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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 14 Recap

Hao Pushi’s mother splashed the water at home directly into the aisle, and the water splash splashed on Granny Zeng’s skirt. Grandma Zeng wanted to remind her not to splash water everywhere, but Hao Pushi’s mother was more vulgar and said that she had worked in a steel factory and was particularly energetic. When Grandma Zeng changed her clothes, she found the certificate of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. It so happened that Zeng returned home accompanied by Liang Xiaobao, and Grandma Zeng felt so worried.

Liang Xiaobao came out on behalf of Zeng Hao, thinking that Grandma Zeng should not force Zeng Hao to learn the piano. Zeng Hao couldn’t suppress his inner feelings, and bluntly said that he didn’t want to learn piano again, and then ran to the bedroom sadly.

Hao Pushi didn’t know the reason for his mother’s arrival. His mother planned to stay here for a long time, and even moved out the old stone mill for use. She has been thinking about the dual-card recorder at home and said that she wanted to come over to listen to the Huagu Opera, and she also brought Huagu Opera costumes for it. Hao’s mother didn’t know that the smelly mandarin fish had been reported by her neighbors. She was very enthusiastic about her specialty and started cooking smelly mandarin fish. As a result, the neighbors couldn’t bear the smell.

Chen Lili thought that Hao Pushi was making fish again, so she wanted to come over and have a look, but she didn’t expect to encounter Hao’s mother scolding her for what happened before, and almost held a pan to beat Chen Lili. Chen Lili was terrified and said she would never offend Hao mother again. . Hao Pushi is usually quite ruthless at home, but he dare not say anything in front of Hao’s mother.

Madada wanted to enter the studio, but Bai Juncheng asked her to go back and study hard, and strive to get into a film academy. After she graduated from a science class, she would have a chance to enter the studio. But Madada wants to work now. She thinks she will practice after theory, and she wants to practice first. Bai Juncheng complained that Madada did not know the heights of the world, he was only a non-staff, Madada was even more whimsical.

Hao’s mother looked at the leftovers on the table especially hot, and she was even more angry when she heard that Yi Shengli, a cadre of the regiment, was still doing a part-time job. Mother Hao and Grandma Zeng formed a Liangzi and said that she was perfect. Hao Pushi told her not to look at people with a capitalist revolutionary atmosphere. Coastal cities have long been open.

After the filming, Madada returned to Mayang Street and took out the envelope containing the money to Aunt Niu, hoping that she would not quarrel with Ma Yingjun because of the money. Aunt Niu was very moved, and the next day she helped Grandma Ou sell breakfast. Hao’s mother met Zeng Zhenmei when she went out for a walk. She always thought that the Zeng family was a capitalist lady and wife. When passing by the Liang family, I heard that Liang Yuanchao wanted to start his own factory to produce electric fans, and took the initiative to ask the Liang family to arrange work for Ma Yingjun. Fortunately, Ma Yingjun came in time and embarrassedly took Hao Mu away.

Mother Hao bought a cassette for the Huagu Opera, and she sang and worked alone in her yard, putting the soil in a pit in her yard to grow vegetables. Unexpectedly, it rained heavily, and mud water flowed down Mayang Street everywhere. Grandma Zeng was worried about Zeng Zhenmei’s personal problems. Zeng Zhenmei was obsessed with Yusheng before graduating, but not long after they got married, Yusheng left them and went abroad.

Mother Hao had a great opinion on Grandma Zeng, thinking that the hedonism brought about by Grandma Zeng’s capitalist atmosphere was not appropriate. Using her revolutionary notion, she could not understand Grandma Zeng’s family. Zeng Zhenmei’s colleague, Brother Li, is a little bit interesting to her. He sends her home every day and cooks her dishes. He knows that it is not easy to get Grandma Zeng’s approval, but Brother Li said he will redouble his efforts. Zeng Hao went on a hunger strike because of the piano, and Liang Xiaobao secretly climbed a tree to give her food.

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