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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 3 Recap

For the sake of God’s hand, Chu Ying has been on the dark chessboard for more than a thousand years. Before, he met a child named Xiao Bailong. Chu Ying helped him become a master chess player, and Xiao Bailong also helped Chu. Won the contract to a masterpiece, but just two days before playing chess, Xiao Bailong fell ill and passed away, only one step away from Chu Ying to reach that position, this time he didn’t want to miss it again. Time promised to help Chu Ying, they followed Fang Xu to the chess house. When time saw that this was the place where he and Yu Liang played chess, Fang Xu told him this was the chess house of Teacher Yu.

When Yu Liang heard that his father was going to play with others, he rushed to see him, and when he saw time from a distance, he turned away angrily. When playing chess, Yu Xiaoyang let Shishi three sons first. Shishi thought that playing chess with someone like him would be able to find a hand of the gods. However, Yu Xiaoyang said that the hand of gods is the goal pursued by every chess player in his life. He played 40 years of chess but I have no confidence that I can find it.

He asked Time if he would spend his whole life searching for it. When Time heard that he was going to accompany Chu to win the next life chess, he angrily said that Chu Ying was a liar. Chu Ying advised Shi Shi to have the answer after playing this game. He got up and ran out. On the street, he said that Chu Ying had no right to decide the lives of others, and that he didn’t like Go or even him. After a while, he found that Chu Ying hadn’t followed anymore and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that he was gone.

Time flies quickly, and 6 years have passed in a blink of an eye. One day, Ban Changjiang Xueming was reading papers in the classroom. A classmate told her that time had gone wrong. She hurried out to read. It turned out that time had picked up the garden cucumbers and was punished by the teacher. Solved.

This day Jiang Xueming and Shi Shi were walking, and suddenly someone threw down a lot of chess pieces from the teaching building. Jiang Xueming couldn’t help but cover his head and shouted. Shi Shi rushed upstairs to a classroom, and saw his friend Wu Di squatting on the ground, with several senior classmates standing beside him. It turned out that it was a classmate from the Xiangqi Club that prevented Wu Di from playing Go here and said that Go was rubbish. Time asked them to apologize to Wu Di. Hearing Jiang Xueming said that Time was a famous Go prodigy in the city and had beaten Yu Liang. The leader He Jiajia was unconvinced and wanted to play a game with time. If he won, he let Wu Di play Go here.

Wu Di and Jiang Xueming both cheered time on and pulled him to the chair to sit down. However, without the help of Chu Ying, Time has no confidence to win against others. He picked up the chess piece and put down the initiative to admit counsel, telling Wu Di that this was originally the place of the chess club. After school, Time ran into He Jiajia and others. He Jiajia insisted on playing chess with Time and said that if he didn’t, he would be thrown into the lake.

Wu Di rushed over during their pull. He said that time has vowed not to touch Go for six years. It will be six years after two weeks, and it will not be too late for them to play in two weeks. When He Jiajia and others believed him, they let time go, and time did not say happily that Wu Di can really make up. After that, he started to make up for Go and went to teacher Shirakawa’s Go class, but he still played more stinky chess than before. Shirakawa felt strange. Shirakawa said that he could not play chess. The person who could play chess before walked. And will never come back. Through this period of study, Mr. Shirakawa found that time was still very progressing and talented in playing chess. He let time take back the championship trophy he won that year.

When I was at home this day, I suddenly heard a knock on the door. It turned out that Yu Liang had found it. He has studied Go in Korea for 6 years and has improved his chess skills a lot. When he came back, he came to find time to play chess. come back. Shi Shi did not open the door, and told Yu Liang through the door that Shi Shi had moved away. He wondered why these chess players were so obsessed with Go. Yu Liang told him that because he had never played Go before, he didn’t know how interesting Go is. Although there are only black and white pieces, the players can see the universe from it.

Then Shi took the trophy and came to Grandpa’s attic. He said to himself that it has been 6 years since Chu Ying was angry enough and he should come out. To be honest, he still wanted Chu to win, but Chu Ying didn’t seem to hear him. . The time agreed with He Jiajia came, when the time came to the lake, the two began to play chess, and some classmates were watching.

Just a few steps later, he was ridiculed at this level. When he was a little desperate, he suddenly seemed to hear Chu Ying’s voice and couldn’t help looking around to find it. Then Chu Ying’s voice sounded again, and he said he was not sure. Help him win, and then began to instruct him to play chess. With the support of Chu Ying, the confidence of time came back, but he did not win in the end. Shi Shi confessed his defeat and ran to the lake, shouting Chu Ying’s name loudly, hoping to see him. He Jiajia ridiculed him for not daring to jump. Time just took off his coat and jumped into the lake. He felt his body sinking continuously, and then he opened his eyes and saw a white light rubbing his eyes vigorously. Chu Ying appeared in front of him, and time couldn’t help being very happy.

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