suicide in 2014.

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