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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 37 Recap

Jiang Shao asked Chai Zhenzhen to help bring a message to Jinzhan, and told her not to be impulsive and not to steal the wooden sign from Xue Rong. This scene made Li Huaijin see. Xue Rong recalled the days when he met Jiang Shao. They were good brothers who could entrust their lives to each other. He told Yuzhan that he decided to return the wooden sign to Jiang Shao tomorrow, and told Yuzhan to go back and have a good rest. The toxins in the body have not been completely eliminated.

Chai Zhenzhen came to find Jinzhan and told her what Jiang Shao said, suggesting that Jinzhan should listen to Jiang Shao’s words instead of stealing wooden plaques, but Jinzhan insisted on stealing wooden plaques. She thinks Xue Rong There are too many things to consider besides brotherhood, brothers will not be his only choice, and then Jinzhan quietly told Chai Zhenzhen of his plan.

Li Huaijin asked Du Yuhou Wanghai, confessed that he went to see Xue Rong and told him that he saw Jiang Shao and Chai Zhenzhen in a close talk, and accidentally heard Jiang Shao planning to steal some wooden sign, and then Chai Zhenzhen went to Lenggong. When Xue Rong heard this, he thought that Jiang Shao deliberately instructed Chai Zhenzhen to steal the wooden sign. He felt very ironic. At this time, Chai Zhenzhen came to visit Xue Rong with a dessert.

Xue Rong deliberately took out the wooden sign and put it on the table. After Chai Zhenzhen saw it, he went back and told Jinzhan that the wooden plaque was on the table in Funing Palace, and the two planned to steal the wooden plaque while there was no one in Funing Palace.

With the help of Li Huaijin and Chai Zhenzhen, Jinzhan successfully obtained the wooden sign. Xue Rong, Yuzhan and Chai Zhenzhen were playing chess together. At this time, Guo Fu came to report that the jade sign was stolen, and Xue Rong immediately ordered to stay in the palace. Pursue the former queen Fu Jinzhan, and then Xue Rong questioned Chai Zhenzhen about their internal and external cooperation plan. Chai Zhenzhen said that it was not Jiang Shao who instructed them to do it, but they made their own opinions.

Instead, Jiang Shao persuaded them not to steal wooden signs. Xue Rong asked Chai Zhenzhen to confess to the location he met with Jinzhan, so that she could be considered to be punished lightly. Chai Zhenzhen thought for a moment and confessed the position of Jinzhan, which was at the gate of the palace in the northeast corner.

He held back the soldiers and said to Jinzhan in the corner that Jiang Shao had done this kind of sneaky, regardless of brotherhood, and used Zhenzhen and Jinzhan to help him steal wooden plaques. It was disgusting. Jinzhan felt that her decision was wrong. Then Chai Zhenzhen gave the wooden plaque to Jiang Shao, telling him that Xue Rong’s original intention was to return the wooden plaque to him, but he and Jinzhan were self-defeating.

At the court, the ministers stated that the wooden sign on Jiang Shao’s body could be identified as the prince of Jiang Shao, and asked Xue Rong to change his surname to the king. Xue Rong ordered Jiang Shao to be the king of Ping County, but the ministers said that Jiang Shao was the first emperor’s biological son. And because he was meritorious in assassinating Liu Chengfu that day, he should be named a first-class prince. Xue Rong thought for a moment and decided to make him the Ping King, but the minister felt that Ping was not enough to demonstrate his noble status and asked him to make Jiang Shao the King of Qin, second only to King Jin. Xue Rong had to agree.

After the court meeting, Xue Rong was very depressed and shut himself in the palace. Yuzhan came to comfort him. Xue Rong felt that the ministers had to make an inch and clearly wanted Jiang Shao to take his place. Xue Rong ordered people to pass on the imperial decree to inform Jiang Shao, and held a grand ceremony for him to be crowned king. The two had no communication at the ceremony. Jiang Shao looked at the indifferent Xue Rong and felt very sad. After the ceremony, Jiang Shao chased out to stop Xue Rong, thanking him for returning the wooden sign to himself and calling himself king, but Xue Rong coldly rejected his gratitude and let him feel at ease.

Wei Wang met with Jiang Shao and asked him not to put his personal emotions above the court etiquette. At the same time, after half a year of investigation, Wei Wang found that Li Huaijin was very suspicious. Perhaps he framed himself and killed Jiang Shao’s mother. Jiang Shao couldn’t figure out why Li Huaijin had forged the dossier and planted the blame. Wei Wang said that he guessed that Li Huaijin was for marigold, because he and Jinzhan had been childhood sweethearts and he had always been interested in marigold, but Jinzhan and Jiang Shao got married. She, he wanted to take the opportunity to create contradictions.

After Jiang Shao went back, he met Li Huaijin. Jiang Shao deliberately told Li Huaijin a story to test him, but Li Huaijin said that there is nothing that shouldn’t happen, and nothing is unreasonable.

Li Huaijin invited the ministers to dinner, thanked them for speaking for his cousin Jiang Shao in the court, and fighting for Jiang Shao, saying that he, the King of Qin, is not even his own Qin mansion. This incident caused the ministers to criticize Xue Rong. dissatisfied.

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