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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 38 Recap

Instigated by Li Huaijin, the ministers publicly stated in the court that the return of the former emperor’s son Jiang Shao should inherit the orthodox bloodline of the royal family of Lingyang Jiangshan. Xue Rong should abdicate and give way to the real dragon. Xue Rong was furious, and he rose up against the case. He felt that the throne was bestowed by the first emperor, and whoever dared to violate the order was a courtier and thief, but Master Zheng knelt in front of Xue Rong and said that he would use his death as a clear lesson. .

Xue Rong was very angry and felt that Master Zheng must have made a good plan. He wanted to use his own death to make the ministers think that there is another possibility for the throne, so that the ministers felt that Jiang Shao was more legitimate than he was the emperor of Lingyang. . At this time, Jiang Shao came to Xue Rong and said that he had no idea about the throne, but Xue Rong did not want to hear him explain.

Li Huaijin felt that Master Zheng hadn’t disappointed herself, and that only Li Fang might have changed right now, and it was time for him to settle down. Xue Rong told Yuzhan that he thought that retreat would be able to preserve the brotherhood between him and Jiang Shao, but he did not expect that he would be pressing hard. Yuzhan advised him to stay calm.

Jiang Shao returned to the house where Jinzhan used to live, and recalled the days when he had a drink with Xue Rong, and lamented that today’s days have changed too much. At this time, Li Fang came to Jiang Shao and said that Yueying had been staring at herself during this time. He felt that his fate was too soon. He told Jiang Shao that the emperor had always wanted to recognize Jiang Shao, but he was worried that doing so would make Xue Rong embarrassed. Now Jiang Shao had other choices besides being King of Qin. After Li Fang left, Yue Ying stopped him. In order to prevent him from talking nonsense, Yue Ying took out a knife and killed Li Fang.

Yuzhan’s body has not improved for a long time, and he even coughed up blood. The imperial physician came to diagnose and treat Yuzhan, and found that she is coughing up blood because of recurrence of toxicity, and the toxicity has penetrated into the bone marrow. Even if the antidote is found, it is too late. Days were running out, Yuzhan ordered the physician not to tell Xue Rong about this, and would tell him personally.

Yue Ying reported to Li Huaijin that according to Li Fang’s words before his death, he knew that he should have not seen Jiang Shao. Li Huaijin said that it was about to be the time to worship the ancestors, which would definitely make Xue Rong more afraid of Jiang Shao. look forward to. Yuzhan came to see Xue Rong and begged him to release the Jinzhan out of the palace. Xue Rong agreed. Yuzhan came to Jinzhan and asked her to think about things in the future, not to act impulsively, and to discuss everything with Jiang Shao.

After Jinzhan went out of the palace, they met Jiang Shao. The two embraced excitedly. They returned to Fu’s house together. Wang Wei and Jiang Shao asked Jinzhan to go to Dingzhou first, and then went to meet her after finishing the business. But Jinzhan Wanting to wait for Jiang Shao to go, the guard king told Jinzhan about Li Huaijin. Jinzhan couldn’t believe that Huaijin was the one who slandered and assassinated Daddy. She angrily wanted to throw away all the gifts Li Huaijin gave her. .

Guo Fu reported to Xue Rong that the empress vomited blood and fainted in Ciming Palace. At this time, the emperor told Xue Rong that the poison of Yuzhan had penetrated into his bones. Yuzhan let everyone go down and wanted to be alone with Xue Rong. Yuzhan She said that she was ready to die a long time ago. She was very satisfied with being able to accompany Xue Rong during this period. She asked Xue Rong to agree to find someone to take care of her after her death. Xue Rong cried and embraced Yuzhan. In, promised that Yuzhan would find an antidote for her.

In the evening, Li Huaijin was met by a thief at Li Huaijin’s mansion. Jiang Shao saw a book on the shelf that was placed differently from other books. After Li Huaijin went to check it, he found a box he had never seen before. After opening, he found an edict of the first emperor. It was said that the first emperor intended to be located in Jiangshao.

In order to clarify the facts, Li Huaijin called to Yueying. Yueying said that the eldest princess had already learned of the existence of the will, but out of cautious consideration, she did not disclose the will, and she did not know it after her death. Regarding the whereabouts of the edict, Li Huaijin felt that Jiang Shao was of the Xue family’s blood and was more suitable to inherit the Datong than Xue Rong, so Jiang Shao took the edict back first.

Lampe couldn’t bear to watch Yuzhan die. She felt that Princess Shou’an, who was the culprit, could live well, which was very unfair. So she went to Xue Rong and told him the truth about the poisoning. Xue Rong was furious and summoned him. Princess Shou’an asked her for what she had done. Princess Shou’an said she was willing to apologize with death, but Yuzhan was unwilling to continue to blame her.

Shouan promised to stay behind closed doors, eat fast and recite Buddha, and pray for Yuzhan. Then, Xue Rong asked Zhang Yongyao to protect his wife and ask Yuzhan for forgiveness. However, he also kept his marriage promise and protected Shouan, but he could no longer serve the court, so he handed over the token. .

Li Huaijin invited all the adults to discuss how to resolve the resistance of the Tianxiong Army. He said that Chenzhou was suffering from banditry. Chenzhou was the home of Wei Wang Fu Yanxin. If the emperor knew that Wei Wang secretly revealed the news of the bandits to the bandits, this led to the repeated suppression of bandits If he fails, the talisman in his hand will not be held firmly.

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