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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 25 Recap

In an interview with reporters, Xu Zhongheng expressed his contempt for pirated software. At the same time, he would also take measures against piracy. He filed a lawsuit against companies that use pirated software while encrypting the input method. He also directly announced that the banner input method was updated to 2.0. The Chuangkai employees were angry. There have been many complaints on the Internet that Xu Zhongheng snatched the knowledge of students and sold them.

Chuangkai employees were upset and wanted to use the flag input method 2.0 to compare and try to find evidence of Xu Zhongheng’s infringement, but 2.0 The encryption is too strong to crack. The level of encryption is so high that Hao Bing is interested. He has also developed encryption technology but has never sold it. On behalf of Banner, Ren Jie sued Nanhua Technology for a complete victory. Hong Yuqiao’s corporate crisis has reached the point of selling private cars, and bank loans have been temporarily resolved.

Hong Yuqiao’s employee James found a loophole in the game that could make a small comeback, and Hong Yuqiao cheered up. Xu Zhongheng and Zhou Dingbei are complacent about the 2.0 sales. Xu Zhongheng also wants to apply for a patent for his encryption technology. Yu Wenjing hurried back to Pingdu to deal with the work. During the phone call, she only mentioned to Kuang Mingchou that she wanted to sue Banner.

It just so happened that President Lin rushed to find Yu Wenjing and took her to the airport. Mei Zhaohe saw that she became jealous again. Yu Wenjing and Hao Bing met at the airport and flew back to Pingdu together. Hao Bing’s encryption technology has been developed for a long time, and she did not expect to be stolen by Xu Zhongheng.

This time, Xu Zhongheng must pay the price of stealing intellectual property. Su Yan was sorry for the company for losing the lawsuit, so she took the initiative to work with James to make up for the game software loopholes. The main decision-makers of Chaoxin sat together to discuss the Xu Zhongheng incident. Kwong Mingchou did not approve of the flag damage caused by suing Xu Zhongheng. Yao Kun proposed to apply for patent reconsideration to the Patent Office before letting Xu Zhongheng publicly apologize.

The game architecture made by Su Yan is very smooth, which is very helpful to James’s game, and James is very confident to help create a comeback. Yu Wenjing and Hao Bing went to the Patent Office for reconsideration, and the results will come out soon. Kwong Mingchoo went to Wang Yong to discuss and inform Wang Yong of what Xu Zhongheng had done. Xu Zhongheng’s patent will be cancelled and the results of the reconsideration will come down soon. In the next step, Jingqi will be sued, but between Jingqi and Chaoxin and his personal relationship with Wang Yong, Chaoxin will not prosecute for the time being.

Wang Yong understands Kwong Mingchoi’s good intentions and said that Jingqi will take responsibility, but Kwong Mingchoi proposed if Xu Zhongheng can apologize publicly, so the tide of letters will not cause the matter to go to court. Wang Yong is very grateful to Kwong Mingchou for his kindness and promised to return the banner to persuade Xu Zhongheng to apologize publicly. Wang Yong persuaded Xu Zhongheng to confess and apologize, but Xu Zhongheng yelled that his patent refused to admit it. When Zhou Dingbei appeared, he helped Xu Zhongheng deal with Wang Yong.

Zhou Dingbei believes that Wang Yong eats inside and out, helping outsiders to bully the company’s important R&D personnel. Wang Yong is already convinced of the fact that Xu Zhongheng has stolen the knowledge of others, and does not want Banner to be caught in a turmoil because of a dishonest person. Xu Zhongheng and Zhou Dingbei broke up in an unhappy relationship. LeBron’s game bug is about to be repaired and can be launched on the market. Chuangkai is in big trouble. The public security verified that the IP address for the source code of the flag input method was from Chuangkai’s internal company.

After the police further checked the computer, it was confirmed that it was the source uploaded by James. Code, so James is taken away. Zhou Dingbei took the initiative to find Wang Yong to seek peace. After thinking about it, he felt that Wang Yong’s attitude towards Xu Zhongheng could not be groundless, but for talents like Xu Zhongheng, he still needs to consider again and again, so Zhou Dingbei asked Chaoxin to produce evidence before making a decision Xu Zhongheng’s stay.

Chuangkai was panicking to guess the reason why the police took James away. Hong Yuqiao told Su Yan that James uploaded the source code. Su Yan was very worried about James’ sentencing when she talked to Jiang Cheng, and James still had unfinished projects. In this way, the opportunity to create a comeback can not continue, fortunately this is James’ personal behavior. After the police found the person who disseminated the source code, they also notified Jingqi in time. Wang Yongzheng wanted to discuss with Zhou Dingbei about Xu Zhongheng.

However, Zhou Dingbei said that Xu Zhongheng could not be found. Xu Zhongheng made it clear that he was absconding in fear of crime. When I put it forward, I found someone to confirm that the encryption technology was theft, so he fled. Chaoxin was unable to find a settlement with Xu Zhongheng, so the patent office’s reconsideration would be rejected, so Chaoxin could only sue Jingqi and Xu Zhongheng.

Zhou Dingbei felt self-blame for Xu Zhongheng’s escape. If Xu Zhongheng escaped, Banner would bear all the responsibilities. Zhou Dingbei had to ask Wang Yong to find Ren Jeu to solve the problem on the legal level. Ren Jeu wrote an apology letter for Jing Qi.

When the apology letter came out, the business plummeted. Not only was it unable to develop new customers, but also the old customers were canceled. As for Xu Zhongheng escaping in a panic and suffering, and seeing the banner’s apology letter, he decided to surrender to the public security organs. James was sentenced to one year and six months for maliciously spreading the intellectual property rights of others.

Su Yan went to visit James. James did not regret what she had done and treated him as a sigh of relief for his brothers and sisters in this business. Su Yan also asked James to play the game. Leave the remaining structure to yourself to continue to complete and help create. Jingqi’s situation is even more difficult. The sales staff left and Wang Yong personally went to serve the customers, but the market decided to sell, Jingqi was not optimistic.

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