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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 16 Recap

Grandma Zeng enlightened Hao’s mother that the child needs to let go when she grows up. She hopes that Hao’s mother will have a good talk with Hao Pushi when she returns. After several days of thinking, Zeng Hao is still unwilling to learn the piano. Grandma Zeng reviews herself and shouldn’t make her own claims. Grandma Zeng deliberately said that she would move the piano. Zeng Hao became anxious and said that she actually wanted to learn piano but didn’t want to be arranged by an adult.

Yi Dongdong helped to clean up the dishes. Yi Shengli was particularly happy. He found Brother Zhong, who was driving before, and the two wanted to run a long distance together. Brother Zhong took action at the restaurant to help the restaurant owner catch the debt rascal. Yi Shengli felt that Brother Zhong was super good when he saw it. Once the two communicated, they mentioned that they could cooperate in running long-distance buses.

When Yi Shengli went home, he planned to take out part of his savings to rent a car and run long distances together with Brother Zhong. After hearing this, Hao’s mother felt unreliable, but thinking of Grandma Zeng’s words, she decided to return to Hunan without affecting the life of Hao Pushi’s family. When Hao’s mother left, Grandma Zeng specially came to see her off. The two of them were a little reluctant. Hao’s mother took Yi Shengli and Zhong Ge’s truck back to Hunan.

July is a special day for the college entrance examination. Zeng Xing has already received the admission letter. The Zeng family is happy and proud of him. Yi Shengli’s truck business is pretty good, and he bought a lot of snacks for extravagance. Hao Pushi believes that the whole family should provide Yi Dongdong to university.

Yi Dongdong is their family’s hope. Sun Yan bought new jeans and was going to participate in a badminton game, but in order to show off, he wore jeans to open eyes to his friends. Yi Dongdong was going to school to recite English, but Sun Yan snatched his schoolbag. Sun Yan helped Yi Dongdong buy movie tickets and forced Yi Dongdong to watch the movie. Yi Dongdong deliberately called the name of Teacher Ma and wanted to leave the cinema. Thinking that Sun Yan was terrified when he heard Teacher Ma’s name, his jeans ran out.

When it was time for dinner, Ou Xiaojian went out to work again, and A Fei was waiting for him at the bar. Ou Xiaojian handed the money for selling the pager to A Fei, and A Fei gave him a new task. In fact, he was testing Ou Xiaojian, hoping that Ou Xiaojian could come up with results worthy of his trust. Unexpectedly, this task was to cooperate with Mapi. Mapi was not used to Ou Xiaojian, thinking that he was the person with Afei the longest. When the two of them were handing over drugs to each other, they clashed with each other. Ou Xiaojian deliberately counted the money, turned on the recording device, and saved Ma Pi at a critical moment.

Ou Xiaojian injured his wrist because of this. Ma Xiaoxiao came to help while helping Grandma Ou cooking, but Ou Xiaojian was clumsy and wet Ma Xiaoxiao’s clothes. When Yi Dongdong went to school, he saw that Ma Xiaoxiao did not ride a bicycle, and he deliberately did not ride a bicycle. He followed Ma Xiaoxiao and prepared to take a bus. Unexpectedly, Ou Xiaojian was riding a motorcycle to escort Ma Xiaoxiao all the way, but Yi Dongdong could only watch it silently.

Li Zhaohang was hospitalized. Ou Xiaojian ran to see Li Zhaohang regardless of safety. Li Zhaohang asked him to look for A Fei’s cargo and told Ou Xiaojian that this was a chance to seize A Fei. As long as Ou Xiaojian could get evidence of A Fei in this mission, he could arrest him. He can also leave the undercover status and go to Beijing to join the police. When Ou Xiaojian left the hospital, he ran into Zeng Xing. Zeng Xing hoped that Ma Xiaoxiao could go abroad, but believed that Ou Xiaojian was in the middle, so Ma Xiaoxiao did not make up his mind to go abroad. Ou Xiaojian thought that Zeng Xing didn’t know enough about Ma Xiaoxiao, and no one could influence Ma Xiaoxiao’s thinking.

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