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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 15 Recap

Grandma Zeng thought that Mother Hao was a strange person. She emphasized the revolutionary spirit and three major disciplines all day long. She always wanted to use the small yard to grow vegetables and put the mud on the street to affect the cleanliness on the first day. Zeng Zhenmei told her not to take care of other people’s affairs. Grandma Zeng mentioned Li Yunlai, a male colleague who had been pursuing Zeng Zhenmei. In Grandma Zeng’s view, unmarried men and women can get along with integrity, but Zeng Xing was very unhappy. Grandma Zeng kept mentioning Yusheng and Li Yunlai in front of Zeng Xing.

Hao Pushi told Hao’s mother about the family situation of Grandma Zeng. Hao’s mother was gloating and thought that capitalists sometimes stepped on pits. Aunt Niu put out a lot of money to prepare for business, and asked Ma Xiaoxiao for advice. She felt that she was talented in doing business. Yi Dongdong bought breakfast for Ma Xiaoxiao and was taken by Zeng Hao. Ou Xiaojian also went out. Seeing Ma Xiaoxiao worried about Ou Xiaojian’s breakfast, Yi Dongdong chose to guard it silently.

Aunt Niu and Grandma Ou reached an agreement that both sides needed the other’s help, and the two agreed. Grandma Zeng and a group of grandma exercise Tai Chi in the square. Mother Hao was wearing Huagu opera clothes and set the phonograph to the maximum volume, which seriously affected Grandma Zeng’s exercise.

Grandma Zeng was unhappy and took the initiative to turn off Hao’s gramophone, accusing her of not disturbing the people on the street, not to mention the square where she came first. As the saying goes, first come first come. Mother Hao was unwilling to hear it. The two argued endlessly. Mother Hao said a few more words, but Grandma Zeng fainted immediately.

Hao Pushi and Ma Yingjun came to apologize to Grandma Zeng, hoping that Grandma Zeng would not care about her mother. Mother Hao grew vegetables in the yard and prepared three spittoons for manure. When pouring manure in broad daylight, the odor spread to the street to make people stink, and Mr. Hao also put the things at home on the street to dry for neighbors. The neighbours feel that they have no quality. Hao Pushi looked anxious, and accidentally said something to Hao’s mother. Hao’s mother was angry and ran away from home.

Li Yun came to the house to help Zeng Zhenmei take care of Grandma Zeng. She cooked Suhang dishes with her own hands. Grandma Zeng was particularly satisfied. Various food convinced Grandma Zeng. Grandma Zeng recognized that Li Yunlai was dating Zeng Zhenmei. Mother Hao felt embarrassed and made the soup for Grandma Zeng herself, but she was knocked over by Grandma Zeng at the door. Grandma Zeng pretended to be sick and fainted and was discovered by Mother Hao. In addition, Grandma Zeng said she was going to play leaf cards with some old men. Mother Hao had a deeper misunderstanding, thinking that Grandma Zeng was ignorant and not serious.

Mother Hao met the young grandson of Uncle Zhang’s family on the street. She thought that she was the one who left it, and she carried the child to the Mayang Street police station. But when Uncle Zhang came out, she could not find the child anxious. Grandma Zeng ran to the police station to report the case, but she did not expect to encounter Hao’s mother, hit by mistake and finally found the child. The child was originally playing in front of her house, but she was suddenly taken away by Hao’s mother and bumped into a big oolong. Hao’s mother quietly asked Grandma Zeng to not tell anyone about the oolong today.

Grandma Zeng invited Hao’s mother to drink tea at her house and taught her how to drink tea. As a result, Hao’s mother drank too quickly and wet her clothes. Grandma Zeng gave Hao’s silk scarf to keep her from getting cold. Mother Hao said that she was a hillbilly and didn’t pay much attention to it. She always felt that Grandma Zeng looked down on the hillbilly and thought they were too rustic. It was actually a misunderstanding.

At the time, Grandma Zeng was indeed talking about rustic and unfashionable words, but it was about her clothes that were outdated before. Unexpectedly, Mother Hao happened to pass there, she always thought she was talking about herself. The two laughed at each other, and the misunderstanding was resolved.

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