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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 4

In the lake, time saw that Chu Ying was overjoyed again. He was different from when he was a kid. Seeing that Wu Di, Yu Liang and Chu Ying all love Go so much. If he wants to try again, ask Chu Ying to take him into Go Chu Ying was also very happy to listen to this world. When I got home, I hurriedly stuffed the basics of chess under the bed. However, Chu Ying knew everything. He knew that during this period of time, he practiced hard until late at night, but the level of Go has improved a little.

Shi Shi felt that the game he played with He Jiajia was very useless. He hoped that Chu Ying could teach him some stunts like a sword to seal his throat, but Chu Ying reminded him that the gentleman of Daya will be evil and quick. He let time replay today’s chess game, maybe he could find He Jiajia’s flaws, but time only remembered a few steps. Time asked how long Chu Ying had to practice replay techniques. Chu Ying stretched out two fingers. Time thought that two days were two years. He couldn’t help falling on the bed and lamenting that Go is too difficult.

During the break, Wu Di helped Shi Shi replay the game of chess by the lake, and also lent Shi Shi his favorite Go book. Because I got up too early in the morning thinking about playing chess, Shi Shi fell asleep on the table during class. When the teacher found out, he woke him up angrily. Shi Shi drowsily sat up straight, and accidentally dropped the chessboard on his leg to the ground. Just let him stop outside the classroom. Chu Ying asked him what book he was holding. Time said that Wu Di lent him it. When he opened the book, he found a registration form inside. A closer look was the Fangyuan City High School Go League.

After class, I went to Wu Di excitedly, but Wu Di said that it was a team of three in the Go team competition, and it was a high school Go league. Even if the time in junior high school was an imposter, they would be two. Time suddenly thought of He Jiajia, he went to He Jiajia but was rejected. Time does not give up and I want to find out why He Jiajia gave up playing Go. He and Wu Di went to the place where He Jiajia had a Go training class, found his Go game record sheet, and saw that he had always been a winner but lost to Yu alone. bright.

After that, Time found He Jiajia again, smiled and said that he thought he was so good that he was the second in a thousand years, and also said that Yu Liang had caused a heavy blow to his young mind, and said that he took out the Go game record sheet. He Jiajia looked at the time survey and he was angry and wanted to do it. Time said that if he did it, he would prove that what he said was true. He asked He Jiajia if he would give up his love of Go in order to become an opponent of the past. He Jiajia said he just couldn’t play.

After school this day, Wu Di told Time that the registration for the competition would be closed tomorrow, and time said they would hire someone else. The two were pushing their bicycles and were about to leave, and He Jiajia stopped them behind them. He said that he did not play chess not because he could not win Yu Liang, but because he had beaten Yu Liang. When he was a child, his dad sent him to learn chess. He learned very fast, and he got second every time.

The first one was always Yu Liang, because the second in the millennium often let his dad beat him, and then he finally won once. Yu Liang was very happy, but then I realized that Yu Liang deliberately made him afraid that he would go home and be beaten. This made him 10,000 times more uncomfortable than losing to Yu Liang. He Jiajia decided to participate, he wanted to win the Go champion.

On the day of the game, I was a little excited. Chu Ying asked if he needed help. Time confidently said that this kind of small game would not bother Mr. Chu. In the first round of the match, the opponent saw their team of three people. He Jiajia was playing chess. Wu Di still had a chess book in his hand. Time forgot to press the clock. They were a little underestimated. Unexpectedly, Time team won. Time, Wu Di and He Jiajia all made their way to the finals.

Yu Liang went to the experimental middle school to go through the enrollment procedures, and the principal took him to watch the Go game. When he saw the time in the finals, he felt familiar and couldn’t help but borrow the name of the time. In the end, their team won the game and became the champion. However, when the time was about to receive the trophy, he was reported as a junior high school student. The frustrated time is very self-blame.

Wu Di said that they would not be able to participate in the competition if it weren’t for him. Although they didn’t get the trophy, they felt very happy to win. He Jiajia said that once Yu Liang let him, he is a false king, but today he is not. King Mian, he thanked them for helping him realize his dream of being a champion.

Then Shi Shi met Yu Liang. He praised Shi Shi’s performance in the game today. He couldn’t wait to play with him in the next game. He wrote his mobile phone number in Shi Shi’s hand and asked him to call when he was ready. However, Shi Shi knew that he was playing chess with Yu Liang now and he was insulting himself. He accidentally put his hand on the railing behind him, and when he remembered it, his phone number was blurred.

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