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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 33 Recap

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er were not divorced because of Aunt Chen. They went out anxiously to find Aunt Chen. In order to prevent these two mouths from getting divorced, Uncle Jin specially ordered Ratat and Biaozi. First, they were not allowed to divorce. Li Qiang was not allowed to call the police. Li Qiang did want to call the police, but Biao stopped Li Qiang. Li Qiang did not call the police in front of the two, but chose to call the police without hesitation after being dispersed. Wa’er’s mother was sent to a nursing home. Zhou’s family and Uncle Jin were very sorry, but Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er had been arguing for a divorce. They had no choice but to make this move and plan to wait for today and pick up Aunt Chen back tomorrow.

Xu Weidong came to the door to inquire and investigate as usual, and the three people’s voices were inconsistent. Xu Weidong had to visit other clues and learned the whereabouts of Aunt Chen. Aunt Chen was pushed out by Uncle Zhou. Xu Weidong came to ask the two of them, but the two of them hesitated. Uncle Jin took all the responsibilities and said that he was the one who made the idea. He just wanted Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er not to divorce. Listening to Uncle Jin’s words, Uncle Zhou also admitted everything, but news came from the nursing home, claiming that Aunt Chen was missing.

Aunt Chen is missing. Li Qiang accompanied Chen Wal to post a missing person notice in all the alleys. Wal thanked Li Qiang for her company. She was very guilty and sorry about Aunt Jin, but she had lost a mother. Able to lose another mother. Li Qiang hugged Chen Wa’er in his arms and allowed Chen Wa’er to cry. Xu Weidong also hurriedly came to inform the two when he had new clues that Aunt Chen had been found, and the group went to pick Aunt Chen home.

Chen Waer and Li Qiang calmed down, and the two had a good talk. Marriage must be separated, but in summer it will always be their children. He hoped that Chen Waer could take more children back to the yard, Lao Jin and him Will miss children. Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua started dating. Hu Meihua also discovered Wu Xikai’s changes. Wu Xikai sent Hu Meihua to the gate of the courtyard, kissed Hu Meihua a few mouthfuls and left. Hu Meihua was going home in a good mood, but when she saw Li Qiang holding the quilt to sleep in another room, she learned from Li Qiang that the two will be divorced tomorrow morning, and she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The next day, Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce. The marriage had already left. A week later, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a divorce certificate. Although the marriage has been divorced, Chen Wa’er was full of heart. She knew that Li Qiang would not be able to pass the hurdle of Aunt Jin. She only hoped that Li Qiang would live a more comfortable life without her in the future.

Wu Xikai wanted Hu Meihua to go home with him to see his parents. He wanted to cherish Hu Meihua. For this reason, Wu Xikai also prepared a ring, hoping that Hu Meihua could marry him. Hu Meihua rejected Wu Xikai. She knew that Wu Xikai had also given Vale the same ring. Although Wu Xikai was not giving away a ring for the first time, it was the last time he gave away a ring. He Wu Xikai knelt down to his parents. From now on He also kneeled down on Hu Meihua. Hearing Wu Xikai’s sensational words, Hu Meihua accepted the ring and agreed to Wu Xikai’s marriage proposal.

Chen Wal found out the ring that Li Qiang had given her, the can ring, the watch ring, she burst into tears, and Li Qiang was also in front of the desk, bit by bit, putting together the torn certificate of marriage that was once torn by Chen Wall. The two are reluctant to bear this feeling, but there is no way to get together again.

At the class reunion, Biaozi persuaded Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er. He and his Moscow girlfriend were about to get married, and Hu Meihua, Wu Xikai, Xu Wei Hongshusan, and Xu Weidong all decided to get married. The four couples of them married arbitrarily. I want to invite their love benchmark Li Qiang and Chen Wail to be witnesses to the marriage.

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